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#1 Customer Star Reviews and Rating Plugin for WordPress

Invite your visitors to rate and review your posts, pages and products with this superb review plugin. Configure the form and let visitors submit ratings you can display anywhere on your website.

Includes reCAPTCHA support, custom fields, moderation, Facebook-like reactions and much more.

Customer Reviews and Rating Plugin for WordPress

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WordPress Customer Reviews Plugin is an easy yet powerful way to let your customers and site visitor leave reviews and rate your products easily, without affecting the speed of your site.

Reviews and Ratings

The Customer Reviews Plugin lets your users post reviews using stars, percentage and written content.

You can choose if users can edit their reviews and post more than one.

The Reviews plugin has two views: Classic and Tile. Customize the color of each element to find the perfect match to your website and theme.

Customer Reviews is compatible with Google Schema Rich Snippets, which ensures that reviews will show up in Google search results together with the star rating.

Reviews and Ratings
Reviews and Ratings

Reviews Widget Form

Adjusting the reviews widget is simple using the plugin settings. This includes adjusting the style, color and functionality.

Add custom fields to the reviews form is easy as well as selecting which are mandatory fields and which are optional.

The interface is straightforward and easy to use with many colored cues.

Example of a Reviews Widget Form Shown at the Bottom of the Post
Example of a Reviews Widget Form Shown at the Bottom of the Post

Reactions and Custom Icons

Let users react to reviews with like/dislike buttons or one of five emotions, just as in Facebook.

Tired of stars? Use hearts, smiles or even custom icons to adapt ratings to your website. Tomatoes, coins, tennis balls... the possibilities are endless!

Review With Reactions
Review With Reactions

Moderating Reviews

Our plugin includes admin moderation and notification support.

Admins can approve, reject or hide reviews posted on any specific post.

Example of Post Dashboard Allowing Admin to Control Review Posted
Example of Post Dashboard Allowing Admin to Control Review Posted

Review and Rating Plugin Use Cases

  • Product Review – Apply the Review form only to your beauty or medicinal product pages and invite users to give feedback
  • TV Show Website – Let users review and rate their favorite TV shows episodes
  • Soccer Review – Invite visitors to rate and comment on how they team performed on the last matches

Using the User Review and Rating Plugin

  • WordPress Reviews Tool – Let customers leave reviews or ratings or both to any post or page
  • Moderate and Approve Reviews – Moderate each review before it is published
  • Notifications – Send notifications when a new review is posted
  • Per Post Review – Disable reviews for a single post/page (or custom post type)
  • Edit Review Content – Option to update review content
  • Customize Review Widget – Customize reviews widget including color, font and functionality
  • Custom Fields – Add any custom field to the review widget
  • Review Response – The admin can post a response to any review

Review and Rating Plugin Additional Resources

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WordPress User Reviews and Rating Plugin Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

Ratings and Reviews Features

Review iconReviews – Let user post reviews on any or selected pages and posts
Star rating iconRatings – Users can add rate content with a 1 to 5 star rating scale
Like feature iconLike/Dislike – Enable a voting system with like and dislike options for reviews
Heart - Feature IconReactions – Let users react to reviews with Happy, Amused, Angry, Indifferent and Excited emotions
Custom Icon featureCustom Star Icon – Use a heart, smile or custom icons on your 1 to 5 ratings
Customize review formCustomize Review Form – Add optional or required custom fields to the review form
Google results snippets schema.orgGoogle Results – Supports Google Rich Snippets microformat so ratings appear in Google search results
Admin responseAdmin Response – The admin can post a response to reviews. Responses can appear in a different color
Anonymous reviewAnonymous Review – Open ratings to anonymous users if needed
Rating weightRating Weight – Apply different weight to logged-in users versus anonymous users
Import and export reviewsEasy Import/Export – Import and Export collections of reviews to a CSV file with a single click
Custom post typePosts, Custom Posts, Pages – Show the review form on multiple posts, custom posts and pages
Custom post typeIntegration with BuddyPress – User reviews are posted in his profile and added to his wall once posted

Admin Features

Moderate reviews iconModeration – Moderate reviews and ratings before they appear on the Front-End or affect ratings
Manage reviews iconsFull Control – Edit or delete existing reviews. You can delete all page or site-wide reviews with a single click
Notifications feature iconNotification – Send notifications to the admin when new reviews are posted. Update users when reviews are approved by an admin

