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Enhance your WordPress search engine behavior and direct users to relevant pages. Includes autocomplete, term redirect, term replacement and a complete search log.

Search Console: Powerful WordPress Search Plugin

The Search Console is the ultimate WordPress search plugin, ideal for improving WordPress search suggestions to direct users to relevant content.

Automatically redirect users as they type their search, suggest query terms and replace unwanted words.

Protect yourself from hackers and spam bots attempting to crash your site with DoS (denial-of-service) attacks.

Smart Suggestions

Suggest terms and phrases based on what the user is typing.

For example, display 'I have an issue and need technical support' as soon as the user writes 'support'.

Suggesting Terms Dynamically
Suggesting Terms Dynamically

Redirect Based on Search

List of Redirections
List of Redirections
Direct users to an internal URL according to their search.

Make essential pages such as Refund Policy and FAQ easier to access by directing visitors that type similar queries.

Block Searches and Users

Interrupt specific queries and show a customizable error message or redirect users.

Protect your site from spam bots by blocking IP addresses that repeatedly perform forbidden searches.

Customizable Error Message
Customizable Error Message

Replace Typos and Bad Words

Make WordPress search suggestions smarter by automatically replacing common typos or forbidden words. The WordPress search plugin is essential if you use technical and difficult names for your products - guide users and prevent them for misspelling important words.

List of Replaced Terms
List of Replaced Terms
As an alternative, change the name of your competitors to show your own offerings.

Excluding From Being Searched

Exclude specific posts, pages or any other custom post type from being searched.

Just enable the relevant option for needed post in the metabox.

Search Exclude Metabox
Search Exclude Metabox

Using the WordPress Search Console Plugin

  • Redirect Search – Send users to a specific internal URL based on the search terms
  • Suggest Search – Dynamically show multiple suggestions that match what the visitor is typing
  • Fix Search – Guide users and help them avoid spelling mistakes and undesired words
  • Ban Search – Prevent visitors from searching certain terms and block suspect ID addresses

Search Console Use Case Examples

  • Improve FAQ – Integrate FAQ and search box, directing users to the most common questions
  • Overhaul Index – Let users find a specific page or product quickly, even if you have hundreds of items
  • MultiLanguage Site – Help foreign users by replacing terms such as “ayuda” for “help” and send them to the FAQ
  • Retire Old Pages – If users are looking for a discontinued product, you can direct that query to the newest version

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WordPress Search Console Plugin Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

Overhaul Search – Boost your site usability and make your content much more easy to find and access
Redirect Users – Improve user experience by directing visitors to an internal URL based on different queries
Suggest Terms – List unlimited suggestions on the spot based on what the user is typing into the search bar
Replace Words – Filter typos, swear words and competitor names by automatically replacing them, guiding users to more relevant content inside your domain
Ban Searches – Prevent users from searching for certain terms and either redirect them or show an error message
Suspicious IP List – Track every IP address as they perform a banned search
Block IPs – Choose to ban or allow each IP addresses that searched for banned terms
Excluding From Being Searched – Exclude posts, pages or any other custom post type from being searched
Clean Interface – Manage all rules from a single dashboard, and create them quickly by using shortcuts from the search log
Search Log – Review how many times and when was the last time each term was searched
Search Graph – View the search volume over time in a histogram graph

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WordPress Search Console Plugin Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

Why do I need this plugin?

The default WordPress search is severely limited. This results in users having a hard time finding the most relevant content, especially if your site has information spread between many pages.

Search Console fixes that by providing redirect, suggest and replace rules to overhaul search.

Finally, you can easily improve site performance by blocking certain searches or suspicious IP addresses that perform those unallowed queries.

What are the Search Console improvements?

The plugin has four search-improving tools:

  • Redirect –  Whenever a user searches for a certain word in the search bar, he/she will be redirected to an internal URL of your choice.Learn more: Search Improvement Tools – Redirect From Search
  • Replace – Whenever a user searches for a certain word in the search bar, that word will be replaced with another. Learn more: Replace From Search
  • Suggest – The search box will suggest certain terms based on what the user is searching. Learn more: Suggest From Search
  • Ban Search – Visitors who search for banned terms will be either redirected or showed an error message. Learn more: Ban From Search

Does this plugin add a search bar to my site?

No. The placement of the search bar depends on your theme’s configurations.

As a rule of thumb, it may be enabled from the Customize option in the admin panel. But, if you are unsure how to add or modify it, you should consult the documentation of your theme.

Search Bar - Divi Example

Example of where to enable the search bar using the Divi theme

Can I check how many times a term was searched for?

Yes, absolutely. The search log dashboard shows that information, along with the date of last query.

Learn more: Search Log.

Can I exclude certain pages from being searched?

Yes. You can exclude any chosen posts, pages or any other custom post types from being searched – they will not be displayed in the search results on the front-end of your website. Learn more about it in this Help Article.

Does the plugin collect any user data?

Yes, the plugin collects IP addresses only of users that search for banned terms.

The general search log lists search count and date anonymously.

Can I use this plugin in languages other than English?

Yes, you can create rules using any language of your choice.

Search Console Demo

To see the major features of the Search Console Plugin, visit our demo site.

WordPress Search Console Demo

WordPress Search Console

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