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User Booking Calendar Addon for the WordPress Booking Calendar

Empower users with a user-friendly Front-End interface to independently manage their booking calendar. This includes setting availability, handling appointment scheduling requests, and other customizable features.
WordPress Version
5.4.0 or Higher
Tested up to
WordPress 6.5.X
March 9, 2024
5.7 - 8.2.X

User Booking Calendar Add-on Description

The User Booking Calendar Add-on for WordPress grants each user his/her personal calendar so they can manage bookings.

One User, One Calendar

Each WordPress user receives an unique calendar, with the power to manage bookings of any kind.

Users can edit the calendars as they see fit, setting a fixed schedule and marking special open and closed days for holidays.

Other options include: notification email, booking duration, booking spots and more.

Want a private calendar? The user can restrict the calendar to logged in users or to certain user roles only.

User Calendar
User Calendar

Editing is Easy and Safe

Settings Edit Interface
Settings Edit Interface
Users edit their calendars settings via a slick Front-End interface. This means there's no need to grant them access to sensitive Back-End areas.

The screen includes helpful tooltips that the admin can customize, users have all the help they need.

All-Purpose Calendar

Users can prepare their calendars for any purpose.

Do they have a salon business or a musical studio and have to manage bookings? Or maybe they want a private calendar to share weekend parties with a closed group of friends friends, all while discussing with each one what they will bring.

In any case, the User Calendar add-on will be a good fit.

Editing Schedule
Editing Schedule

Bookings Dashboard

My Bookings Page
My Bookings Page
Users can manage all their bookings from a single page.

The dashboard allows them to review the contact information, accept or reject the requests and the read the discussion history of each booking.

The admin can place this Bookings Dashboard anywhere on the website.

User Booking Calendar Add-on Related Use Case

User Booking Calendar Add-on Prerequisite Plugin

Can only be used with the CM Booking Calendar Pro activated.

User Booking Calendar Add-on Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this add-on.

User Features

Unique Calendars – Each user receives his/her own personal calendar.
Rich Calendars – Set the schedule for your calendar, including fixed spots, days on and days off.
Visual Interface – Edit the calendar schedule and settings from the Front-End, without any complications.
Notifications – Choose an email address that will receive notifications each time there’s a relevant booking update.
Booking Dashboard – Manage, accept and review all bookings from a single page.
Public or Private Calendar – Choose who can see your calendar – everyone, only logged-in users or specific user roles.
Booking Spots – Define how many spots bookings have.

Admin Features

Safe – Users make all edits from the Front-End, so there’s no need to give them Back-End access.
Help Users – Guide users with customizable tooltips during the editing process.
Simple Shortcodes – Easily create pages where users can view and edit their calendars and bookings.

Relevant User Booking Calendar Features

WordPress Booking and Appointment Plugin Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about the base plugin.

Multiple calendars – Supports multiple calendars at the same time. Each calendar can have their own appointment form, moderator, session length, availability period etc.
Multiple Spots – Calendars can have multiple spots for each time slot. The Front-End view will display how many spots are available, if any.
Appointment form – For each calendar admins can create a unique booking form that includes all the necessary information to make booking. The form can include any number of fields and can be customized as needed. The form comes with reCaptcha support.
Moderation – Bookings can be accepted automatically or can be moderated before acceptance. This setting is available for each calendar.
Moderator – Each calendar has a moderator who receives new booking notifications and can discuss booking requests with the customer.
Timezone – Calendar frontview is adjusted based on the customer’s time zone.
Notifications – Each booking creates notifications for both the moderator and the customer who has completed the booking.
Calendar Reminders – Send automatic reminders to the admin and the customer before booking events start. Customize how many hours in advance notification emails will be sent.
Discussion – If moderation is set to “yes”, appointment requests can be accepted, rejected or discussed. All discussions are held within the plugin appointment system so both the moderator and the customer can track them easily.
Shortcode – The calendar can be added to any page or post using a shortcode.
Availability – Bookings include an advanced calendar feature set that allows you to define the exact availability of calendar dates and times that customers are permitted to book. You can also define days off when booking is not permitted within the calendar.
Labels – All plugins labels and messages are editable and can be adjusted to any language and terminology.
Next available slot – Calendars always load the next available slot for new booking.
Min hours ahead for booking – For each calendar you can define how many hours from the current time a user can book a new appointment.
Mobile support – When a small screen device is detected the plugin will switch to day view which is adjusted to fit small screens and mobile.
Views – Supports Day, Week and Month view.
Search for next available slot – Automatically search for the next available slot.
Manual Booking – Manually add bookings from the admin dashboard.
Edit date – Edit existing booking date. Once changed a notification will be sent to the user.

User Booking Calendar Add-on Front-End Gallery

User Booking Calendar Add-on Back-End Gallery

User Booking Calendar Add-on Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this add-on?

The User Calendar add-on allows you to give your users a unique calendar. The structure is flexible and they can edit the calendar as they see fit, making the add-on extremely versatile for diverse use cases.

Do I need something in order to use this add-on?

Yes. The User Calendar add-on requires the base plugin Booking Calendar and Appointment Scheduling WordPress Plugin to be installed and activated, otherwise it will not work.

Is it complicated to manage and edit the calendar?

We designed this add-on to make the process as simple as possible – the interface is straightforward and includes tips.

Additionally, the admin can customize the informative tooltips that users can check when editing the calendar settings. This is useful, for instance, if your users speak a language other than English.

User Calendar Add-on - Editing the calendar settings

Editing Calendar Settings

Learn more: Appointments Booking User Calendar – Admin – Helping Users Edit Calendars.

Is this add-on safe? Will users have access to the admin dashboard?

This add-on is extremely safe – users can edit everything about their calendars from the Front-End. That way, the admin does not have to share credentials or grant users access to the WordPress admin dashboard.

User Calendar Add-on - Editing Schedule

Editing Schedule

Learn more: Appointments Booking User Calendar – User – Editing Your Calendar.

What happens when a visitor books with an user calendar?

An email notification will be sent to an address provided by the user who owns the calendar.

From there, he/she will be able to discuss the request with the visitor and then approve or reject the booking.

User Calendar Add-on - Managing my bookings

Managing my bookings

Learn more: Appointments Booking User Calendar – User – Viewing and Managing Bookings.

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