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Turn a single Magento® user account into one with multiple sub-user accounts and grant advanced permissions to each user.

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Choose from five different permission levels to give users access according to their role in the business as well as the ability to send cart for approval before being able to complete a purchase.

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Why would you need a Multi User Account?

If you’re looking for a way to have multiple users and sub accounts under the same master account, but with different user permissions, look no further.

The Multi User Account extension has everything you need to create and manage sub logins under a single Magento account.

Sending Cart for Approval

Once a subaccount user adds items to the cart, based on their user role, and subaccount permission level, they will need to send the cart for approval prior to purchase.

The subaccount extension is perfect for creating employee accounts with company logins.

Subaccount user who has added items to the cart, but must send cart to the designated order approval account for approval to make a purchase
Subaccount user who has added items to the cart, but must send cart to the designated order approval account for approval to make a purchase

Multi User Roles Extension Benefits

Create/Edit Subaccount User Role Permissions

The Magento Multi User Account Extension turns a standard Magento customer account into one with multiple users and sub accounts with different levels of access permissions and unique logins.

It creates sub-accounts under a parent customer account (main account).

The master account can add, delete, or edit subaccount permissions and user roles from their master account dashboard
The master account can add, delete, or edit subaccount permissions and user roles from their master account dashboard

This multi-user extension is the perfect solution for companies that own a B2C or B2B Magento online store and need to create one account with multiple users. Companies can control user roles, advanced permissions, and limit sub-user access and abilities.

For example, one person could be granted the ability to buy merchandise, while another can only view orders and customers, and so on.

Using the Magento Sub Account Extension

  • Multi-User Account – Provide account access to other users
  • Sub-Logins – Create unique sub logins for multiple users
  • Nested Accounts – Sub-users can have their own sub-users
  • Sub-User Abilities – Allow sub-users to create orders, track sales, and modify profile information, depending on defined roles
  • Manage Users – Add, edit, or delete sub-users and user roles in your Magento online store
  • Manage User Permissions – Control user permissions per individual user
  • Security – Prevent site errors and protect sensitive information with strict user permission access controls
  • B2B – Solution for B2B stores that need to grant limited access sub logins
  • Order Viewing – Restrict access so employees can see all orders or only their own
  • User Roles – Provide another person the ability to perform actions on your site according to their role in the company
  • Delegate Store Tasks – Allow online store tasks to be completed by multiple employees, reducing admin time
  • Access Permission Levels – Read Only, Modify Account Information (like addresses, names), Order Creation, Order Creation & Modify Account, Order Creation with Approval
  • Cart Options – Sub-users can share a shopping cart or each user have own separate cart
  • Order Approval – Request cart approval from the account owner depending on user role before being able to complete purchases.

Magento Advanced Permissions Levels

  1. Read Only – Users can view information such as purchase history and reports, but cannot make modifications
  2. Modify Account Information – User can only modify general profile information such as addresses and names
  3. Order Creation – User can create new orders, but cannot modify profile information
  4. Order Creation & Modify Account – User can create orders and modify profile information
  5. Needs Approval – User can add items to cart, but account owner must approve them.
  6. Access Cart or Checkout – Define if the sub account can access cart or checkout.
  7. View Account Orders – Define if the sub account can view all account orders or only their sub account orders.
  8. Notifications – Define if sub account will receive the orders / shipping / invoice notifications emails when they create an order.

Cart Approvals by Account Owner

Master Account Cart Approval

One of the most important features is the ability to send orders for approval. While a sub account user can add products to the cart, they'll need to get approval from the account owner to purchase.

This functionality depends on the sub account user permission as set by the account owner.

Master accounts can view all carts awaiting approval and approve each
Master accounts can view all carts awaiting approval and approve each

Multiple Sub Users Extension Use Cases

  • Share Management – If your store is growing and you need to allow employees to create products and approve orders, this extension is a must
  • B2C Solution – Restrict your team from editing the purchase history. Assign one sub user the permission to see notifications and allow another to add items to carts
  • B2B Operation – Set a complex chain of parent and sub users where only the higher-tiered accounts can approve orders

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Magento Multi User Account Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this extension.

