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CreativeMinds Development and Consulting Rates

Our Professionals

All of our developers are professionals with several years of experience in WordPress or Magento® and degree-holders in Computer Science or similar. We communicate in English.

When we develop a product at CreativeMinds, we invest a lot of effort not only in designing it, but also in making sure that the product is secure, optimized, scalable and written in line with best standards.

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Our Rates

We charge $60/hour for developing WordPress or Magento® products. The same rate also applies to customizations.

Simple features can take somewhere between two and four hours of work. Developing a plugin or an extension from scratch can cost anywhere between $500 to $3,000, depending on the requirements and the complexity of the solution.

If you require initial consultation and overall architecture and conceptual design for your solution, we will be happy to assign you one of our senior members for $90/hour.

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