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WordPress premium plugins and addons Mega Bundle!
Gain access to more than 90 CreativeMinds products.

The Complete CreativeMinds Premium Plugins and AddOns Mega Bundle

Are you looking for creative solutions for your WordPress website? Perhaps you’re looking for a variety of tools to give your WordPress site a boost or a business solution for one of your client sites.

Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive online learning system, tools to expand an eCommerce site, or ways to add functionality to a website, our large variety of plugins have you covered and best of all they work together without any conflicts.

What’s in the box?

Complete WordPress Toolset

A complete WordPress toolset which can boost and improve any WordPress site!

All CreativeMinds WordPress Products

Immediate access to All of the CreativeMinds 90+ WordPress Premium Products!

Highest Edition

Highest most advanced edition of all plugins and addons

Product Can be Used Forever

Plugins and Addons in suite can be used forever once installed.

One Year of Unlimited Updates

Unlimited updates for all existing plugins and addons all year long.

Includes New Product to be Released

Access to All upcoming plugins and addons as they are released in the coming year

One Year of Support

Expert technical support to answer any question

On Site Support

On-Site assistance to resolve any issue you might have with our plugins

What the WordPress Suite Package Offers

At CreativeMinds, we have a wide variety of Plugins and AddOns designed to address a WordPress administrator’s needs, to support eCommerce sites, to boost any business website, for facilitating eLearning activities, for online marketers, to improve your site’s SEO and more.

In addition to our current mix of innovative products, we’re always on the lookout for great ideas to help WordPress users create great websites so new plugins based on user requirements and suggestions are coming out all the time.

Plugins and Addons Included in the Suite

Upon purchasing our WordPress Plugins Bundle, All of the CreativeMinds Plugins and Addons will instantly be available for download. Here is a list of what is included…

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Plugins

CM Ad-Changer CM Ad-Changer Server – Easily create and rotate ad campaigns across multiple WordPress sites and track their performance through a single dashboard ($29)
 CM Pop-Up Banners CM Pop-Up Banners – Promote specific products and increase conversions with fully customized pop-up and fly in banners ($29)
CM Contextual Product Recommendations CM Contextual Product Recommendations – Shows product recommendations based on the content of your post (Price $29)
CM Notification BarCM Notification Bar – Adds a notification layer on the top of your WordPress site header (Price $29)
 CM On-boarding CM On-Boarding – Provide quick access to help menus and support materials from any page or post on your site ($29)
CM Disclaimer and WelcomeCM Disclaimer and Welcome – Add Welcome messages and Disclaimers to your Pages and Posts (Price $29)
Customer Reviews and RatingCustomer Reviews and Rating – Let visitors and logged-in users submit reviews and display them via shortcodes (Price $29)


Community Plugins

 CM Answers CM Answers – Create multiple Q&A forums with user votes, comments, private questions and social media login ($39)
CM Download Manager CM Download Manager – Let your site users upload, download and share files in a fully-featured downloads directory ($39)
 CM Micropayment platform CM Micropayment Platform – Add a virtual currency to your site to monetize actions performed by your users ($49)


