Glossary & Knowledge Management Platform

Create a multilingual glossary and Knowledge management system

Host a multimedia directory of definitions where users can discuss and collaborate or just look-up for in depth knowledge

Includes tailored-made index and term pages with custom fields and moderation support

How Can a Glossary Platform Empower My Organization or Community

The Glossary Platform is a complete knowledge base and information hub.

  • Generate a glossary with terms that are also shown via tooltips on mouse hover. Fully control how the tooltip looks and what it shows.
  • Add images, videos, custom fields and related links to unique term pages, boosting SEO.
  • Register users and let them discuss and suggest definitions on each term page. Moderate all submissions before publishing.
  • Allow definitions in different languages to create the ultimate dictionary.
  • Support personal glossary for each logged-in user.

Use Cases:

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Community Wiki

Create a wiki detailing a topic in multiple neatly connected pages

Register users with different permissions and allow them to discuss and suggest each definition

Add images, videos and custom fields to term pages

Show beautiful tooltips on mouse hover

The Glossary Solution is perfect for niche communities

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Multilingual Dictionary

Add multiple definitions for each term

Display images, videos and comments across all pages

Show a fully customizable tooltip when visitors view important terms across the site

Apply categories such as “noun”, “technical” or “slang”

Perfect for education institutions and researchers.

Glossary Knowledge Base Solution Out-of-the-box Functionality

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Customizable Tooltips

Show beautiful tooltips on mouse hover

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Moderate Content

Moderate users terms and content added to the knowledge base

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Export and Import

Export or import term data at any time, even if you decide to stop using the glossary software

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Flexible Glossary Page

Tailor-made index glossary page

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WPML Multilanguage

Add multiple definitions via the WPML plugin

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Term and index pages are SEO optimized. Glossary platform create internal links inside your site to improve your overall SEO score.

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Unique Term Pages

Add images, videos, links and footnotes to each term page

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User Roles

Allow users to access content by role and see only their own added terms

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Custom Fields

Create custom fields for each term to support structured data and knowledge blocks

Process: How We Match Our Glossary Solution To Your Needs

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Checking Requirements

Gather requirements, find gaps and prepare a plan

Developing Missing Components icon - Article Library Solution - CreativeMinds

Developing Missing Components

We adjust our platform and add any missing functionality to match your requirements

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Selecting the Tools

Select the required building blocks from our wide range of proprietary modules

Testing icon - Article Library Solution - CreativeMinds


We run a live test to make sure it matches your initial requirements

Planning icon - Article Library Solution - CreativeMinds


We agree on a plan with clear milestones and cost

Installation icon - Article Library Solution - CreativeMinds

Installation and Training

We install and configure our solution on your live environment and provide in-depth training on how to use it

Glossary Platform FAQ

DOes the glossary improves internal linking (SEO)?

Yes. The glossary automatically adds internal linking between pages on your site for your defined keywords and by doing that it give Google an idea of the structure of your website.

Can the glossary platform be used as a dictionary?

Yes. The glossary platform offers several built-in features that support the creation of a rich media dictionary that can hold thousands of terms with audio, video, images and documents

Is there a limit to the capacity of terms held in the glossary platform?

No. The platform can hold more than 100,000 terms. To hold many terms it will require the right configuration and optimization

Can the platform import terms from other tools?

Sure. The Glossary platform have an extensive API support to import and share information. The platform also support CSV import of terms into the glossary platform database
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