Interface and Visual Features

Two different review templatesTwo Views – Choose between the elegant Classic View and the fancy Tile View
Change Appearance feature iconCustomize Feel – Customize the look and feel including background color, location within post and much more
Mobile responsiveMobile Responsive – Supports mobile devices by adjusting the display to mobile and narrow screens view
Sort reviewsSorting – Sort reviews based on score or date
Limit review displayRead More – Limit the display of reviews to a certain number of words. Users can read the full text by clicking a “Read More” link
Recent widgetWidget – Add a list of recent reviews to the sidebar or footer of your website
Label feature iconTranslate – Easily modify all plugin labels and messages from the plugin settings
WPML feature iconWPML – Integrate WPML (WordPress Multi Language) to use the plugin in many languages at the same time

Privacy and Security

Access control feature iconAccess Control – Limit ratings and reviews to user roles or logged-in users only
Limit votesOne Vote Per User – Limit multiple votes by the same users either by configuring cookies or IP
RecaptchareCAPTCHA Support – Use reCAPTCHA to prevent bots from posting spam reviews
GDPR compliant iconGDPR Compliant – Allows the users to have total control over their data related to the plugin Learn more
Terms of Service iconTerms of Service – Add a disclaimer to first time users. Those who reject it won’t be able to review the page/post
Block IP iconBlocked IP List – Block ratings and reviews from specific IPs

WordPress Customer Reviews and Rating Plugin Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

How do I let users submit reviews for a product?

You can add the reviews shortcode on the product page or click on the reviews option when editing the product page. Deciding which users can submit the reviews is controlled by the general plugin settings.

Can I add custom fields to a review that do not affect the score?

Yes, the custom field doesn’t affect the score in any way and you can add multiple custom fields.

To learn more about adding custom fields to the review form read this Help article.

Can I restrict what visitors are allowed to review?

Yes. You can define if anonymous users can post reviews or not. You can also restrict the reviews only to logged-in users and to specific user roles

How do I display reviews that have been submitted?

If you have defined in the plugin settings to moderate each review, you need to approve each review before it is shown on the front-end. If reviews are not moderated they will appear after submission

To learn more about managing and approving reviews, check this hall postelp article

Can I choose the order in which the reviews appear? (submit date, review title, etc)

Yes, in the plugin settings you can define the order in which reviews appear. This will affect all posts and pages which are showing reviews

Can I customize the styling and layout of my reviews?

Styling and layout can be easily customized from the plugin settings. This includes defining whether or not to show star ratings or just reviews, whether to show number values or just a visual mark and you can also control the background color and font colors of the review widget.

Still have questions? Send us a message and we will reply within 24 hours.



WordPress Customer Reviews and Rating Plugin Gallery

Front-end Gallery

Reviews Back-end Gallery

Back-end Settings Gallery

WordPress Customer Reviews and Rating Plugin Demo

Demo buttonThis demo shows different skins and potential look and feel customization for the Reviews plugin.Go to Live Demo

Reviews for the Customer Reviews and Rating Plugin

Review and Rating Plugin Release Notes

Version 2.5.9 19th Aug 2019

  • Improvement in masonry tile view

Version 2.5.8 19th Aug 2019

  • Added new text in label section
  • Added show_date=”0|1″ param to shortcode cmr_reviews
  • Bugfix related to display review date in Tile View
  • Added masonry script on Tile View
  • Improvement in CSS

Version 2.5.7 11th Aug 2019

  • Correction in likes/dislikes and emotion feature

Version 2.5.6 21st July 2019

  • Added new shortcode cmr_post_summary with postid parameter
  • Integration with BuddyPress
  • Added support to add My Reviews tab in buddyPress profile
  • Added support to add review activity feed post on user wall
  • Added edit review feature from frontend
  • Added support to stop multiple reviews by same user on same post/page
  • Added support to add profile link on author name

Version 2.5.5 6th July 2019

  • Bugfix related to statistics

Version 2.5.4 29th June 2019

  • Improvement in likes/dislikes and emotion feature

Version 2.5.3 19th June 2019

  • Added accept, reject and delete review support in centralized dashboard

Version 2.5.2 16th June 2019

  • Improved support

Version 2.5.1 11th June 2019

  • Improvement in centralized dashboard
  • Added filters in centralized dashboard
  • Resolve some bugs
  • Added itemReviewed support

Version 2.5.0 8th June 2019

  • Added centralized dashboard
  • Added capability to hide ratings if none exists in shortcode

