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Authorized Store Seal for WordPress

Authorized Store is a retailer/brand vetting service. Once the vetting is complete, our Seal, Certificate and Profile identify your e-store as “Authorized” for all brands.

Authorized Store Seal Description

Authorized Store is a retailer/brand vetting service. We confirm the authenticity and legitimacy of a retailer/store by verifying their dealer status with the brands/manufacturers that they post and sell in their online stores.

The Authorized Store Retailer Seal of Integrity can be used as an extension/plugin or via direct seal code placement. Once installed, the seal and certificate verifies that the retailer/store has been vetted and approved for all brands carried, as “Authorized” by brands/manufacturers.

The Authorized Store seal displays retailer/store status as “Active”, including name and date. When the seal is clicked, a certificate pops up displaying approval process, approval requirements and consumer assurances. A link to the Retailer/Store Profile, located at Authorized Store provides consumers with a complete retailer/store provided description and listed credentials.

Why should your store have an Authorized Store Seal of Integrity and why is it different?

  • Seal, Certificate and Profile identifies your e-store as Authorized for all brands.
  • Get more sales/conversions through increased consumer confidence.
  • Measure success with Certificate and Profile impressions via retailer analytics.

Most certification seals provide information related to the safe use and/or credibility of a website. These include seals that let consumers know if a site is secure from viruses and malware, seals that signify that an online store checkout process is secured by HTTPS SSL and seals that track/post consumer reviews/ratings. Oddly enough, non of these seals inform consumers that they are, most importantly, buying authentic products from an authorized source.

“Gray Market” or “ Diverted” products are sold through numerous distribution channels. These channels include e-commerce stores/websites and/or well recognized sites like Amazon. It’s almost impossible for a consumer to identify a legitimate source. Not anymore! An Authorized Store seal and certificate ensures consumers that they are buying authentic products from a vetted, manufacturer authorized retailer/store.

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Plugin First Release 218th July 2016

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