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CreativeMinds is a leading developer of premium WordPress plugins. CM Plugins are beautifully coded and packed with extensively popular features that will enhance your site’s usability, SEO and UEX.
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Best WordPress Plugins

Our popular WordPress plugins, including CM Answers, CM Tooltip Glossary and CM Download Manager have been downloaded more than 100,000 times! CreativeMinds developers follow detailed WordPress coding standards that ensure the highest quality designed plugins that work seamlessly with leading Themes. We stand for smart design and great support.

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Premium Magento Extensions

Our team of experienced, Magento certified developers are experts in producing high quality eCommerce extensions that meet all the requirements and standards set for Magento products. Fully compatible with major Themes and modules, CreativeMinds extensions will help you grow your eCommerce business using better tools and better insights.

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Custom Development for WordPress and Magento

The CreativeMinds team can help you build custom made extensions for WordPress, Magento or both. We often use our products as a base for such solutions and offer custom modification based on your requirements. Our development process is agile and precise, and we constantly communicate with our clients to meet their requirements on time and within budget.

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Helping you Grow Ideas into Products

Turning an idea into a product is a process we perform which helps focus on the essential needs of your products, the costs involved, and the timetable associated with building it. We concentrate on determining your MVP and how we can create an appealing and usable UEX that will make it a product which is easy to use and tuned to the needs of your target audience.

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Our Work Flow

Research & Planning

We aim to understand the background of the product and the business behind it by performing an extensive Research and Planning process which by the end gives us a clear sense of what the product is all about, what it offers to users, and what its users need.

Functional & Visual Design

Our functional product design gives shape to the mass of requirements needed by the user. Functional and visual design identifies and defines the specifics of the interface, the navigation, and the way that information is displayed.

Agile Development

Once we have the user requirements and the functional design, we can proceed to the product development. This stage usually involves the participation of software developers, the product manager and at least one visual designer. We work in Sprints, taking the product a step further each time, and using the best practices of agile development methods.

Testing and Evaluation

We perform usability analysis and quality assurance testing. This ensures that the product is easy to use and that users have a positive experience. We use both heuristic evaluation methods and user testing sessions.

Updates and Maintanance

Support, updates, and product maintenance are a major part of our service. We provide 24/7 technical support and are involved in the ongoing effort to improve the products we develop by constantly adding new features and functions.

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