Magento Multi User Accounts Infographic

Multi-User Account – A Magento customer account can have multiple sub-user accounts
Employee Accounts – Create separate logins for each employee
Unlimited Users – The account owner and store admin user can create an unlimited number of sub-accounts
Permission Levels – Grant different permission levels per user, depending on his/her role in the company
Security – Maintain store security by giving additional users limited access
B2B – Great solution for B2B companies who may want to restrict access for sub logins
User Management – Store account owner can add/edit/remove users
Sub Account Filtering – Admin users can filter sub-users by name, email, permission level, or user ID
API – Pull sub-user information and create sub-user accounts
Employee Account Management – Easy to use recover/change password and email for sub-user accounts on the frontend
Email Notifications – Define whether a sub user will receive a copy of order emails
Import Customers from Admin – Admin users can import customers and sub-accounts with all permissions and access options using .csv import from the backend

SubAccount Permissions

Order Permission – Account owner can set sub-users to see only their order history or all orders
Viewing Cart – Set sub-user to be able to view/not view cart. Account owner can see sub-user’s cart.
Cart Options – Admin users can set if sub-users share or do not share a shopping cart
Order Permissions – Choose which sub-user can manage orders
Order Approval – Require sub-admin users to request order approval from the account owner.
API – Pull sub-user information and create sub-user accounts
Employee Account Management – Easy to use recover/change password and email for sub-user accounts on the frontend
Email Notifications – Define whether a sub user will receive a copy of order emails
Import Customers from Admin – Admin users can import customers and sub-accounts with all permissions and access options using .csv import from the backend

Magento Multi User Account Image Gallery

Multi User Extension Optional Module

Slack Integration with Multi User for Magento 2
M2 Multi User Slack
As soon as users send order approval requests, managers will receive approval notifications directly to Slack. They can view, approve or reject order from the app.
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Customer Reviews for the Multi User Extension

Magento Multi User Account Frequently Asked Questions

How many sub-users can a customer have on a single Magento account?

There is no limit to how many sub account users are assigned to one Magento account. Just be mindful of the capabilities of your hosting package if you are intending to have many many users and sub account users.

How many sub-users can a customer have on a single Magento account? CM Multi user account manager for Magento

Who would benefit from using multiple Magento sub-accounts?

Ultimately, the extension is for companies and corporations which may be employing different people for purchasing equipment and supplies, and would like to keep track of who buys what. It is also useful for accountants and managers that need to view the monthly expenses of the company, and for administrators to supervise those purchases.

The majority of sites using this Extension will be B2B but there are plenty of B2B site applications as well.

Who can approve sub-users' order requests?

The first answer to this is, it is possible to set a sub account user’s permission to allow them to create orders themselves. Then of course the Parent user of the sub account user or the administrator can approve their order request. We have also included a feature that allows either the store admin or the parent user to delegate sub user approvers, who are sub users with permission to approve other sub users’ order requests. There is a lot of flexibility in who can or cannot approve orders trickling down from the preference of the Admin.

To learn more about sub user approvers check out this Help article.

Does the extension send email notifications for new order requests? If so, who receives them?

Good question. Yes. There are email notifications sent when new order requests are submitted by sub account users. Who receives them depends on the configuration set by the administrator. Either the Master account, the subaccount approver with the closest approval limit or both the master account and the most suited sub account users will receive a notification.

To learn more about notification emails, read this Help article.

Does the extension support API methods for creating/managing sub-accounts?

Yes. The extension comes with the Rest API methods, see all info for this: here

Magento Multi User Account Release Notes

Version 1.11.9 from May 22nd 2022

  • Fix issue with parent account data on subaccount dashboard
  • Fix issue with wsdl/swagger generation

Version 1.11.4 from Feb 15th 2022

  • Fix email sending issue in case of module disabling
  • Fix issue with wsdl/swagger generation

Version 1.11.2 from Jan 7th 2022

  • Add ability to disable the module on store level

Version 1.11.1 from Nov 4th 2021

  • Fix translation issues

Version 1.11.0 from July 9th 2021

  • Fix Issue with Customer login
  • Fix issue with order creating after approve
  • Fix issue with address loading on cart/checkout pages
  • Add PHP7.4 support to composer requirements
  • Fix issue with checking on order amount limit for authorizers and approvers.
  • Fix issue with Authorize and Approval links for parent subaccount.
  • Remove search for authorizers and approvers on the same level as subaccount.

