All Access Pass Package for Magento 2 by CreativeMinds

All Access Pass Package for Magento 2 Extensions

Unlock the full potential of Magento 2 with the All Access Pass extension and add-ons Mega Bundle!
This comprehensive package includes ALL premium extensions such as Marketplace Multi-Vendor, Best Selling MultiUser, SalesRep, True Edit Orders, and many more.
Get access to around 40 CreativeMinds products for an enhanced Magento 2 experience.
Tested up to
CE: 2.1.X, 2.2.X, 2.3.X, 2.4.X
EE: 2.1.X, 2.2.X, 2.3.X, 2.4.X
June 18, 2020
5.7 - 8.2.X

Complete CreativeMinds Magento 2 Extensions All Access Pass

Do you want to give your Magento store the ultimate boost? Are you looking to crush the competition of your eCommerce store?

If you’re taking on a big project and need more than one tool to get there, we have just the deal for you: a complete Magento 2 All Access Pass with 40+ extensions and modules for just $1,299 ! Not only that, with your purchase you also get continued support, updates, and all new extensions or modules from the bestselling CreativeMinds team.

Whether you need a way to monetize an online store, add multi-vendor support, or enhance order management, our massive collection of Magento 2 extensions have you covered.


What’s In the Magento 2 All Access Pass?

Complete Magento 2 Toolset

Tools to create or enhance many features and boost any Magento store.

Full Catalog of Magento 2 Products

Immediate access to all 40+ extensions and modules of CreativeMinds Magento 2 premium products.

Highest Edition

Get the most advanced edition of all extensions and modules.

Products Can Be Used Forever

Once installed, extensions and modules can be used forever.

Unlimited Updates

Unlimited updates and new feature releases for our extensions and modules while the subscription lasts.

Includes New Products

Access to all upcoming extensions and modules as they are released.

Ongoing Support

Expert technical support.

On-Site Support

On-site assistance to resolve any issue you might have with our extensions.

What the Magento 2 All Access Pass Package Offers

At CreativeMinds, we have over 40 Magento 2 extensions and modules designed to address a store administrator’s needs.

In addition to our current mix of innovative products, we’re always on the lookout for great ideas to help Magento store owners create great online business. New extensions and modules based on user requirements and suggestions come out all the time!

What Our Customers Have to Say…

Asi Erenberg, CEO, Corporate Gift
Extension Works Perfectly
I used CreativeMinds Marketplace Extension for Magento® to build our multi vendor store, the extension works perfectly and the support and communication was really amazing, highly recommended!
Daniel Botbol, CEO, Skintrends
CreativeMinds are experts and enthusiastic hard workers
The guys at CreativeMinds are experts and enthusiastic hard workers. They are not only determined to complete the job but also to do it in an efficient way. I know, because I worked with professionals with less ability and learned the lesson.

Magento 2 Extensions All Access Pass Package Use Cases

The Magento 2 All Access Extension Pass suite offers limitless possibilities. Below are some use cases:

Enhanced Productivity

  • Create a Multi-Vendor Marketplace with multiple supplier accounts
  • Let suppliers upload products from a separate dashboard
  • Easily dropship orders
  • Save time and upload products in bulk
  • Let customers ask vendors questions on their product pages
  • Allow admin and vendors to manage return requests for products
  • Create subscription plans for vendors
  • Generate SEO-Friendly URL for supplier profile pages

Overhaul Management

  • Streamline management by granting a new role permission to managers
  • Limit category, products or CMS pages access to customer and customer groups
  • Manage sales representatives and measure their performance
  • Create subaccount user role permissions

Secure Payments

  • Add integration with payment gateways such as PayPal
  • Allow customers to pay and save their credit card for future purchases, using the safe servers
  • Provide customers a complete store credit line and turn refunds into purchases

Improved Admin Panel

  • Track all Back-end actions
  • Use the detailed log information to evaluate employee performance
  • Use the Log History to debug problems created by admin changes

Streamlined Shopping Experience

  • Set shipping restrictions for each product
  • Automatically add free gifts with specific products on checkout
  • Manage coupon codes with custom error messages

Efficient Management Process

  • Let customers forward purchases to someone else for approval and payment
  • Highlighting specific order types and improve usability
  • Organize the order grid to archive or restore them
  • Quickly edit existing orders and easily track its changes