Publishing Plugins

CM Tooltip Glossary eCommerceCM Tooltip Glossary eCommerce Edition – Create a fully-featured glossary of terms and display their definitions inside hovering tooltips whenever they appear in your content ($59)
 CM video lessons manager CM Video Lessons Manager – Easily create a video course where students and instructors can both track progress and make notes ($29)
CM Map Routes ManagerCM Map Routes Manager – Allow users to draw routes and to generate a catalog of map routes and trails with points of interest. Includes support to import and export routes to and from navigation aids and mobile devices (Price $39)
CM MapLocationsCM Map Locations – Build a store location or a map with selected locations and points of interest to be embedded in any post or page (Price $29)
CM FAQCM FAQ – Frequently Asked Question that supports ajax search for questions and answers and a search widget (Price $29)
 CM Footnotes CM Footnotes – Display footnotes at the bottom of articles to explain the context of terms mentioned without interrupting the reading flow ($29)
 CM Table of ContentCM Table of Contents – Create a book-style menu at the top of posts for easy navigation through long pieces of content. ($29)
CM CuratedList ManagerCM Curated List Manager – Lets you organize links and content around categories and display it is a usable way (Price $39)
Curated Twitter AggregatorCurated Twitter Aggregator – Curated Twitter Aggregator is the best tool for importing, merging and displaying tweets from hashtags and user profiles on your WordPress site (Price $29)
Curated RSS AggregatorCurated RSS Aggregator – Curated RSS Aggregator is a powerful tool for importing, merging and displaying Curated RSS and Atom feeds on your WordPress site (Price $29)
RSS Post ImporterRSS Post Importer – RSS post importer is the best and most advanced tool for importing and displaying external posts using RSS and Atom feeds on your WordPress site (Price $29)
CM HelpScout Docs KnowledgeBase PortalCM HelpScout Docs Portal – Supports showing HeloScout Docs Knowledgebase articles using a shortcode on any post or page on your WordPress site (Price $59)
CM Map Routes ManagerCM User Submitted Posts – Adds a basic form via shortcode that enables your logged in users to submit posts and upload images (Price $29)
CM Paged Posts SliderCM Paged Posts Slider – Turns multi-page posts into an ajax-based slideshow (Price $29)
 CM Blog widgets CM Blog Widgets – Expose more of your content with fun sidebar widgets displaying tags, categories and random posts ($29)
 CM Pay Per Post CM Pay Per Post – Set an entrance fee for individual posts or post groups and charge users for viewing them ($29)
 Editor Moderation Tools Editor Moderation Tools – Optimize the content editing proccess with a robust correspondence and tasks management tool connecting editors and authors ($39)


Administrator Plugins

 CM Email blacklist CM Email Blacklist – Avoid email spam by blocking blacklisted domain from logging in to your site ($29)
 CM Search and Replace CM Search and Replace – Quickly replace terms and strings in your content without changing your site’s database ($29)
CM Registration and Invitation CodesCM Registration and Invitation Codes – Adds a registration and login popup to your WordPress site (Price $29)
CM Two-Factor AuthenticationCM Two Factor Authentication – Offers a robust solution for WordPress two-factor authentication and provide a better account security for your WordPress users (Price $39)
 CM Access Restriction CM Email Tools – Configure your email gateway so you can easily send emails from your WordPress website ($29)
 CM Access Restriction CM SMTP HTTPS – Automatically sets up a redirection from http to https. Can force your entire website to support SSL ($29)
Admin ToolsAdmin Tools – CA selection of handy Admin tools to improve your WordPress admin dashboard, improve site performance, customize look and feel, review error logs, track cron jobs and more (Price $29)
 CM Access Restriction CM Site and Access Restriction – A full-featured, powerful membership solution and content restriction plugin for WordPress. Support access by role to all content on your WP site ($39)
 CM Custom Reports CM Custom Reports – Track actions made on your site with over 17 custom reports about page revisions, posts per author, comments per author and more ($29)
CM Live Search FilterCM Fast Live Search Filter – Allows users to add a fast live search filter to elements on your posts or admin dashboard (Price $19)
CM Header and Foter Script LoaderCM Header and Footer Script Loader – Manage and control scripts and styles on your WordPress site using an easy to use interface. Improve site load time and client side memory usage (Price $29)


Business Directory Plugins

Schedule Appointments and Manage Bookings CM Appointments Pro – Schedule customer appointments. Customers can easily schedule appointments and pay for them directly through your website. Supports multiple calendars ($39)
 CM Business Directory CM Business Directory – Create a directory of business listings in your industry and combine them with paid adverts ($39)
CM Product DirectoryCM Product Directory – Helps you to build product discovery directory which includes product information, screenshots, video and also information about the business behind the product (Price $39)
CM Product DirectoryCM Expert Directory – Build an expert directory to manage member profiles. Support members self posting and payments (Price $39)

Tooltip Glossary Addons

CM Tooltip Glossary Addons

CM Glossary Tooltip Skins ($19) – Style your glossary tooltips with a variety of customizible skins
CM Glossary Logs and Statistics ($19) – Track clicks, impressions and usage of your glossary terms
CM Glossary Community ($19) – Allow users to suggest new glossary terms or edit existing ones
CM Glossary Remote Import ($19) – Easily backup, import and export glossaries across multiple sites
CM Glossary Widgets Add-On ($19) – Increase glossary visibility with cool sidebar widgets that display glossary categories, tags and terms
CM Glossary Custom Taxonomies Add-On ($19) – Add support for multiple taxonomies and filtering for Glossary terms
CM Glossary Search Console Add-On ($19) – Make your glossary more accessible by adding a search widget on the bottom of your website
CM Glossary PeepSo Integration Add-On ($29) -Integrate glossary tooltip with PeepSo. Parse PeepSo content to show tooltip for glossary terms and let members suggest terms