Version 1.10.3 from May 13th 2021

  • Fix addresses reassignment
  • Fix “is_active” subaccount problem
  • Fix issue with approving hash

Version 1.9.6 from Feb 26th 2021

  • Add compatibility with Magento 2.4.2

Version 1.9.5 from Feb 21st 2021

  • Restore the correct flow of ACL processing

Version 1.9.4 from Feb 7th 2021

  • Fix problem with authorization
  • Fix problem with customer account data update

Version 1.9.3 from Feb 1st 2021

  • Fix orders authorization process
  • Fix orders grid filtering in case of order rejection

Version 1.9.1 from Jan 23rd 2021

  • Fix problem with order waiting for approval
  • Fix order authorization process
  • Add store_id → created_at actualization

Version 1.8.1 from Sep 19th 2020

  • Add subaccounts display limitation
  • Add ability to log in my nickname + parent email address
  • Add search feature to “Subaccount grid” in parent account view on frontend page.
  • Fix bug on checkout page related to Totals Limitation
  • Fix bug related to subaccount group assignment in case of reassignment to another parent account.

Version 1.7.12 from Aug 27th 2020

  • Fix pagination of orders history section

Version 1.7.11 from Aug 25th 2020

  • M2.4.0 compatibility
  • Fix issue with approval hash

Version 1.7.9 from July 17th 2020

  • Fix authorization from Master account.

Version 1.7.8 from July 12th 2020

  • Fixes in labels description.

Version 1.7.7 from July 10th 2020

  • Small fix in notes to admin fields.

Version 1.7.6 from July 8th 2020

  • Added (onetime/day/week/month) orders limits for subaccounts.

Version 1.7.5 from June 20th 2020

  • Add feature to sync customer group from any customer save (parent/sub)

Version 1.7.3 from Apr 8th 2020

  • Fix issue with registration while module is disabled

Version 1.7.2 from Mar 28th 2020

  • Fix password reset option for subbacounts

Version 1.7.1 from Feb 15th 2020

  • Fix subaccount group inheritance from parent account (configuration setting)
  • Added php7.3 compatibility

Version 1.7.0 from 08th Jan 2020

  • Added multi cart approval
  • Removed cart sharing option (session sharing)
  • Added additional checks to prevent orders from being placed in case of promotional is gone.

Version 1.6.4 from 20th Dec 2019

  • Fix issue with forced addresses
  • Rework many APi’s
  • Fixed issue with subaccount session (login as subaccount feature)

Version 1.6.2 from 10th Nov 2019

  • Add store name postfix for admin parent account select.

Version 1.6.0 from 28th Oct 2019

  • Fix moving sub-user account from one parent to another using API issuefix issue with moving sub-account to another parent fix error misspells
  • Fix response for Converting Parent Account into Sub-user Account case
  • Fix API response when using promote:1 option
  • Fix output after parent_email update
  • Change logic for setting is updated flag
  • Minor improvements and fixes in rejection email and wait approval link

Version 1.5.1 from 15th Oct 2019

  • Fix nested subaccounts import

Version 1.5.0 from 8th Oct 2019

  • Rework csv import
  • Add correct sample file for csv import
  • Add ability to replace “Select parent” field in admin to simple input. May be useful for store with huge amount for users.
  • Add support for latest Magento versions (2.3.1, 2.3.2)
  • Fix issue with parent customer in grid
  • Fix issue with select parent customer in customer form

Version 1.4.8 from 2nd Oct 2019

  • A Add “Login as Subaccount” functionality;

Version 1.4.7 from 26th Sep 2019

  • Fix mass import

Version 1.4.6 from 24th Sep 2019

  • Add support for multistore email templates configuration

Version 1.4.5 from 9th Sep 2019

  • Fixed REST API

Version 1.4.4 from 11th Aug 2019

  • Fix issue with address reassign on subaccount login.

Version 1.4.3 from 6th July 2019

  • Fix: When child account open admin side then parent user email is not selected.

Version 1.4.2 from 18th June 2019

  • Fix: Subaccount quantity update after parent approved order request
  • Fix: Order amount without approval permission issue on the checkout page, it was giving error Order amount is greater than the approved order amount, on the checkout page.

