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Turn a single Magento® user account into one with multiple sub-user accounts and grant advanced permissions to each user.

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Choose from five different permission levels to give users access according to their role in the business as well as the ability to send carts for approval before being able to complete a purchase.

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Why Use Multi Sub-Admin User Accounts?

If you’re looking for a way to have multiple users and sub accounts under the same master account, but with different user permissions, look no further.

The Magento 1 Multi User Account extension has everything you need to create and manage sub logins under a single Magento account to restrict access levels for each admin user.

Sending Cart for Approval

When a subaccount user adds items to the cart, based on their subaccount permission settings they may be required to send the cart for approval. The subaccount extension is perfect for creating employee accounts with company logins.
Subaccount user with items added to cart but who must send cart for approval as they don't have the required permission to complete the purchase
Subaccount user with items added to cart but who must send cart for approval as they don't have the required permission to complete the purchase

Magento User Roles Management Extension Benefits

Create/Edit Subaccount Permissions

The Magento 1 Multi User Account Extension turns a standard Magento customer account into one with multiple users and sub accounts with different levels of access permission and unique logins. It creates sub-accounts under a parent customer account (main account).
Master account can add, delete or edit subaccount permissions from their master account dashboard
Master account can add, delete or edit subaccount permissions from their master account dashboard

This Magento 1 Multi User Extension is a perfect solution for companies that own a B2C or B2B Magento online store and would like create one account with multiple sub logins. Companies can control advanced permissions and limit sub-user access and abilities.

For example, one person could be granted the ability to buy merchandise, while another can only view orders and customers and so on.

Restrict Access of Cart Approval by User Role

Master Account Cart Approval

One of the most important features of the Magento 1 Multi User Extension is the ability to send orders for approval. While a sub account user can add products to the cart, they will need to get approval from the account owner to complete the purchase.

This functionality depends on the sub account user permission as set by the account owner.

Master account can view all carts awaiting approval and approve each individually
Master account can view all carts awaiting approval and approve each individually

Account Owner Can:

  • Restrict Order Creation – Restrict order creation by sub-admin account.
  • Maximum Order Amount – Restrict order creation by sub accounts only to a predefined amount. If the total is higher than the set limit, order approval is required.
  • Cart Approval Process – Set rights for sub-admins to ask the master account for cart approval.
  • Approval Managers – Add other master accounts for the approval of a specific sub account. Each master admin user account can support more than one sub account.

Using the Magento Sub Accounts Extension

  • Multi-User Account – Allow account access to other users
  • Sub-Logins – Create unique sub logins for multiple users
  • Sub-User Abilities – Allow sub-users to create orders, track sales, and modify profile information, depending on defined roles
  • User Management – Add, edit, or delete sub-users and user roles in your Magento online store
  • Manage User Permissions – Control user permissions per each individual user
  • Security – Prevent site errors and protect sensitive information with strict permission to access controls per user role
  • Use for B2B – Solution for B2B stores that need to grant limited access sub-admin users
  • Order Viewing – Allow employees to see all orders or only their own
  • User Roles – Provide another person the ability to perform actions on your site according to their role in the company
  • Delegate Store Tasks – Allow online store tasks to be completed by multiple employees, reducing admin time
  • Access Permission Levels – Read Only, Modify Account Information (like addresses, names), Order Creation, Order Creation & Modify Account, Order Creation with Approval
  • Cart Options – Sub-users can share a shopping cart or each user have own separate cart
  • Order Approval – Request for cart approval from the account owner before being able to complete a purchase
  • API – Methods for managing and creating sub-users

Advanced Magento User Permissions Levels

  • Read Only – Sub user can view information such as purchase history and reports, but cannot make modifications
  • Modify Account Information – User can only modify general profile information such as addresses and names
  • Order Creation – Sub-admin user can create new orders, but cannot modify profile information
  • Order Creation & Modify Account – Sub account can create orders and modify profile information
  • Needs Approval – Sub user can add items to cart, but account owner must approve them.
  • Access Cart or Checkout– Define if the sub account can access cart or checkout.
  • View Account Orders – Define if the sub account can view all account orders or only their sub account orders.
  • Notifications – Define if sub-admin users will receive an order / shipping / invoice notification emails when they create an order.

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Magento Multi Sub-Admin User Account Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this extension.

