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Turn your WordPress site into an ad server that manages and tracks ad campaigns across multiple WordPress websites.

Support both banners, videos, ad-sense and HTML campaigns.

Ad Changer Server and WordPress Ad Management Plugin

Turn your website into a customizable ad server with our WordPress ads plugin and start creating your ad campaigns instantly to monetize your website ad space!

Detailed Ads Statistics

Rotate your ads across multiple websites and track their performance using detailed log & statistics reports using our WordPress advertising manager.

The admin dashboard includes in depth statistics on clicks, impressions and server load, so you can analyze your data and constantly improve your ads

Campaigns Performance Reports by Period
Campaigns Performance Reports by Period

Determine the weight of each banner and define their display time to optimize your ad campaigns.

The WordPress Ad Manager Plugin Manages All Campaigns

Manage Multiple Campaigns from One Ad Server

There is no limit to the number of banners, advertising campaigns and ad groups that can be created
Campaign Dashboard Screen
Campaign Dashboard Screen

Various Ad Formats

Create, manage and customize your ad campaigns or ad groups including rotating banners ads, popup ads, mobile responsive ads, video ads and html ads
Campaign Banner Setting Screen
Campaign Banner Setting Screen

As Ad-changer is 100% mobile responsive, it automatically re-sizes your banners in accordance to the device being used.

The Ad Changer Remote Advertising Management Plugin

The WordPress advertising plugin campaigns can be define in one server WordPress website and run across multiple WordPress sites simultaneously using the client plugin.

Setting Up Ad-Server Address

Upon installing the client plugin on any WordPress site, Ads can be displayed using simple shortcodes or inside a WordPress template using PHP code. Simply define the Ad-changer server plugin address in the client plugin settings.
Setting Screen on the Client Plugin
Setting Screen on the Client Plugin

Ad Changer Client and Server Architecture Diagram

This diagram shows how one Ad Server plugin can serve multiple WordPress website running the remote client plugin

ad changer plugin- the best WordPress ads plugin by creativeMinds

WordPress Advertising Plugin Additional Resources

WordPress Advertising Manager Plugin Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

Cm Ad changer and google adsenseAdSense Campaigns – Earn passive income by integrating with existing Google AdSense campaigns.
feature-advertiser-categoriesAdvertiser Categories – Organize banners into ad groups and advertiser categories.
CM Ad changer plugin dashboardCampaigns Dashboard – Manage all ads and campaigns from a single dashboard for your convenience.
CM Ad changer campaign groupsCampaign Groups – Group several campaigns into one allowing you to rotate them on the same Ad spot.
CM Ad-Changer Plugin for WordPress notifications systemCampaign Notifications – Notifies administrators when ad banner campaigns pause.
Click and impressionsClicks & Impressions – Track and restrict banner campaigns according to number of clicks or impressions.
cloud storage with CM Ad-Changer Plugin for WordPressCloud Storage – Cloud storage for serving banners from any cloud storage like Amazon S3.
CM Ad changer plugin customization optionsCustomize CSS – Customize the CSS style of each banner with div’s to minimize stretching.
Date and TimeDate & Time – Schedule ad campaigns to run on specific days and at specific times.
Fly InFly In – Run Fly In based Ads that are triggered by scrolling and page load.
HTML CampaignsHTML Campaigns – Run HTML / Text based banner campaigns.
overview log stats with CM Ad-Changer PluginLogs & Statistics – Shows detailed logs and statistics for number of impressions, clicks and server load.
CM Ad changer pop up bannersPop Up – Create engaging Pop Up based Ads that are triggered by scrolling and page load.
Preview CampaignsPreview Campaigns – Preview banner ad campaigns before running them.
Random bannersRandom Banners – Generates random banners and manages their appearance once displayed.
client side interface - CM Ad changer pluginRemote WordPress Client Plugin – Remote WordPress site plugin connects any WordPress site to the Ad-Changer Server plugin to run and manage several campaigns.
generate responsive banners with CM Ad-Changer Plugin for WordPressResponsive Banners – Banners resize responsively according to mobile device, browser or tablet.
rotate banners with CM Ad changer plugin for WPRotating Banners – Features rotating banners that switch appearance once displayed.
serverside interface - CM Ad changer pluginServer Plugin – One server site can support several ad campaigns that run on multiple sites at the same time.
using Ajax shortcodes with the CM Ad-Changer Plugin for WordPressShortcodes – Integrate ads on every page or post using a shortcode.
Video CampaignsVideo Campaigns – Run Video based Ads using iframes from video sharing sites like Google and Vimeo.

Ad Changer Video Gallery

How to turn you website into a WordPress ad server that Builds effective Ad CampaignsHow to Create and Publish Responsive Campaigns, AdSense & Video Ad Campaigns

Ad Changer Image Gallery

WordPress Advertising Plugin Related Add-On

The following list is additional modules and addons which can be installed together with the Ad Changer Manager plugin and provide additional functionality

Ad Changer Client$19.00Add to Cart
Add additional remote WordPress sites using the same Ad-Changer server. This will support running the same campaigns defined in the Server over several WordPress sites at the same time
CM Ad Changer Customer Dashboard Pro$29.00Add to Cart
Create a view only dashboard for your customers to view and track thier Ad Changer campaigns.

WordPress Ad Manager Related Plugins

CM Pop-Up banners for WordPress PRO$29.00Add to Cart
Create highly converting popups and fly-in campaigns. Include image banners, HTML and forms. Track campaign stats.
CM Welcome Message & Disclaimer for WordPress$29.00Add to Cart
Creates and tracks welcome popups and disclaimer messages placed on your WordPress site pages.

Ad Changer Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

Still have questions? Send us a message and we will reply within 24 hours.



Ad Changer External Reviews

CM ad server plugin Reviews by premium WP“Turn WordPress into an Ad Server with CM Ad Changer”

Posted in premiumwp.com by Tom Ewer.

Additional reviews from WordPress.org

“I’ve bought the Pro version just a week ago because I was searching for a responsive ads solution and CM Ad Changer was my choice. After install, things didn’t work as expected, mainly due to my WordPress custom options but support was fast and they released a new version of the plugin. David solved my problems and helped me to get things up and running in a matter of days. This plugin comes with a lot of options to create and manage advertising campaigns. Give it a chance and support their creators buying the pro option!”
“Worked immediately, which the other plug-ins I’ve tried didn’t. Simple. Easy. Customizable enough for me. I added a TEXT widget for the sidebar with my ad code separately since I didn’t see an option for that here, so one less star. Recommended for quick implementation.”
“I was looking for a plugin to manage the advertising banners on my site, a friend recommended I try this one, and it works great so far. Thanks guys!”

Great plugin when changing the banners with shortcodes…