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Ad Changer | Advanced Ads Campaign Manager and Server Plugin

Transform your WordPress site into a powerful ad server with our exceptional WordPress Ad Management plugin.
Effortlessly manage and track ad campaigns across multiple WordPress sites, supporting banner, video, Google AdSense, and HTML campaigns. Monetize your site by easily inserting advertisements anywhere on your platform.
WordPress Version
5.4.0 or Higher
Tested up to
WordPress 6.4.X
September 10, 2023
5.7 - 8.2.X

WordPress Ad Management Plugin

Turn your WordPress site into a customizable ad server to easily insert banner, pop-up, fly-in, video, or Google Adsense ads anywhere.

With this versatile WordPress Ad Management plugin, you can create targeted ad campaigns, track ad performance, and create ad tiers to quickly monetize unused ad space.

Run ad campaigns simultaneously on multiple WordPress sites with hosted ads from external sites and networks.

Streamline WordPress ad management with large scale ad campaigns and coordinated ad placement so you can make money online with any WordPress blog or site.

Detailed Ad Statistics

With our WordPress Ad Server plugin, you can rotate ads across multiple websites and track their performance through a detailed performance log, complete with ad campaign statistics and reports.

The admin dashboard includes in-depth statistics on ad clicks, ad impressions, user location, and server load, so you can easily analyze ad performance to improve advertising campaign conversions.

Ad Manager Plugin Dashboard - Campaign Performance Reports by Period
Ad Manager Plugin Dashboard - Campaign Performance Reports by Period

One WordPress Ad Management Plugin for ALL Your Ad Campaigns

Ad Manager Plugin Campaign Dashboard Screen
Ad Manager Plugin Campaign Dashboard Screen
There is no limit to the number of banners, advertising campaigns, or ad groups that can be created on your ad server. Create, manage, and customize ad campaigns or ad groups for multiple sites on a single dashboard.

Display multiple ads of different types on the same page. Determine the weight of each banner ad and define ad display time to optimize ad campaigns or create ad tiers when selling ad space.

Campaign Groups

Create campaign groups which include multiple different campaigns.

This functionality allows administrators to display campaigns with different types (Image / HTML / AdSense) in one place.

Campaign Group Dashboard Screen
Campaign Group Dashboard Screen

All the Ad Styles

Campaign Banner Ad Setting Screen
Campaign Banner Ad Setting Screen
Use ad code or an ad widget to automatically insert ads on any page or post, including:

  1. Rotating banner ads
  2. Random banner ads
  3. Floating ads
  4. Pop-up ads
  5. Fly-in ads
  6. Video ads
  7. HTML ads
  8. Mobile ads
  9. Google Adsense ads

Mobile Responsive

The CM WordPress Ad Management plugin is 100% mobile responsive and will automatically re-size banners to show adverts that fit the device being used.

Automatic re-sizing is based on pre-loaded banner variations.

Responsive Settings
Responsive Settings

The Ad Manager Remote Advertising Client Add-on

Client Side
Client Side
Advertising campaigns can be hosted on one WordPress server website and simultaneously run across multiple WordPress sites using the CM Ad Manager Remote Client Add-on.

With this system, you can easily display ads on multiple sites as part of an advertisement network.

Setting Up Ad-Server Address

Upon installing the client plugin on any WordPress site, adverts can be displayed using straightforward shortcodes or inside a WordPress template using a PHP ad code.

Simply define the ad changer server plugin address in the client plugin settings to begin managing your ad network.

Setting Screen on the Client Plugin
Setting Screen on the Client Plugin

Ad Manager Client and Server Architecture

This diagram shows how one Ad Server and Management plugin can serve multiple WordPress websites when running the CM Ad Manager Remote Client Addon.

Ad Management plugin- the best WordPress ads plugin by CreativeMinds

The Ad Manager Customer Dashboard Add-on

Examples of Customer Dashboard Tabs
Examples of Customer Dashboard Tabs
The Customer Dashboard Add-On allows you to assign campaigns to existing WordPress users and allow them to view and track ad campaigns performance in a special customer dashboard.

This dashboard includes campaign information and reports.

Customers can only view the campaign performance down to the level of each banner without the ability to change campaign settings.

WordPress Ad Management Plugin Use Cases

  • Manage Ad Network – Manage the Google Adsense ads of dozens of sites from a centralized hub
  • Promote Product – Add and easily update random banner ads with information about your products across your site network
  • Affiliate Project – Display HTML ads with an affiliate code and track conversion at any time

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WordPress Advertising Management Plugin Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

