Wallet System Platform

Create a digital wallet system with your own currency

Build a strong community that can earn and spend virtual points based on real currencies

The Wallet System solution supports integration with payment systems such as WooCommerce, EDD, Stripe, PayPal

How Can a Digital Wallet Platform Empower My Organization or Community

The E-Wallet Platform Digital Wallet Management Solution.

  • Implement a loyalty program for your website visitors.
  • Create your own virtual currency.
  • Your own currency can be a representation of cryptocurrency.
  • Implement a gamification program – engage your users by rewarding them with points.
  • Let users control their wallets from the mobile app or external sites.

Use Cases:

Games Sites icon - MicroPayments Solution - CreativeMinds

Gaming Site

Make users pay 10 points to receive one extra life in a mobile game

Charge users 5 points to complete a prize-winning level

Reward users with points for watching commercials

Reward users with points for completing tasks

Charge users for 10 points for customizing the appearance of a main character

Benefit Card Sites - MicroPayments solution - CreativeMinds

Benefit Card Sites

Create a uniquely branded loyalty program

Reward your users for sharing your content in their social media

Let your users convert their points into discounts for purchasing goods

Offer an affiliate program and award points to your affiliates

Reward registered users for purchasing goods using points

Digital Wallet Solution Out-of-the-box Functionality

Wallet Management - micropayments solution - CreativeMinds

Wallet Management

Create wallets, add or subtract points in manual or automatic way and monitor users’ transactions

EDD and WooCommerce Integration icon - MicroPayments Solution - CreativeMinds

EDD/WooCommerce Integration

Let users purchase products in Easy Digital Downloads or WooCommerce shop using your virtual currency

Membership Program - MicroPayments Solution - CreativeMinds

Membership Program

Automatically add points as a reward or deduct points as a membership fee from a user’s digital wallet every week or month

Payment Support icon - Article Library Solution - CreativeMinds

Virtual Currency

Create your own currency – define its unique name, recognizable symbol and rate against real currency

Convert Points to Discounts icon - MicroPayments Solution - CreativeMinds

Convert Points to Discounts

Let users convert their points into EDD or WooCommerce discount codes for purchasing products

CoinCodex Integration icon - MicroPayments Solution - CreativeMinds

CoinCodex Integration

Synchronize and update the virtual currency to points ratio to a specific cryptocurrency with the CoinCodex aggregator

Export and Import - MicroPayments Solution - CreativeMinds

Export and Import

Export and import all users’ wallets with the amount of virtual currency available on their wallets

Convert Points to Real Money icon - MicroPayments Solution - CreativeMinds

Convert Points to Real Money

Define the conversion rate and let users convert virtual points to real money via PayPal or Stripe payouts

External API - micropayments solution - CreativeMinds

External API Support

Control your E-Wallet system by connecting it to your mobile app. Let users operate their wallets from their phones

Process: How We Match Our Digital Wallet Solution To Your Needs

Call about requirements icon - Article Library Solution - CreativeMinds

Checking Requirements

Gather requirements, find gaps and prepare a plan

Developing Missing Components icon - Article Library Solution - CreativeMinds

Developing Missing Components

We adjust our platform and add any missing functionality to match your requirements

Selecting the Tools icon - Article Library Solution - CreativeMinds

Selecting the Tools

Select the required building blocks from our wide range of proprietary modules

Testing icon - Article Library Solution - CreativeMinds


We run a live test to make sure it matches your initial requirements

Planning icon - Article Library Solution - CreativeMinds


We agree on a plan with clear milestones and cost

Installation icon - Article Library Solution - CreativeMinds

Installation and Training

We install and configure our solution on your live environment and provide in-depth training on how to use it

Wallet System Platform FAQ

Can users have more than one E-Wallet?

Yes. The admin can define the maximum amount of wallets that the user can have.

How the "account number" of the digital wallet looks like?

Each created wallet has its own Wallet ID – a string of numbers and letters that identify the wallet.
For example: 51861f6e559ff8ab68bb33def53cd74c
It is also possible to assign a nickname to each wallet (for example user pgone number). This way, users don’t have to use Wallet IDs that are long and difficult to remember – they can use a Wallet Nickname instead of it.

Can users transfer points to each other?

Yes, users can exchange points among themselves. To do this, they need to know the Wallet ID or Wallet Nickname of a user that they want to send points.

Can non-registered users have digital wallets?

Yes, the admin can create wallets with some amount of points for guest users. Guest users will be able to use these wallets on your site.

Does the platform offer an API?

Yes, the platform offers a rich API so external applications can communicate with it, manage the wallets, to add or subtract points
We Accept All Major Credit Cards
Accepted payment methods include all Credit Cards and PayPal