Version 1.4.1 from 11th June 2019

  • fix: when on cart page, selected Checkout with Multiple Addresses, place order was giving error.
  • fix: sub account was able to place order using checkout with multiple addresses option, without sending order approval request to the parent account

Version 1.4.0 from 22nd May 2019

  • fix: multiuseraccount back end sub account and parent account configuration tabs texts grammar and typing errors solved
  • fix: multiuseraccount back end sub account and parent account configuration tabs texts grammar and typing errors solved.
  • fix: When ‘Shared Session’ is ‘Yes’ & login to sub account gives error eg: “No such entity id = ’25′”.
  • fix: Force usage of parent details permission is when disable to edit shows as given permission but actually, those permissions are not given to sub-account
  • fix: When the Shared session is ‘No’ & Force Use Parent Account Details For Order is ‘Yes’, its replacing parent address entry with sub account address entity in the database, instead of adding sub account address data & keeping parent address data as it is.
  • fix: When parent is selected in edit section for a sub account, that sub account is getting created twice for the same user.
  • fix: Order Approval Permission Amount Sub-account will be allowed to approve orders with amount not bigger than above amount. No value or 0 is equal to no limit. “Can Approve Orders” permission has to be set. This permission is for Nested sub accounts. It is not working. Right now sub account can approve any amount of orders of their nested sub accounts.
  • feat: Whenever the group of the Parent Account is changed, the group of all Sub Account must be changed as well.

Version 1.3.8 from 17th May 2019

  • fix: cminds logo added and change display position in configuration
  • feat: Displaying module version in admin backend for visual control in client side

Extension Version 1.3.7 28th Apr 2019

  • fix: sub user field autofillup issue fix
  • fix: parent account info change when sub user edit profile

Extension Version 1.3.6 2nd Apr 2019

  • Some code fixes were added.

Extension Version 1.3.5 1st Apr 2019

  • The fixes to the Sub Account form were added.
  • The fix for order approval limit on the checkout page was added.

Extension Version 1.3.4 13th Feb 2019

  • Fixed The issue with displaying “Manage Subaccounts” and “Orders Waiting For Approval” for the nested Sub Accounts
  • “Manage Subaccounts” tab is now active, when the Master Account tries to edit the Sub Account’s data.
  • Some code fixes were added.
  • Now the Sub Account’s allowed threshold for creating the order is validated not on the cart page but on the checkout page.

Extension Version 1.3.3 5th Dec 2018

  • The issue “No such entity” for the Sub Accounts is fixed.
  • The issue with displaying Order History is fixed.
  • Some little code fixes were added.
  • The permission mechanism for displaying Order History of the Master Account and Sub Account is changed

Extension Version 1.3.2 9th Nov 2018

  • Few code parts were improved

Extension Version 1.3.1 27th Oct 2018

  • Allow sub accounts to become parent accounts and parent accounts to become sub accounts
  • Added a new feature: new permission for the sub accounts to edit their own “Address Book”
  • Add new feature: displaying order history of the sub accounts in the order history of the parent account

Extension Version 1.3.0 12th Aug 2018

  • The new feature is added. The nested accounts. Now you have the ability to create the hierarchy of third and higher levels. The parent account for the sub account of n-th level will be the sub account from the n-th – 1 level.
  • Bugs with order authorization are fixed.
  • The order history in “My Orders” is displayed correctly on the customer page on the frontend.
  • If “Can View Orders” is set to “No”, then the sub-account still will be able to go to the “Order History” tab but won’t be able to see any orders there.
  • Added ability to modify parent account of the sub-account on the customer admin edit page.
  • Some little code fixes are added.

Extension Version 1.2.0 02nd June 2018

  • If the option “Force Use Parent Account Details” on the admin side is enabled, then you are not able to manage the options: “Force Usage Parent Company Name”, “Force Usage Parent Vat”, “Force Usage Parent Addresses” on the frontend. They will be enabled by default.
  • Now extension takes into account the configurations on the admin side regarding customer’s attributes (all fields are now rendered on the admin side as well as on the frontend) and it sees also whether this attribute is optional or required.
  • Feature: the option in the “Parent Account Configuration” -> “Order Approval Request” -> “Create Order After Approve”, which allows to create the order right after it was approved by the master account. The payment method and shipping method in this situation can be configured from the admin side.
  • Fix: displaying data about the master account in the placed order on the admin side in case the subaccount creates the order with the enabled “Force Usage Parent Company Name”, “Force Usage Parent Vat”, “Force Usage Parent Addresses” options.
  • Fix: displaying data in the list of “Orders Waiting For Approval” if the “Shared Session” option is enabled.