Download Manager Addons

CM Downloads Manager Addons

CM Download Widgets ($19) – Enhance file sharing directory visibility by displaying selected downloads on your sidebar widgets area
CM User Registration for Downloads Manager ($19) – Adds a user registration form to support automatically assigning new users to CM Download user groups
CM Download Anonymous Posting ($19) – Allow users to uploads files to the CM Download Manager Plugin without the need to login to your site
CM Download BBPress Integration ($19) – Allows you to integrate your CM Download Manager page with a bbPress topic
CM Client Download AreaCM Client Download Zone – Allows you to store files and grant protected access to a download zone for your clients (Price $49)
CM Download PaymentsCM Download Payments – Allows to request payment for downloading files (Price $29)
CM Download PeepSo IntegrationCM Download PeepSo Integration – Integrates the Download Manager plugin with the PeepSo Social Network Plugin (Price $29)

Answers Addons

CM Answers Addons

CM Answers Anonymous Posting ($19) – Let non-logged-in users post questions, answers and comments on your Q&A forum
CM Answers Widgets ($19) – Enhance forum visibility by displaying top rated questions and answers on your sidebar widgets area
CM Answers Import and Export ($39) – Backup, import and export forum entries across several sites
CM Answers Idea Stimulator ($49) – Turn CM Answers into an ideation tool and support the creative process of generating, developing and communicating new ideas
CM Answers PeepSO Integration CM Answers PeepSO Integration ($29) – Supports adding a questions and answers functionality to the PeepSo social network
CM Ask the ExpertCM Ask the Expert – Provides an Ask the expert system for WordPress. Ask a question and get an answer to your question from a verified Expert (Price $49)
Answers PaymentAnswers Paymentst – Adds a payment support option to the CM Answers plugin for WordPress. Once installed you can set a cost for posting a question or an answer (Price $29)

Business Directory Addons

CM Business Directory Addons

CM Business Directory Community AddOn ($29) – Allow businesses to create and edit listings in your business directory
CM Business LevelsCM Business Directory Levels Addon ($29) – Allows admin to create and manage different levels of business listings
CM Business Directory PaymentsCM Business Directory Payments ($29) – Allows admin to charge payment for publishing a new business directory listing or renewing an existing one

Product Directory Addons

CM Product Directory Addons

CM Product Directory CommunityCM Product Directory Community ($29) -Supports letting users add new listings to the product directory. Users can claim an existing product, renew a product listing and manage their product listings
CM Product Directory CommunityCM Product Directory Community Payments ($29) – Allows admin to charge payment for publishing a new product directory listing or renewing an existing one

Expert Directory Addons

CM Expert Directory Addons

CM Expert Directory CommunityCM Expert Directory Community ($29) -Supports letting users add new listings to the expert directory. Users can claim an existing product, renew a product listing and manage their product listings
CM Expert Directory Community PaymentsCM Expert Directory Community payments ($29) -Allows admin to charge payment for publishing a new listing or renewing an existing one

Video Lessons Addons

CM Video Lessons Addons

CM Video Lessons PaymentsCM Video Lessons Payments ($49) -Allows admin to charge for viewing video channels or courses and allows setting a subscription duration
CM Video Lessons Certificate AddonCM Video Lessons Certificate Addon ($29) – Enables the generation of certificates when users complete all lessons and course requirements
CM Video Lessons Certificate AddonCM Video Lessons Quiz Addon ($29) – Support adding quiz knowledge test after completing a video lesson. Admin can define score for passing test and receiving a certification. Admin can also track results.

MicroPayments Addons

CM MicroPayments Addons

PeepSO MicroPayments Integration AddonPeepSO MicroPayments Integration Addon ($29) -This AddOn for CM MicroPayment and PeepSo supports adding a virtual wallet functionality to the PeepSo social network
MicroPayments Group ActionsMicroPayments Group Actions Addon ($29) -This AddOn for CM MicroPayment and support for adding or subtracting points based on user role

Registration Plugin Addons

CM Registration Addons

CM Bulk Email Registration AddOnBulk Email Invitation codes ($19) – supports uploading a list of emails using a csv formatted file and generating an invitation code for each email
CM Registration Approve New Users AddOnCM Registration Approve New Users AddOn ($19) – Supports moderating user registration and approving each user manually
CM Registration Payments AddOnRegistration Payments AddOn ($19) – supports asking for payment for each registered user