Multi-User Account – A Magento customer account can have multiple sub-user accounts
Employee Accounts – Create separate logins for each employee
Unlimited Users – The account owner and store admin user can create an unlimited number of sub-accounts
Permission Levels – Grant different permission levels per user, depending on his/her role in the company
Security – Maintain store security by giving additional users limited access
B2B – Great solution for B2B companies who may want to restrict access for sub logins
User Management – Store account owner can add/edit/remove users
Sub Account Filtering – Admin users can filter sub-users by name, email, permission level, or user ID
API – Pull sub-user information and create sub-user accounts
Shared Cart – Define if subaccounts share the same cart between separate accounts
Employee Account Management – Easy to use recover/change password and email for sub-user accounts on the frontend
Email Notifications – Define whether a sub user will receive a copy of order emails
Import Customers from Admin – Admin users can import customers and sub-accounts with all permissions and access options using .csv import from the backend

SubAccount Permissions

Order Permission – Account owner can set sub-users to see only their order history or all orders
Viewing Cart – Set sub-user to be able to view/not view cart. Account owner can see sub-user’s cart.
Cart Options – Admin users can set if sub-users share or do not share a shopping cart
Order Permissions – Choose which sub-user can manage orders
Order Approval – Require sub-admin users to request order approval from the account owner.
API – Pull sub-user information and create sub-user accounts
Shared Cart – Define if subaccounts share the same cart between separate accounts
Employee Account Management – Easy to use recover/change password and email for sub-user accounts on the frontend
Email Notifications – Define whether a sub user will receive a copy of order emails

Magento Multi Sub User Account Modules

Multiple Master Sub-account Extension
M1 Multiple Master Sub-Account
Admin can assign sub accounts to multiple master accounts. It can support a sales rep that works for different account owners or move sub account from one master account to the other. This means that the same sub-account can belong to two master accounts
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Magento 1 Multi User Account Extension Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this extension.

How many sub-users can a customer have on a single Magento account?

There is no limit to how many sub account users are assigned to one Magento account with the Magento 1 Multi User Account Extension. Just be mindful of the capabilities of your hosting package if you are intending to have many many users and sub account users.

To learn more about adding Sub-users with the Sub Account extension see this Help Article or Click Here to learn about the CSV import feature.

Click here to learn about the Soap API integration for managing Sub-account users

Who would benefit from using multiple Magento sub-accounts?

Ultimately, the extension is best for companies or corporations who may be employing different people for purchasing equipment and supplies, and would like to keep track of who buys what. It is also useful for accountants and managers that need to view the monthly expenses of their company, and for administrators to supervise purchases.

The majority of sites using this extension will be B2B but there are plenty of B2C site applications as well.

Contact our Pre-Sale Chat support or Submit a Ticket to request a Demo of the Sub-Account extension to see its features for yourself.

Who can approve sub-users' order requests?

The first answer to this is, it is possible to set a sub account user’s permission to allow them to create orders themselves. Then of course the Parent user of the sub account user or the administrator can approve their order request. We have also included a feature that allows either the store admin or the parent user to delegate sub user approvers, who are sub users with permission to approve other sub users’ order requests. There is a lot of flexibility in who can or cannot approve orders trickling down from the preference of the Admin.

To learn more about sub user approvers check out this Help article.

Is there any way to import a list of users and sub account users in bulk?

Yes. We have included a CSV import option to import and update lists of Users on the site. There is a sample CSV included with the extension which can be downloaded and used as a schema to get you started. There is also an API integration which could be used to build a custom solution for importing users and sub users.

To learn more about the CSV import check out this Help article or to read more about the Soap v2 API click here.

Does the extension send email notifications for new order requests? If so, who receives them?

Good question. Yes. There are email notifications sent when new order requests are submitted by sub account users. Who receives them depends on the configuration set by the administrator. Either the Master account, the subaccount approver with the closest approval limit or both the master account and the most suited sub account users will receive a notification.

To learn more about notification emails reads this Help article.

Can a subaccount be associated to more than one master account?

Yes, however, this requires the purchase of an additional module, the Multiple Master Subaccount add-on

Does the extension support API methods for creating/managing sub-accounts?

Yes. The Sub-User extension works with the Soap v2 API methods, learn more about this and the API calls in this Help Article

Can sub-accounts be bulk imported using CSV?

Yes. The extension comes with a built-in functionality to import sub-accounts using CSV. The CSV Import method can also be used for editing existing Sub User accounts.