Version 2.4.9 24th May 2019

  • Improved review form CSS
  • Date format setting implement on old view

Version 2.4.8 16th May 2019

  • Added the bulk remove reviews global option and for each post/page
  • Added date time format option in settings
  • Added option to change rating bar color
  • Added the widget that shows reviews sorted by specific order
  • Added new shortcode cmr_all_reviews orderby=”random|post|date|post|content|rating|author_email” sort_order=”ASC|DESC”
  • Added support with woocommerce products even if product has no description
  • Added support to change star
  • Added likes/dislikes and emotion with each review
  • Added support to change text color on review form
  • Updated package 1.8.9

Version 2.4.7 7th Apr 2019

  • Added/changed some attributes in cmr_ratings shortcode
  • Updated package 1.8.8

Version 2.4.6 12th Mar 2019

  • Added custom fields position setting
  • Added use editor instead of textarea for content field

Version 2.4.5 7th Mar 2019

  • Improvement in inline script and style call function

Version 2.4.4 14th Feb 2019

  • Added priority for auto add shortcode function

Version 2.4.3 23rd Jan 2019

  • Improved review form CSS for mobile
  • Improved disclaimer popup
  • Bugfix in statistics reports section
  • Added stripslashes for disclaimer text
  • Updated license package 1.8.6

Version 2.4.2 1st Jan 2019

  • Split review author name and date settings

Version 2.4.1 13th Dec 2018

  • Bugfix related to date format

Version 2.4.0 20th Nov 2018

  • Fixed the bug related to form rendering twice

Version 2.3.9 15th Nov 2018

  • Improved review form CSS
  • Fixed some warning issue

Version 2.3.8 28th Oct 2018

  • Fixed the bug with add review form validation

Version 2.3.7 21st Oct 2018

  • Replaced add review “init” hook with “wp_loaded”

Version 2.3.6 15th Oct 2018

  • Added simple captcha support

Version 2.3.5 13th Sep 2018

  • Added WPML String Translation Support
  • Fixed array initialization bug

Version 2.3.4 22nd Aug 2018

  • Fixed problem with rating only allowing 5 stars
  • Fixed the problem with the captcha
  • Updated package

Version 2.3.3 2nd Aug 2018

  • Fixed PHP variable case-sensitive issue
  • Updated license package

Version 2.3.1 21st June 2018

  • Bug fixes

Version 2.3.0 15th June 2018

  • Added sorting based on date and score
  • Added “Read more” feature
  • Fix: Now reviews are listed horizontally and not vertically
  • Fix: Date listing for July

Version 2.2.0 31st May 2018

  • GDPR: Added the shortcode allowing to remove the reviews and ratings

Version 2.1.2 21st Apr 2018

  • Added the parameter postid=”current_post_id” when using the auto add shortcode option
  • Fixed the bug with the form not being displayed more than once on a page

Version 2.1.1 25th Mar 2018

  • Bug: Fixed the bug in the cmr_ratings shortcode when the postId parameter was set

Version 2.1.0 12th Mar 2018

  • Option: Added the option to Export all of the reviews to the CSV
  • Option: Added the option to Import all of the reviews from the CSV

Version 2.0.0 4th Mar 2018

  • Option: Added the new option to select the view of the reviews
  • Option: Added the new options to select colors of some elements
  • Option/Change: Moved the color options to the Style tab
  • Change: Added the “Review ID” visible only for admins
  • Change: Added the possibility to edit the review date
  • Change: Added the possibility to add the “Origin” of the review (visible only on the backend)
  • Option: Added the options to select the default values for “Origin” of the review (visible only on the backend)
  • Change: Changed the order of the reviews to “by Review date” descending
  • Shortcode: Added the new shortcode allowing to display a single review
  • Bugfix: Improved the shortcodes page

Version 1.0.13 19th Nov 2017

  • Updated the Licensing Package
  • Added the option to change the color of the stars in the form when they’re highlighted

Version 1.0.12 18th Nov 2017

  • Fixed the display of the custom fields 3 and 4
  • Updated the licensing package

Version 1.0.11 4th Aug 2017

  • Added the option to add the response for the review
  • Added the option to display responses for reviews
  • Added the option to change the color of the responses for the reviews

Version 1.0.9 7th July 2017

  • Added the option to disable ratings in form
  • Improved the output of disabling the ratings in general
  • Added the option to add two more additional fields (4 in total)

Version 1.0.8 4th June 2017

  • Added the option to paginate the reviews
  • Bug Fixing

Version 1.0.6 from 10th May 2017

  • Updated the Licensing Package
  • Fixed the conflict with CM Paged Post Slider

Version 1.0.5 from 17th March 2017

  • Added options inside plugin Settings page to allow HTML code in user reviews and custom fields (customizable restrictions).

Plugin First Release 5th Mar 2016