Online Course Catalog Management Platform

Advanced solution to build and manage an online catalog of courses which support payments, registration and students content access.

Students can enroll and participate in an online or offline session

The course catalog system is a robust solution for higher education, conferences and training programs

How Can an Online Course Management Platform Help My Organization

The online course catalog management system is a complete Learning Management Solution.

  • Register students and let them browse, monitor and enroll courses.
  • Charge students for registering and allow them to enter waiting queues.
  • Manage multiple periods for each course.
  • Manage different type of seats per each course.
  • Display a responsive calendar with courses dates or catalog with list of courses with adjustable filters.

Use Cases:

Online college classes icon - Article Library Solution - CreativeMinds

Online College Classes

Concentrate all information about curriculum, students and credits in a single place

Use photos, videos and custom fields to sell courses

Charge students for registering to video classes

Track the progress of students in each lesson

The Catalog Management Software is perfect for education institutions of any size

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Online Entrepreneur Courses

Invite visitors to register or charge them.

Grant exclusive videos only to students that registered or completed certain courses

Sell courses about entrepreneuring, management, digital marketing and business

Attract leads with fancy catalogs and course pages

Perfect for small groups profiting with eLearning

Online Course Management Solution Functionality

Payment Support icon - Course LMS solution - CreativeMinds

Payment Support

Charge students for enrolling to a course

Design icon - Course LMS solution - Creative Minds

Application Design

We assist with adjusting the course catalog and course page to the institute brand and design

Tailored Search and Filters icon - לCourse Catalog Solution - CreativeMinds

Tailored Search and Filters

Search by campus or name of faculty member or topic. Perfect for organizations with massive amounts of courses

Register User icon - Course LMS solution - CreativeMinds

Students Enrollment

Enroll students and offer a dashboard with access to all courses and related course content

Custom field icon - Course LMS  Solution - CreativeMinds

Custom Fields

Customize the course pages as needed, adding as many custom fields as required

Tailored Search and Filters icon - Course Catalog Solution - CreativeMinds


All course pages and the course index are responsive and can be used on mobile, desktop and tablets.

Video courses icon - Course LMS Solution - CreativeMinds

Video Courses

Let students enroll in video courses and track their progress

File Sharing icon - Course LMS  Solution - CreativeMinds

Manage Students

Track all courses and students enrollment from a single admin dashboard. Generate reports and track payments

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Export and Reports

Export course data at any time, create useful reports to share within your organization

Process: How We Match Our Online Course Platform To Your Needs

Call about requirements icon -  Course LMS solution - CreativeMinds

Checking Requirements

Gather requirements, find gaps and prepare a plan

Developing Missing Components icon - Course LMS solution - CreativeMinds

Developing Missing Components

We adjust our platform and add any missing functionality to match your requirements

Selecting the Tools icon - Course LMS solution - CreativeMinds

Selecting the Tools

Select the required building blocks from our wide range of proprietary modules

Testing icon - Course LMS solution - CreativeMinds


We run a live test to make sure it matches your initial requirements

Planning icon - Course LMS solution - CreativeMinds


We agree on a plan with clear milestones and cost

Installation icon - Course LMS solution - CreativeMinds

Installation and Training

We install and configure our solution on your live environment and provide in-depth training on how to use it

Online Course Platform FAQ

What is an online course catalog?

A course catalog is a list of courses that are offered by an institution (academic or commercial). The catalog is usually circulated online and contains a detailed list of classes offered by subject and may include credits awarded, along with location, timing and instructor details.

What is the purpose of an Online Course Catalog?

The Online Catalog provide detailed information about a college or university or commercial institute classes for prospective students and those already enrolled at the school.

Does the course catalog handles enrollment and payments?

Our Course Catalog platform also handle all aspects of students enrollment and payments. Admin is offered a dashboard to track all courses and students while student is offered his own dashboard.

How easy it is to publish or edit content?

The catalog solution let users easily create, organize, publish course, program or any learning outcome. It is easy to update the catalog data in an intuitive content editor and make changes to the catalog
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