Extension Version 1.1.23 06th May 2018

  • Bug fix: when the order was created on the admin side with the checkbox “Email Order Confirmation” unset, the email was sent to the customer in any way. This bug is fixed.

Extension Version 1.1.22 05th April 2018

  • The field “Order Amount Without Approval” is visible only if the option “Require approval before creating the order” is selected for the sub account.
  • A comment “The customer’s property ‘Can manage subaccounts’ will be set to ‘No'” was added under the option “New Customer Became Parents Account”.

Extension Version 1.1.21 22nd Feb 2018

  • Fix issue that error message was displayed saying that subaccount can not edit account data after first login.

Extension Version 1.1.19 12th Feb 2018

  • Fix issue that parent account was unable to view order details when he has no subaccounts.

Extension Version 1.1.17 24th Jan 2018

  • Ability to view order details by parent account for orders created by sub-account has been updated.
  • Ability to view order details by sub-account for orders created by parent account or any of his sub-accounts have been updated.
  • Force parent addresses permission has been updated.
  • Our core extension has been integrated.
  • Issue during account creation on Magento versions below 2.0.2 has been fixed.
  • Issue that parent account name was in the order place notification for sub-account has been fixed.
  • New configuration option to force a parent account name and email in order details instead of sub-account has been added.
  • Rest api has been updated.
  • Soap api has been updated.

Extension Version 1.1.13 7th Jan 2018

  • Rest api has been updated.
  • Soap api has been updated.
  • Force parent account addresses permission has been updated.

Extension Version 1.1.9 29th Nov 2017

  • Ability to reject order approval request with ability to provide a reason has been added.
  • Parent account can always approve order approval request even if it is not authorized.
  • Issue with logging in has been fixed.
  • Admin layout issue has been fixed.

Extension Version 1.1.7 8th Nov 2017

  • Added Descriptive Error logs in API response.
  • Address inheritance
  • Sub Account is Active Checkbox fix in the frontend Master Account Dashboard
  • Disable storefront edits buttons in the parent account if permission sets
  • Master account is able to enable/disable sub accounts even though they cannot change the name / email of the sub account.
  • Master account is able to change user rights of sub accounts even though they cannot change the name / email of the sub account
  • Granted access to my account addresses for Sub with address inheritance turned on.
  • Global ‘Can manage Subaccount’ is possible to override by customer specific setting.
  • Global setting New Customer is able to create Sub accounts – fixed bug.
  • Subaccount is not created if no address is passed – fixed bug.
  • Link old parent / master as a sub to new parent.

Extension Version 1.1.6 5th Nov 2017

  • Approval request notification is sent to parent account only if option is enabled in configuration or there are no other matching sub-accounts.
  • Module configuration has been moved to separated tab.
  • Order approval requests authorization before approval feature has been introduced.
  • Introduce new configuration for sub-accounts which allows to set order amount below which approval request will be not needed.
  • Email notification about the new approval request is sent to sub-account which is closest in the range and to the parent account.
  • Admin configuration value management has been refactored.
  • Additional configuration values are displayed in the sub-account grids.
  • Fixed error and security issue when someone manually typed sub-accounts manage url not being logged in.
  • Fixed checking if customer/sub-account is enabled/disabled during logging in.

Extension Version 1.1.4 3rd Nov 2017

  • Fix infinite loop which happens in some circumstances during password recovery.
  • Admin configuration updates.
  • Attributes updates.
  • Setting default can manage attribute for new customers update.
  • Can manage sub-accounts permission check in the parent account dashboard update.
  • Manage sub-accounts view updates. Add new sub-account button and ability to edit or delete sub-accounts are not visible if the parent account do not have the ability to manage sub-accounts.
  • Refactoring and minor bugs fixes.

