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Enhance Website Interactivity with the WordPress Popup Plugin

Enhance your website with our WordPress Popup plugin, which enables you to effortlessly integrate popup forms, images, videos, and captivating rich text into multiple popup campaigns.
Enjoy the flexibility of creating multiple timed popup campaigns and displaying them on specific dates, aimed at logged-in users or triggered by leave intent.
This WordPress popups plugin will help you engage your audience and enhance their experience on your website.

Create WordPress Popup Campaigns With Ease

Engage your audience and turn them into paying customers with our WP Popup plugin. Create popup forms, ads, popups, and announcements for any of your subpages.

Design WordPress popups to inform your clients about discounts, new offers, cookie policies, and much more with this WordPress popups plugin.

Create fixed custom popups that appear in the middle or bottom of your page.

Versatile WordPress Popup Maker

The popup builder includes various popup components and features for creating versatile and highly converting popups.

Use WP popups to promote sales, email lists, and events on your WordPress site.

You can create forms or integrate existing ones and use it as a lead generator popup solution.

Image in the WP popup
Image in the WP popup

Popup Types

Our plugin has 3 main popup types:

  1. Basic Popup – Modal in the center of the screen with tinted background.
  2. Fly-In Bottom Popup – Modal at the bottom of the screen with the ability to choose the position: left, center or right.
  3. Full Screen Popup – Modal on the full screen with the background color covering the whole screen.

Add Image and HTML Popups

Popup with embedded video
Popup with embedded video
Create HTML popups with images, embedded videos and links on WordPress using this popup plugin.

Implement an ad in HTML, a message box or an animated popup.

Catch the attention of your users with video and image popups.

Newsletter Popup

Include shortcodes from MailChimp, MailerLite, and other platforms. Display subscription lists right in the popup!

The Custom Popup plugin includes image popups, shortcode popups, text popups, and popup animations, as well as the ability to create multiple popups for various posts and pages.

Popup with a subscription to a newsletter
Popup with a subscription to a newsletter

Boost Your Sales With The Power of Popups

An ad created with the CM Popup Plugin
An ad created with the CM Popup Plugin
Are you promoting a new event, product or discount?

This responsive lead generation plugin is an excellent sales tool.

Design a custom popup ad that will grab the user’s attention without interrupting their browsing!

The plugin applies to every use case.

Setup Popups to Target Specific Pages and Dates

You have many options as to where and when popups should appear. You can also combine many rules.


  1. Across your whole site during weekends
  2. Only on the homepage between midnight and noon
  3. Blog Pages with the “/blog” URL path, only on desktop devices

Plugin settings for defining where popups should appear
Plugin settings for defining where popups should appear

Choose when the Popup appears using a Calendar

Popup campaign calendar
Popup campaign calendar
Define exactly when each popup campaign will be shown.

You can display regular deals on pop ups during weekends and special sales campaigns during Black Friday.

Popups, Ads and Campaigns Features

When using this plugin each popup runs inside its own campaign allowing you to control the popup location in your site and much more!

Configure popup delay, background color or image, and edge shape to tailor the campaigns to your site's visual identity.

A fly-in popup
A fly-in popup

Popup Reports and Statistics

Popup plugin statistics
Popup plugin statistics
The admin dashboard includes detailed statistics and information on the performance of your popups.

Track the efficiency of each campaign to perform A/B tests and learn which popup converts better.

Using the WordPress Popup Plugin for Capturing Leads

Popups are an excellent tool for gathering information from your users and capturing leads.

Trigger the popup on critical pages for your funnel, such as Hire Us. Then, show a flashy contact WordPress popup form to selected users only, such as the ones that stayed on the page for over 10 seconds.

Use the WordPress Popup Forms Builder Addon For WordPress and start building your user base!

Popup triggering options
Popup triggering options

Adjust Popup Intervals

Popup Show Interval Options
Popup Show Interval Options
Our unlimited WordPress popups can appear every time the user loads the page, only once per page or only once per visit.

You can set a delay between the page load and the popup appearance.

Special WP Popup Plugin Triggers

Choose the activities to make your WP popups appear and apply the right trigger for each campaign!