To learn about importing Sub-Account users using the CSV import feature, read more about it in this Help Article

Can parent accounts login as one of their sub-accounts?

Yes. There’s a login button on the customer dashboard in the sub-accounts management area. Clicking on it will allow you to log in as the chosen sub-account.

This is called Emulating a Session, to learn more about it see this Help Article.

Customer Reviews for the Multi User Extension

Magento Multi Sub User Account Release Notes

Version 1.7.7 9th Jan 2021

  • Fixed issue with custom filters on customer grid caused by Magento new release

Version 1.7.4 19th Sep 2020

  • added sorting and grouping of customers by the main account and his sub-accounts in the admin customer grid;
  • Made changes according to the release of Magento where customers passwords and admin passwords are now saved with a different hash method, the password hash is updated on login event via observer;

Version 1.7.4 7th Feb 2020

  • fixed issue with item prices in emails for approval;

Version 1.7.3 26th July 2019

  • Added new permission “Modify Account and Order Approval Needed” for sub-accounts.
  • dded subtotal, shipping amount and total on the approver cart view page;

Version 1.7.1 10th July 2019

  • Added frontend translations to module;

Version 1.7.0 12th May 2019

  • Fixed issue with shipped order to multiple addresses;
  • Fixed issue with import accounts;
  • Fixed issues with order history;
  • Fixed issues with sending order email, invoice email and shipping email to both master and subaccount;
  • Fixed issues with order view and reorder links;
  • Fixed bug for price of added product in cart page;
  • Fixed issue with password reset from email link;
  • Fixed issue with patch SUPEE-10888;
  • Added new setting for view of order history for sub-accounts;
  • Added setting to disable sending welcome email for sub-account created under admin backend;

Version 1.6.12 21st feb 2019

  • Added possibility assign the approvers during creating new subaccount user;
  • Fixed issue when an order is placed from a subaccount and shipped to multiple addresses and only the first order is visible in the account;

Version 1.6.11 24th Jan 2019

  • Changes according new magento security patches (last magento version and patch SUPEE-10888)

Version 1.6.10 1st Jan 2019

  • Added compatibility with multishipping.
  • Fixed issue during creating new order from admin.
  • Fixed issues during creating new order from frontend.

Version 1.6.9 27th Nov 2018

  • Fixed bug in login by email or username.
  • Added possibility detaching subaccounts from master account in admin backend.

Version 1.6.7 30th Aug 2018

  • fixed bug with currency symbols.

Version 1.6.6 18th June 2018

  • Added company field to the customer grid in the backend;

Version 1.6.5 22nd April 2018

  • fixed login by name issue when user with the same Firstname and Secondname has multi email accounts

Version 1.6.4 10th April 2018

  • Added possibility to login with user name (Firstname and Lastname) instead email.
  • Fixed bug when subaccount has not assigned approvers

Version 1.6.3 7th April 2018

  • New feature: Add option to choose how clients can log in. Email or Customer Names.

Version 1.6.2 21st Feb 2018

  • Update emails notifications in admin scope

Version 1.6.1 14th Feb 2018

  • fixed undefined index notice at admin panel order create page
  • fixed order data when admin placed an order as subaccont
  • license module fix

Version 1.6.0 23rd Jan 2018

  • Bolding master accounts on customer grid in admin panel
  • Added support for approve cart on cart page when Ultimo Theme is installed

Version 1.5.3 15th Oct 2017

  • Fixed empty rows on customer grid
  • Fixed filtration for customers to convert grid. It’s not showing any results if parent account did not have any subaccounts assigned

Version 1.5.2 10th Sep 2017

  • Hide send for approval button on checkout review step if cart is already approved
  • Fixed deleting items from subaccount cart
  • Show product images on the product list in sub account, add to cart
  • Fixed extension for older EE versions

Version 1.5.1 30th Aug 2017

  • Fixed bugs in the extension on Magento 1.9.0
  • Reorganized system config

Version 1.5.0 3rd Aug 2017

  • Added sharing addresses between subaccounts when split session is enabled

Version 1.4.4 21st June 2017

  • Added parent customer column in the CSV file exported from customer grid

Version 1.4.2 9th June 2017

  • Fixed order amount limit conditions

Version 1.4.1 17th May 2017

  • Fixed order amount limit conditions

Version 1.4.0 13th April 2017

  • Sub Accounts with “Order Creation & Modify Account” can be approvers for other sub accounts carts (up till now only the Master could approve)
  • Master or Admin can assign specified approvers to chosen sub accounts who’s orders need approval
  • Master/Admin can set order amount limits for sub accounts (for order/day/month/year)
  • Sub Accounts without order creation permission may send their cart to other sub accounts who have the required permission – sub account receiving the cart are able to switch their own for this cart when ready (he can collect carts from many sub accounts before switching).