Extension Version 1.1.3 29th Oct 2017

  • Fixed not adding customer attributes by moving installation script from InstallData to UpgradeData
  • Fixes regarding Parent Account Addresses Usage Permission
  • REST API improvements
  • Linking Existing Accounts to Parent account
  • Promoting Subaccount to become Parent

Extension Version 1.1.1 22nd Oct 2017

  • Inheritance major issue fix.

Extension Version 1.1.0 15th Oct 2017

  • Add custom API for managing extension Parent and Sub accounts.

Extension Version 1.0.23 21st Sep 2017

  • New permission has been introduced which makes that sub-account gains ability to approve other sub-accounts waiting for approval orders.
  • Can approve permission came along with the ability to configure the top order value which particular sub-account can approve.
  • Depends on the can approve permission, sub-account can gain access to waiting for an approval orders section in his dashboard.
  • Console log improvement for import command.
  • During parent and sub-accounts creation in import process welcome emails have been disabled.

Extension Version 1.0.22 14th Sep 2017

  • New permission has been introduced to force parent account company name usage for sub-accounts.
  • New permission has been introduced to force parent account, vat number usage for sub-accounts.
  • New permission has been introduced to force parent account addresses collection usage for sub-accounts.
  • Minor performance updates.

Extension Version 1.0.21 13th Sep 2017

  • Ability to import parent accounts with their sub-accounts has been added as a new cli command.
  • Ability to generate sample sub-accounts import file has been added as a new cli command.

Extension Version 1.0.20 27th Aug 2017

  • Compatibility fix for Magento 2.2.

Extension Version 1.0.19 14th July 2017

  • Checking if sub-account is confirmed when only sub-account email confirmation is enabled.
  • Minor fixes.

Extension Version 1.0.18 26th April 2017

  • Fix admin side subaccounts creation, form fields values are remembered if saving process will fail.
  • Fix issue that parent customer id parameter has not been passed properly in the admin subaccounts creation form when the saving process fails.
  • Fixed minor issue which occurs during customer account confirmation.
  • Fixed issue that newly created subaccount has been assigned to different customer group than parent account belongs to.
  • Email confirmation will be required for the subaccounts as long as the option is enabled for customer accounts.

Extension Version 1.0.16 19th Feb 2017

  • Fix issue with tax/vat number required for creating new subsequent forms.
  • Add correctly exception message when subaccount email exists.

Extension Version 1.0.15 27th Feb 2017

  • Fix order emails.

Extension Version 1.0.14 23rd Feb 2017

  • Update module dependencies.

Extension Version 1.0.13 21st Feb 2017

  • Some event observers have been moved to global area.

Extension Version 1.0.12 18th Jan 2017

  • Assigning newly created order and quote to subaccount which has been created through admin panel using reorder functionality.
  • Assigning quotes to subaccounts fix.
  • Pagination fix for customer my order section.
  • Some event observers have been moved to the frontend area.

Extension Version 1.0.11 27th Dev Sep 2016

  • Implement permission to receive order placed notifications.
  • Fix order approved request notification.

Extension Version 1.0.10 2nd Dev Sep 2016

  • Update extension dependencies.

Extension Version 1.0.9 28th Sep 2016

  • Order approval permission behavior has been updated.
  • Redirect page layout has been updated.
  • Order approval status update after cart changes.

Extension Version 1.0.8 5th July 2016

  • Minor bug in the customer dashboard has been fixed.

Extension Version 1.0.7 7th June 2016

  • Minor bug in email template has been fixed.
  • Permission check during redirect to a success checkout page has been updated.
  • Add separated acl resources for manage subaccounts and extension configuration.
  • Hide request order approval button in cart when order has been already approved.
  • Hide proceed to checkout button in cart if order requires approval first.

Version 1.0.6 6th June 2016

  • “Back” button in admin subaccounts edit form redirect us to the proper page.

Version 1.0.5 3rd June 2016

  • Minor bug in customer dashboard order history has been fixed.
  • Customer dashboard recent order has been updated.

Extension Version 1.0.4 1st June 2016

  • New “Parent Customer” column in the customer grid in admin panel has been added.
  • Ability to add/edit/delete customer subaccounts in admin panel has been added.

Version 1.0.3 24th May 2016

  • Bug fixing

Extension First Release 18th May 2016

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