Custom Hourly Support Package for WordPress by CreativeMinds

Custom Hourly Support Package for WordPress by CreativeMinds

Hire a WordPress specialist for your specific projects!
Our Custom Hourly Support Packages provide a specific number of hours for additional product features, new product development, and technical support on your WordPress site.
Support is delivered by one of our expert WordPress developers and can cover plugin installations, component adjustments, or software customization and development.
Expect a response within 24 hours of your support request to discuss your requirements. We’re excited to work with you!

WordPress Custom Hourly Support Package Details

Want our plugins to suit specific needs or need additional features and integration? We offer customization, integration with 3rd party services and optimization.

If you have specific requirements for your project, Leave the WordPress development to us

What We Do

  • Development – Create tailored tools to solve your problems. We can create a plugin from scratch to tackle your challenges
  • Customization – Add features and adjust any of our 100+ plugins and add-ons so that it does exactly what you want
  • Support – Fix small, medium and big WordPress errors that prevent your site from working properly
  • Audit – Review your site for backdoors and other security issues to ensure your data is safe
  • All of the Above – We can combine support, development, audits and more. It depends on your needs

How Many Hours Do I Need

That depends on the complexity of your needs and the severity of the issues.

Get in touch with us and we’ll provide the precise duration and description of what will be achieved.

How WordPress Support Helps You

  • Boost Performance – Is your site slow? Are users having a hard time loading pages? We’ll evaluate it and come up with a plan
  • Solve Conflicts – Experiencing constant crashes and errors? We can troubleshoot for you
  • Fix Theme – The site visual is off? Elements are misaligned or broken? You might need a theme adjustment

Fixing Common WordPress Errors, such as

  • White Screen of Death (WSOD)
  • 500 Internal Server Error
  • Error Establishing Database Connection
  • Connection Timed Out
  • Auto-Update issues
  • Parse, 404, PHP errors

How CreativeMinds Support Work

It’s simple! Once you purchase the service, just send an email to our support team so we can arrange the best way and time to perform the service.

WordPress Custom Hourly Support Package

Note that, due to the nature of the service, we might require full FTP and server access.

Why CreativeMinds Support

There are many reasons why you should hire us. Are you not sure or have a question? Get in touch with us!

  • Expertise – Our team is formed by WordPress specialists. We know what we are doing
  • Security – The integrity of your site and data are always the main concern to us
  • Priority – Your support tickets will be handled first, ensuring we can work together smoothly
  • Communication – Our team is ready to communicate and solve all questions in English

WordPress Custom Hourly Support Package Questions

I've just purchased support hours. What do I do? When will the service be performed?

You should have received a receipt with your purchase information. Please send an email to and we’ll kick-start the project.

As a rule, customization projects are performed within 10 business days after the date of purchase, and we agree on a date as soon as we get in touch.

This period can change if the project is particularly complex, but in that case we will notify you.

How experienced is the CreativeMinds support team?

Our developers are WordPress specialists with extensive PHP, JavaScript and CSS knowledge. That is important because, even though WordPress can be a user-friendly platform, it still has particularities that only a seasoned coder can detect.

We ensure our team experiences every step of the development process – from hearing and suggesting improvements to creating the plugin. This holistic view reflects on how we handle support, and it shows.

Our two support tier system helped them achieve a 78% “great” and 10% “ok” score for regular support tickets between February and April of 2019. Important to note: with this package, your tickets will be handled with priority.

Learn more and meet our team!

How many hours do I need?

That depends heavily on which issues you would like to be handled. But don’t worry: we calculate that for you. Please send an inquiry using the form below to know more.

Individual support, auditing and customization projects can each have varying durations. The better you are able to explain your needs, the more efficient the service will be.

Do I need to give CreativeMinds server access?

Most likely yes, as virtually every support task requires fine-tuning internal settings and it’s not efficient to relay these changes as suggestions to the customer. This includes an admin account on WordPress and access to server files via FTP.

If you are worried about your main admin account, we can help you setting up an admin account which you can delete in a later moment.

Finally, we are happy to provide you with an overall list of changes we performed so you can keep track of them.

WordPress Custom Hourly Support Package – Terms of Service

  • Customization projects will be performed within the next 10 business days
  • In case we are unable to complete the project, we will provide a full refund
  • In most cases, we will need to access your server (both FTP and WP-Admin) and might need to modify existing settings
  • We own the rights to reuse the code we create in one of our next product releases. This will enable us to continue to support this project with every new product version released
  • We will not be liable for any loss of data. Please backup your site before we start working

Keeping your Product Up-To-Date With Latest Product Updates

When we offer custom features we always add them back to the product base.

The reason is that it also benefit the customer as his version is not branched out of the main product version and he can continue updating the product.

In such case we also take the responsibility to make sure this feature will work from here after no matter which platform version or product version will be released.

In case your version is separated from the main branch, you will not be able to receive additional updates and will have to pay separately each time we push features or bug fixes for updating your unique version.

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