Version 1.3.10 15th March 2017

  • Added missing sample CSV file for uploading subaccounts

Version 1.3.9 16th Feb 2017

  • Fixed issue with hidden customer tab in the admin panel when extension is not activated

Version 1.3.8 4th Feb 2017

  • Fixed bug in code for old php version
  • Small fixes on email templates (added correct currency for totals, font changes, spacing)

Version 1.3.7 1st Feb 2017

  • Sorted permissions in managing users list
  • Added tooltips with permission descriptions in edit/add subaccount form
  • Changed styles for unavailable permissions

Version 1.3.6 20th Jan 2017

  • Small fixes

Version 1.3.5 14th Jan 2017

  • Added feature which allows managing Sub Account Cart by Master
  • Added feature which allows placing Subaccounts’ orders by Master

Version 1.3.2 24th Nov 2016

  • Fixed saving sub account passwords after editing to correspond with customer password

Version 1.3.1 20th Oct 2016

  • Added feature which allows Admin to choose Customer Groups allowed to Manage Sub Users

Version 1.3.0 19th Oct 2016

  • Added feature which allows converting existing Customers to Sub Accounts
  • Hide Sub Accounts tab in Admin Panel for Customers which are already Sub Account

Version 1.2.9 27th Sep 2016

  • Added missing observer file for Magento Enterprise

Version 1.2.8 9th Sep 2016

  • Fixed changing password by Sub Accounts
  • Fixed Order View when Sub Accounts are logged in
  • Show parent_customer column in Manage Customers Grid

Version 1.2.7 9th Aug 2016

  • Added missing patches Model
  • Fixed return message in API method

Version 1.2.6 4th Aug 2016

  • Added import accounts functionality

Version 1.2.5 8th July 2016

  • Feature: sub accounts session emulation
  • Fixes: sub users reset password fix

Version 1.2.4 19th May 2016

  • Set correct sub-user group id when cart is not shared (split session)

Version 1.2.3 3rd Apr 2016

  • Changed API method

Version 1.2.2 25th Mar 2016

  • Added possibility to approve Sub Account cart by the master, added a new grid in admin panel with all requests for approval
  • Added option to choose whether or not Sub Accounts receive a copy of order/invoice/shipment emails
  • Fixed bug with creating bind customers to existing Sub Account
  • Added fixes to get Sub Account information in Sales Order Info API 2
  • Added a new form to change Sub Account email/password on the frontend

Version 1.2.1 23rd March 2016

  • Fixed wrong method of return value in helper

Version 1.2.0 13th Mar 2016

  • Added Api v2 method to create sub-user
  • Added button in cart/checkout to send for approval when sub-user have not permission to place an order
  • Move creating ‘parent customer’ column in manage customers to observer
  • Delete sub-users when the main account is deleted

Version 1.1.8 1st March 2016

  • Display sub-user information in the order
  • Added option to choose a sub – user while creating order from admin panel
  • Added API method to create sub-users
  • Added option to choose if the user’s session is shared or not
  • Ability to share or not share charts between sub-user and master account

Version 1.1.7 3rd Feb 2016

  • Fixed customer reset password on newest Magento version

Version 1.1.6 15th Dec 2015

  • Fix bug related to Magento® security patch

Version 1.1.5 4th Dec 2015

  • Fixed the bug with resetting password on Magento ver. and lower

Version 1.1.4 24th Nov 2015

  • Added Access to see cart page
  • Added Access to the checkout page.

Version 1.1.3 30th Sep 2015

  • Fixed password reset issues

Version 1.1.2 16th April 2015

  • Change sub accounts list in customer panel to standard magento table
  • Fixed deleting sub accounts in admin panel

Version 1.1.1 1st April 2015

  • New role added : view orders
  • Ability to add sub accounts in admin panel

Extension Version 1.0.1 23rd February 2015

  • Add support to with CM Marketplace
  • Bug Fixes

Extension First Release 20th January 2015

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