Booking Calendar Plugin Addons

CM Booking Calendar Addons

Appintments Payments AddOnAppointments Payments ($29) – Adds an option to pay for appointments using EDD checkout cart system
Appointments Ical Feed AddOnAppointments iCal Feed AddOn ($29) – Supports synchronizing and external calendar like Google with the booking calendar using iCal feed
Appointments Group Bookings AddOnAppointments Group Bookings AddOn ($29) – Supports booking the same event by a group of users

Easy Digital Downloads Extension

CM Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) Addons

EDD eCommerce Tracking ($49) – Track Easy Digital Downloads eCommerce activities like page views, registrations and purchases
CM Payment Gateway Order ($39) – The payment gateway order lets you re-organize the order of the payment gateways in your EDD checkout cart
CM Upsell ProCM Upsell Pro ($49) – Supports adding upsell products in easy digital downloads checkout based on what user have in the cart
MailerLite Email MarketingMailerLite Email Marketing ($49) – Supports MailerLite integration with Easy Digital Downloads
Multiple Years LicenseMultiple Years License ($49) -Supports purchasing additional license years during checkout. Admin can define presets for extended license periods and discounts

Ad Changer Plugin Addons

Ad Changer Addons

CM Ad-Changer CM Ad-Changer Client – Easily create and rotate ad campaigns across multiple WordPress sites and track their performance through a single dashboard ($29)
CM Ad-Changer Customer Dashboard CM Ad-Changer Customer Dashboard – Create a view only dashboard for your customers to view and track thier Ad Changer campaigns ($29)

Routes Manager Plugin Addons

Routes Manager Addons

Routes Custom Fields CM Routes Manager Custom Fields – Easily add custom fields for routes and filter by them ($19)
Routes PeepSo AddonRoutes Manager PeepSo Integration – Let each social network user post and manage their route ($29)
Routes Anonymous Posting AddonRoutes Manager Anonymous Posting – Let non logged-in users post routes and for admin to moderate them ($29)
Routes Anonymous Posting AddonRoutes Manager BuddyPress Addon – Allow users to integrate the routes manager plugin with BuddyPress and share users routes in BuddyPress user profile ($29)
Routes Anonymous Posting AddonRoutes Manager Strava Addon – Allow users to share routes created with the routes manager on Strava and import routes from Strava to the route manager plugin ($29)

Location Manager Plugin Addons

Locations Manager Addons

Locations PeepSo AddonLocations Manager PeepSo Integration – Let each social network user post and manage their locations ($29)
Locations Anonymous Posting AddonLocations Manager Anonymous Posting – Allow non-logged in users to post locations and for admin to moderate($29)

New Plugins Coming Soon

New plugins set to be released soon. For as long as your support and update subscription remains active you will receive support, updates, all of our existing plugins and addons and also the plugins and addons we are set to release over the coming year:

  • SEO keywords Plugin – A tool to help you improve the SEO keywords for your post and pages
  • Visual Glossary Addon – A robust addon to help your Glossary become more visual
  • Image Slider and Image Gallery Plugins – Slider and Gallery Image Plugin
  • Quiz Manager – A robust quiz management tool
  • Video Manager YouTube Support – An Addon to support YouTube videos in the video manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I purchase a Plugin suite ?

You’ll gain an incredible set of tools to enhance your WordPress site with lots of different features. You’ll also get all of our new releases, updates to every plugin we release and expert WordPress support.

Is the plugin suite renewed automatically every year ?

Yes. Every year we charge for continues support, updates and the ability to get all the new plugins which we are going to release. The price renewal is 35% less than the regular suite price

How many more plugins is CreativeMinds expected to release ?

We commit to at least 5 plugins which will be added to your suite during the year. Chances are that you will get more…

How many times can I install each plugin?

Each plugin has a license for one site, but you can easily switch licenses between sites, or use each plugin on a different site.

How do I download the plugins and get new updates?

Once you have an active subscription to the plugin suite, you will be able to log into our customer dashboard where you will see all the updates and downloads.

Does the 30 Days Money Back Apply to the Plugin Suite

No. Since you have access to all our plugins and they are digital products once you purchase the plugin suite you cannot get a refund

Does the suite includes only CM plugins or also AddOns

It includes both the pro version of all of the CreativeMinds plugins and also all the addons