How a WordPress Reviews Plugin Helps Curating Business Software

Carlos Oliveira

The new platform Reviano uses the CM Customer Reviews Plugin plugin to curate alternatives for end users.

How a WordPress Reviews Plugin Helps Curating Business Software

Curating Software For Small Businesses

Reviano aims at curating essential business software for startups and small companies.

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The founder, Ahmed Aladdin, says the team researched similar websites in the field, but felt they lacked both in provided data and user experience.

“We want to provide this comparison service with a more comfortable interface and accessible information, including features, pricing and screenshots of dashboards,” says Ahmed. The beta was launched in January.

The idea is to help end users save time: “So they can compare between similar apps to see the difference and figure out which software they can choose.

The site currently has selections in CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Email Marketing, Mailroom Management, Payroll, Social Media Management and Time Tracking software.

They plan to expand these categories in the future to help businesses and startups selecting the best service on different activities.

Startups can suggest their own software or apps as well, and the submissions are sent to the team for moderation.

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The Importance of Customer Reviews

The Importance of Customer Reviews - How a WordPress Reviews Plugin Helps Curating Business Software

Ahmed Aladdin Reviews plugin review

Ahmed Aladdin, founder of Reviano

Another core part of the platform is giving voice to the users who previously tested the listed software.

“We want users to be able to add their reviews, negative or positive, by rating the app based on their own experience,” explains Ahmed.

The website is based on WordPress, so team promptly looked for reviews plugins.

After searching extensively, they ended up choosing CM Reviews, developed by CreativeMinds.

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One review from the site

Choosing The CM Customer Reviews WordPress Plugin

“Choosing the plugin wasn’t so easy, but we searched on different sites for reviews and found that the plugin is worth its cost and we should use it, as it can make it easier for developers to deploy it and for users as well to use.”

Also, it helped that they had familiarity with the lite version before: “We used the free version twice before, and moved to the paid version as we found that it’s worth every cent you pay for. The cost is nothing compared to its value, so it’s worth buying.”

How Reviano Uses The Reviews Plugin

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Review form

The curation platform makes full use of many features of the ratings plugin.

Reviews and ratings are attached to each software, so they can display them wherever they want.

Every listing page has a form where users can submit a rating and review of that particular software.

Reviews are moderated, so the team can check every submission to filter out spams or suspicious messages. There’s a notification for every event too – if any user submits a review, the team will know instantly.

The plugin supports Google’s Rich Snippets That means pages that are indexed should display the ratings in Google itself.

Mobile responsiveness and easy-to-translate labels are some of the other highlights

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts - How a WordPress Reviews Plugin Helps Curating Business Software

Reviews are an integral part of a platform that at the same time provides and relies on information from users.

Overall, Ahmed says the Reviano team is happy to use the tool. “The plugin is exactly what my team and I need; it did what it’s supposed to do: dealing with reviews smoothly without the need to any other plugin or comment platform.”

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Listing page has information along with the “Write a Review” button

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