Check Your CreativeMinds License Status

Check if your license key for CreativeMinds product is in service or need renewal.

License Status FAQ

Where can I find my license key?

The license key is found in the purchase receipt you have received from CreativeMinds once you purchased our product. You can also log in to our customer dashboard to find it.

I have several licenses to renew. How do i do this?

Best will be to log-in to our customer dashboard and click the Renew License link for each license separately. Alternatively, you can use the form above and paste each license, search for it first and then click the renew button

How much do I need to pay for license renewal?

License renewal costs 40% off the product price. This fee is for one year and you gain both product support and additional product updates and releases all around the year

Why should I renew my license?

On top of access to our expert support helpdesk, you will receive new updates of the product. Each update includes security fixes as well as new features. We also make sure our latest version is compatible with the platform version latest release (for both WordPress or Magento 1/2)

What does it mean that my license has expired?

Once the license expires you can not receive additional support from our support team or download the latest version of the product. The product will continue to work on your site regardless of the license status/expiration
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