6 Best Learning Management System Plugins for WordPress

Courtney Jones

An LMS plugin is vital for anyone who wants to sell online courses through WordPress. Here are the best learning management system plugins available.

6 Best Learning Management System Plugins for WordPress

A learning management system (LMS) allows the creator to manage online content, subscriptions, payments, grading assignments, and much more.

Learning management systems are an excellent way to run online courses, which makes an ideal for educational purposes, such as higher education online classes and training tutorials for products and services.

The learning management system plugins included in this list are the top WordPress learning management plugins available. They have the most advanced and useful features, are user-friendly, cost-effective, have good support and much more.

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Learning management systems rely on the concept of e-learning for the administration, documentation, reporting, tracking, and delivery of information.

While learning management systems are well-known for giving more people access to higher education, in today’s world these software programs are also used in the corporate market to identify and fix training gaps through online courses.

There are already quite a few top-rated learning management system plugins available for WordPress. This means it shouldn’t be too hard to find the right plugin for your online course, with all the features you want.

There are features which are essential to a learning management system. These include the ability to easily create and manage an online course, having a built-in payment gateway, monitoring student progress, offering certificates, and content dripping to schedule lessons.

6 Best Learning Management System Plugins for WordPress

1. Video Lessons Manager Plugin

The Video Lessons Manager plugin from CreativeMinds is an excellent e-learning plugin for WordPress which will let you create a video learning environment to create and sell courses.

learning management system

The plugin integrates easily with Vimeo and Wistia to easily import and organize your videos.

Some unique features of this plugin include letting users post personal notes to each video, bookmarking videos which can be accessed easily through a shortcode, file attachments, video search and more.

2. LearnDash

LearnDash is easily the most well recognized learning management system plugin online. Admin can simply drag and drop videos to build multi-layered courses with lessons, tests and categories organized together.

learning management system

LearnDash is also able to integrate with other plugins like MemberPress, to function as a membership plugin as well as a learning management system. There are lots of monetization options like PayPal and Stripe, and helpful course-specific forums for students to interact.

It is incredibly user-friendly and lets admin schedule the release of content with its drip-feed feature.

3. LifterLMS

The LifterLMS WordPress plugin is another powerful course creator which is also a great membership plugin. The plugin supports multi-tier courses with drip content, and can create small courses as well as full-time higher education degree programs.

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There are different plan levels, with each giving users a variety of helpful features and payment gateaway options.

4. LearnPress

LearnPress is a fully comprehensive WordPress LMS plugin which is available completely free. This is a simple plugin, which can be integrated with powerful extensions like WooCommerce and BuddyPress.

learning management system

LearnPress allows users to easily export or import courses from other LearnPress websites, drip content, create quizzes, and track grading. It’s the ideal learning management system choice for educational institutions, instructors, and e-learning platforms.

LearnPress Pro also offers users the chance to buy premium add-ons for LearnPress. The pro bundle is $249 and includes eighteen different add-ons for e-learning from grading to payment gateways.

5. WP Courseware

WP Courseware is a quick solution for creating and selling online courses. It features a user-friendly drag and drop style for easily creating courses. All courses can have multiple modules and tests, include pre-requisites and drip content.

learning management system

One unique feature is the question bank, which is where admin can simply create quizzes for different courses. There are many monetization options, and the plugin supports custom emails, instructor grade books and much more.

6. Teachable

Teachable is a powerful online course creator which lets admin integrate online courses into your website or host them on a Teachable subdomain.

learning management system

All plans allow for unlimited students, instant payouts, priority product support, and much more. Advanced features include completion certificates, bulk student enrollments, dozens of admin-level users and more.

Teachable also offers users the chance to create a visually stunning website for online learning and is marketed heavily to the artistic and creative communities. It’s used worldwide and available in dozens of different languages.

Choosing the Best Learning Management System Plugins for Your Business

6 Best Learning Management System Plugins for WordPress

A learning management system is a powerful tool for your WordPress website. The ability to create and sell online courses is both incredibly beneficial and financially lucrative for educators and even businesses.

The learning management system plugins in this list are all high quality, affordable, have a range of helpful features and are ideal for both large and small business and educational institutions. The key is to decide which plugin will fit the needs and requirements of your business.

All of these plugins offer course organization, multiple categories, places for students to interact online, user-friendly grading options and course completion certificates. There are many options available for choosing a learning management system plugin, and all of these choices are a great place to start.

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