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Header and Footer Script Loader Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds

This header and footer plugin lets you manage additional scripts and styles on your WordPress site.

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This Script loader plugin improves site load time and client side memory usage.

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Header and Footer Script Plugin Description

The Header and Footer Script plugin allows you to add, manage and control additional scripts and styles on your WordPress site. Control where, when and to whom each script will load.

Add JavaScript and CSS scripts to be loaded with the header, footer or after the body tag is loaded. Choose if each script will be loaded on desktop, mobile devices or both.

Configure Each Script

The eye-catching Header & Footer plugin lets you pre-load all scripts and styles or choose which will be loaded automatically or manually in each page and post.

All scripts are shown in a single dashboard, making it easy to manage, edit and delete them.

Setting screen showing specific script settings
Setting screen showing specific script settings

The header and footer style loader plugin allows manual override of the default settings per each post with the use of a metabox

Control Script Load on Each Post

Users can control what should be loaded within each post in the post edit screen.

Metabox screen shown when editing the post
Metabox screen shown when editing the post

This one of the best header and footer plugins for WordPress make it easy to add scripts or styles across your WordPress site and also support custom posts.

Header and Footer Plugin Use Case Examples

  • Style – Add advanced CSS styles to product pages of a certain category.
  • Tracking Codes – Easily add Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics snippets to selected pages.

Using the Header and Footer Script Plugin

  • Control Site Scripts – Easily add or replace various scripts and styles to your WordPress site
  • Selective Loading Per Post – Target scripts and styles to specific posts or groups of custom posts
  • Reduce Script Load – Reduce the amount of scripts loaded throughout the site
  • Post to specific URL Pattern – Target scripts to load on a specific URL or URL pattern
  • Device support – Load script on a Mobile or Desktop or both

Header and Footer Script Plugin Additional Resources

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WordPress Header and Footer Script Basic Plugin Features

  • Supports post and page scripts and styles
  • Supports loading scripts and styles of header or footer
  • Manage multiple scripts and styles across your site

Header and Footer Script Premium WordPress Plugin Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

Supports custom post typesInsert headers and footers on any post or pages and also on custom posts.
Target by post type – You can target script and styles to a specific group of post by post type.
Manually approve each script and style – In each post you have a metabox from which you can control which script or style is loaded on your WordPress website.
Ability to override default settings – In each post you can override global setting for a specific style or script and decide if to upload the script or not.
Load in the header or in footer – Per each script or style you can decide if to upload it on the header section (before or after the body tag) or the footer sections (before the closing body tag).
Target script by URL – This classic footer & header WordPress plugin lets you target a script or style to load on a specific URL or a group of URLs even if you can not edit the page of this URL.
Target by device – You can target desktop only devices, mobile only or both for each script you set.
Edit Headers & Footer Content – You can add custom headers and edit headers or footer scripts.

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Simple Header Footer Script Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

How many scripts can the plugin manage?

There is no limit to the numbe of or size of the scripts that the plugin can handle.

Can I manage also CSS code?

Yes. plugin can manage both CSS code and JavaScript scripts.

Can I specify which posts type I want to add scripts to?

Yes. You can define to which post type you want the scripts to be added to in the header or the footer

Can I specify which specific post I want to add scripts to?

Yes. You can also define which specific post you want the scripts to be added to in the header or the footer

Will additional scripts slow down my WordPress site?

Managing the amount of scripts you load is very important. Loading a large amount of scripts will slow down the time your page load and affect the overall rating of your site speed. Therefor controlling the scripts which are loaded is an important aspect of optimizing your WordPress site.

the plugin lets you manage the number of scripts you load on each post or post type from the general setting and also from the post itself

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Customer Reviews for the Header and Footer

  • 08th Aug
    Very useful
    Was not expecting all the customizable options and styles but they are great. Quick support if you ever have any questions.
  • 07th Dec
    Great Plugin
    Great plugin, saved me lot of work in optimizing my WP site and reduce load time, simple to use and recommended. Hope it will evolve to include more features

Header and Footer Plugin Release Notes

Version 1.1.0 3rd Feb 2019

  • Fixed the bug, which disabled the Add rule button
  • Updated licensing package

Version 1.0.12 20th Nov 2018

  • Added the option to load script on homepage
  • Added the option “Disable script”
  • Small bug fixes

Version 1.0.10 3rd Oct 2018

  • Added support for device type (Desktop / Mobile)
  • Added support for adding script strait after body tag

Version 1.0.9 4th June 2017

  • Bug fixing

Version 1.0.8 14th May 2017

  • Added the option to add the scripts per URl
  • Updated the Licensing Package

Version 1.0.5 24th May 2016

  • Updated licensing dashboard.

Version 1.0.4 20th March 2016

  • Updated licensing api support.

Version 1.0.2 25th Feb 2016

  • Added automatic updates from plugin dashboard
  • Replaced plugin admin interface including license activation and user guide

Version 1.0.1 7th Jan 2016

  • Fixed license system
  • WP 4.4 compatibility

Version 1.0.0 20th Aug 2015

  • First Release