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Ad Manager Customer Dashboard AddOn for WordPress

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Create a dashboard for your customers to view and track their Ad Changer server campaigns.

Customers can view only the campaign performance down to the level or each banner without the ability to change campaign settings.

Requires CM Ad Manager and Server Pro Plugin.

Ad Manager Customer Dashboard Addon for the Ad Manager and Server Plugin

If you’re using our ad changer server plugin for your WordPress advertising campaigns and you wish to allow your customers to access the reports of their campaigns you need this Add-On to the Ad Manager server.

Customer Dashboard Reports

Customer dashboard AddOn will let you assign campaigns to existing WordPress users and allow them to view the campaigns performance in a special dashboard which includes campaign information and reports.
Reports showing banner performance by date
Reports showing banner performance by date

Ad Manager Customer Dashboard Prerequisite Plugin

You need to have Ad Changer Server Plugin plugin installed before using this addon

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Ad Manager Customer Dashboard Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

  • Assign Campaigns – Assign existing campaigns in your Ad Changer Server plugin to WordPress users. You can assign a campaign to more than one user.
  • Campaign Basic Info – Customer can view the basic campaign information for each campaign assigned to him.
  • Campaign Reports – Customer can view the campaign performance reports sorted by dates.

Ad Manager Customer Dashboard Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

Is there any way to view the results of an Ad Campaign across a specific date range?

Yes. Ad results can be viewed for certain dates. This is done by generating a Report and choosing the From: and To: dates.

Customers would like to print out reports of the success of campaigns to look over. Is this possible?

It is, there’s a built in feature just for this. Go to the Reports tab to “View Reports” and click on the Print button to print out a report for the date range you’ve chosen.

Can I decide which site users can and cannot view campaigns through the Dashboard?

Yes you can. You decide who can or can’t manage campaigns through the dashboard. This is set in the plugin configuration settings.

Where is the Ad Manager - Dashboard Add-On installed? On the Server site or on the Client site?

You need to install the dashboard add-on on the server site for it to work.

How do I give my users access to the Campaigns Dashboard?

The Campaigns Dashboard is added automatically to a page that is also automatically created for the Dashboard to display on.

Either provide the front-end link to this page to your customer or give them a way to access it though your menu or through a link somewhere on your site.

You also have the option to manually create a different Page where you can display the dashboard and you can add additional content to the page too if necessary. In this case the dashboard is added to the page using a shortcode.

Users will need to be logged into the site with some user role, to give your clients or customers user roles the Registration and Invitation Codes Plugin might be very useful.

What kind of information are Users able to see about campaigns through the dashboard?

They can see the following information:

  • The status of the campaign
  • The campaign type
  • The max impressions allowed
  • The max clicks allowed
  • The current no. impressions
  • The current no. clicks
  • The email address of the campaign manager
  • Days of the week that the campaign is active for
  • Any notes that have been added to the campaign

Ad Manager Customer Dashboard Gallery

Ad Manager Customer Dashboard Changelog

Version 1.0.4 from the 24th May 2021

  • Updated license package to version 1.9.1

Version 1.0.3 13th June 2017

  • Updated license package

Version 1.0.2 30th Jan 2017

  • Added the ID of the campaign in the view
  • Fixed the styling near Max Clicks

Version 1.0.1 24th Jan 2017

  • Fixed bug while showing banners.

7th Jan 2017

  • Plugin initial release

Do you need additional functionality?

We can implement additional features, change the interface and integrate external resources. Get in touch with us!

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