Google AdSense Campaigns – Earn passive income by integrating with existing Google AdSense campaigns.
Advertiser Categories – Organize banners into ad groups and advertiser categories.
Ad Campaign Dashboard – Conveniently manage all ads and ad campaigns from a single dashboard.
Campaign Groups – Group campaigns into one, allowing you to rotate ads in the same location.
Ad Campaign Notifications – Notify administrators when banner ad campaigns are paused.
Ad Clicks & Ad Impressions – Track and restrict banner ad campaigns according to the number of ad clicks or ad impressions.
Ad Cloud Storage – Cloud storage to serve banners from any cloud storage, such as Amazon S3.
Customize Ad CSS – Customize the CSS style of each banner ad with div’s to minimize stretching.
Date & Time – Schedule ad campaigns to run on specific days and at specific times.
Fly In Ads – Display fly-in ads that are triggered by scrolling or page load.
HTML Campaigns – Run HTML / text based banner ad campaigns.
Advert Logs & Campaign Statistics – Analyze and export a detailed log and statistics for the number of impressions, clicks, user location, and server load for each ad campaign.
Pop Up Ads – Create engaging pop-up ads that are triggered by scrolling or page load.
Preview Advert Campaigns – Preview banner ad campaigns before running them.
Random Banners – Generate random banners and manage their appearance once the ad is displayed.
Remote WordPress Client Plugin – Link the Ad Manager Remote Site Add-on to any WordPress site with the CM Ad Management plugin to run and manage multiple ad campaigns simultaneously.
Mobile Ad Banners – Ad banners resize responsively to fit the size of mobile device, browser, or tablet being used.
Rotating Banner Ads – Feature rotating banners that automatically change advert appearance once they have been displayed.
Ad Server Plugin – One server site can support several ad campaigns that run on multiple sites at the same time.
Ad Code and Ad Widget – Integrate ads on every page or post using a shortcode or ad widget to turn any location into an ad zone.
Video Campaigns – Run video advertisements using iframes from video hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

WordPress Ad Management Plugin Plans and Pricing

Price includes 1 year support/updates. Manual renewal with 40% discount, not a subscription $49 $69 $99
Number of Websites / License Activations 1 server1 server + 1 client1 server + 10 clients
Multiple Ad Campaigns Included Included Included
Target URLs Included Included Included
Date & Time Restrictions Included Included Included
Ad Weight Included Included Included
Preview Advert Campaigns Included Included Included
Campaign Dashboard Included Included Included
Advertiser Categories Included Included Included
Campaign Groups Included Included Included
Ad Campaign Notifications Included Included Included
Ad CSS Included Included Included
Fly In Ads Included Included Included
HTML Campaigns Included Included Included
Pop Up Ads Included Included Included
Mobile Ad Banners Included Included Included
Rotating Banner Ads Included Included Included
Video Campaigns Included Included Included
Shortcodes Support Included Included Included
Widgets Included Included Included
Ad Clicks & Ad Impressions Included Included Included
Advert Logs & Campaign Statistics Included Included Included
Google AdSense Campaigns Included Included Included
Ad Cloud Storage Included Included Included
Customer Dashboard Add-on Not included Included Included
10 Clients Site Add-ons Not included Not included Included
Product Knowledge Base Included Included Included
Priority email support Included Included Included
Product updates Included Included Included
Number of Websites / License Activations 1 server1 server + 1 client1 server + 10 clients
Price includes 1 year support/updates. Manual renewal with 40% discount, not a subscription $49 $69 $99

WordPress Ad Manager Demos

Please, visit our Demo Site to see detailed examples of ads.


Ad Changer Image Gallery

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Ad Changer Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

License for 1 Server and 1 Client I don't understand how the licensing works here? You mean 1 installation?

The installation is per 1 WordPress site which runs a server plugin (it can also show ads on the same site) and another site which uses the campaigns from the first site and acts only as a client. So all together this can support two sites. Additional sites can be served ads if you choose to purchase extra ‘Remote WordPress Site’ licenses.

Does CM Ad Manager allow for javascript banner rotation without page refresh?

Yes. Javascript banner rotation can easily be defined in the campaign settings, allowing you to rotate all the banners included in the campaign on the client sites where the campaign is displayed. You can also customize elements such as the rotation effect, the transition time and switch interval per each campaign.

Can any WordPress site with the client plugin installed display my rotating ad campaigns?

No. Displaying your rotating ad campaigns on a client website requires your approval. You can approve client websites via the server side “approved domains” section, in accordance with your purchased license type.

Display rotating ad campaigns on client websites with the CM Ad Manager plugin for WordPress

What is the difference between the server side plugin and client side plugin?

The server side plugin is where you create ad campaigns, define their display parameters and collect statistics about their performance. After a campaign is set up, you can insert a shortcode into the website where the client side plugin is installed. The shortcode can be inserted on any page, post, and widget area of both the server and client sites.

The list of campaigns appearing on the server side plugin, as shown below, makes it easier to understand the plugin’s server-client structure:

What is the difference between the server side plugin and client side plugin? WordPress Ad changer plugin by CreativeMinds

Can I create scheduled ad campaigns for specific dates?

Absolutely! You can set a time frame for each scheduled ad campaign as well as select specific days of the week when the campaign should be displayed.

assigning scheduled ad campaigns for specific dates with cm ad changer plugin for wordpress

If you can use the server plugin on the same server/install of you WordPress site why have a separate client plugin?

Client plugin is only needed if you have more than one WordPress site. The second WordPress site can run the same campaigns defined in the first site while connecting to the first site which is running the server plugin

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