Enrich Pages

  • Let customers add questions and answers to product pages
  • Create a responsive FAQ page with question categories and subcategories
  • Add a special block with file attachments anywhere on your website

Stimulate Purchases

  • Motivate customers to receive notifications when out-of-stock products are back in stock
  • Incentive customer to leave reviews by sending them exclusive discount codes
  • Create lists of favorite products and turn one-time users into regular customers

Promote Products Effectively

  • Show blocks with related, up-selling and cross-selling items anywhere on the website
  • Use the Facebook ad campaign to promote products easily 

Extensions and Modules Included in the All Access Pass

Upon purchasing our Magento 2 All Access Pass Bundle, all CreativeMinds extensions and their respective modules for Magento 2 will instantly be available for download. Here is a list of what is included. Each extension also comes with ALL its modules.

Extensions Modules Included

Multi User Modules Included

Magento 2 All Access Pass Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I purchase the Magento 2 All Access pass?

You’ll gain an incredible set of tools to enhance your online store with lots of different features. You’ll also receive all of our new releases, updates to every extension we release and expert Magento support. All for an amazing price, a huge saving compared with buying each extension one at a time.

How much do I have to pay for this bundle?

Upon purchase, you invest $1,299 for the whole year which includes continued support and updates.

The package includes activations for one live host and two test hosts. If you are looking for a bigger or more specific number of activations, get in touch via the Contact CreativeMinds page.

After purchase, can I still increase the number of activations?

Sure! To do so, get in touch via the Contact CreativeMinds page

Can I cancel the subscription? Is there any fee?

Yes, you can cancel the subscription at any time, without paying extra and without hassles. This can be done via your Customer Dashboard – learn more: General Support – How to Manage Your CM Downloads.

One thing to note is that, as soon as the subscription is cancelled, you will lose access to product support and product updates and you won’t be able to download new extensions.

Can I reactivate the subscription if I cancel it?

Once you cancel the subscription, you can reactivate it at any time by paying the Signup Fee again (you will be granted a 40% discount)

How many more extensions does CreativeMinds expect to release?

We commit to launch at least 2 extensions or modules for Magento 2 per year, which will be added to the All Access Pass and be available to you.

How many times can I install each extension?

Each extension has a license for one production site and two testing sites, but you can easily switch licenses between sites at any time, or use each extension on different sites.

How do I download the extension and get new updates?

Once you have an active subscription to the All Access Pass, you will be able to log into our customer dashboard where you will see all the updates and downloads. Learn more in the general support guide.

Does the 30-Day Money Back Apply to the All Access Pass?

Unfortunately, we can’t offer the 30-day guarantee for this All Access Pass, since you gain access to all of our extensions and they are digital products. It is very difficult to protect ourselves from malicious users who will install everything they need and then create a false problem with one extension to get their money back unfairly. So we simply can’t offer refund for this, sorry.

What we can offer is a ton of pre-sale support. If you are curious about what our extensions can do, you can check our in-depth product pages describing what we make in exquisite detail and free access to the documentation for every product we sell. For any additional questions, you can always contact us via email or the live pre-sales chat support (check the contact page). So it is possible to get a detailed understanding of what our products do before you commit to buy.

And if you have already bought one or two of our extensions and wish you’d gone for the whole lot and saved money… Just ask and we can possibly Upgrade you for the difference in price, we have done this many times before.

Does the All Access Pass include only Extensions or also modules?

It includes both the higher version of all of the CreativeMinds extensions and also all their modules. This is the complete set of what we sell. For example, you would receive all modules for the Multi-Vendor extensions together with the extensions itself.

I've bought some extensions from you and wish to upgrade to the complete All Access Pass, can I just pay the difference?

Probably yes. We get asked this quite often, which we’re pretty proud of. If you have purchased some extensions recently and want to go for the complete All Access Pass, then get in touch with our customer support and we’ll try our best to help you out.

If you bought something 11 months and 29 days ago, it might be a different story.

Is the All Access Pass also available to Magento Enterprise Edition ?

Currently not. We are only offering this to Magento Community Edition.

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Accepted payment methods include all Credit Cards and PayPal