List of triggers:

  1. Page loaded – Good for sales, welcome messages and subtle popups
  2. Mouse clicked on chosen element – Show extra info about images
  3. Mouse hovering over certain elements - Apply small campaigns on headers and footers
  4. User inactive for x seconds - Great for high-impact reminders
  5. User tried to leave the page (exit intent popup) - Ideal for asking feedback if the page has bad bounce rate
  6. User reaches bottom of the page - Direct visitor to the contact form or FAQ
  7. Popup triggering options
    Popup triggering options

Pop Up Plugin Additional Resources

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Pop Up Plugin Premium Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

Basic Features

Popup Types

Popup Types

This popup system allows you to choose between popup, fly-in and full-screen banner options. You can define multiple campaigns to work on your website.

Random Popups

Random Popups

Add multiple popup banners in the same campaign and show a random popup allowing you to choose the best-converting popup.

Popup Width and Height

Popup Width and Height

Choose the width/height of the custom WordPress popup windows.

Option to Add Delay

Option to add delay

Add a delay between the time that the page loads and the popup appear.

Page Leave Intent Detection Popup

Page leave intent detection Popup

Detect when user moves cursor to close the tab and in such event show the popup.

Popup Content

Popup Content

Use image popups, html banners, video, and more.

Custom Effects

Custom Effects

Define PopUp banner campaign effects once the popup shows. For example, you can make the popup slide before appearing.



Fully responsive and also support the option to turn mobile display off.

Special Triggers

Special Triggers

Trigger popup or fly-in on JS hover or click events.

Inactivity Detection

Inactivity Detection

You can show the popup when user is inactive for X seconds (not moving the mouse and not typing).

Reestriction Features

Restrict by Page/Post/URL

Restrict by Page/Post/URL

Choose which pages, posts, or specific URL your campaign will appear on. You can choose multiple pages for each campaign.

Restrict by Period

Restrict by Period

Choose the start and end date and time for your popup ad campaign.

Show X amount of times per customer

Show X amount of times per customer

You can define that the campaign will show X amount of time per a specific customer until it stops.

Display Interval

Display Interval

Define when the user will see the popup. On every page load, one per each page, and more.

Restrict by Days of the Week

Restrict by days of the week

You can define the days in the week in which the campaign will run and will show the popup banners.

Target Specific Users

Target Specific Users

Set campaign to target logged-in or non-logged-in users.


Add Countdown Timer

Add Countdown Timer

Add a countdown timer either to the popup content or to any place of the post or page using a shortcode.



Easily create a custom banner and add the required text and colors. The Ad Designer is an easy to use tool that helps you build beautiful popups and manage the awesome popup designs.

Add CTA Buttons

Add CTA Buttons

Add a CTA button with the link either to the popup content or to any place of the post or page using a shortcode.

Campaign Statistics

Campaign Statistics

Track banner clicks and impressions in an easy-to-use report. If you use banner variations in a campaign you can check when the banner converts more.

Add-ons Features

Form Builder Add-on

Form Builder Add-on

Form Builder add-on seamlessly integrates a form builder within popups on your website, enabling user engagement and responses.

WordPress Popup Plugin Plans and Pricing

Price includes 1 year support/updates. Manual renewal with 40% discount, not a subscription $39 $69 $119
Number of Websites / License Activations 1310
Create campaigns with a banner Included Included Included
Popup Content Included Included Included
Popup Width and Height Included Included Included
Extended Set of Popup Types Included Included Included
Responsive Included Included Included
Random Popups Included Included Included
Custom Effects Included Included Included
Option to add delay Included Included Included
Special Triggers Included Included Included
Page leave intent detection Popup Included Included Included
Inactivity detection Included Included Included
Restrict by Page/Post/Custom Post Types Included Included Included
Restrict by URL Included Included Included
Restrict by Period Included Included Included
Restrict by days of the week Included Included Included
Display Interval Included Included Included
Show X Amount of Times Per Customer Included Included Included
Target Specific Users Included Included Included
AdDesigner Included Included Included
Add Countdown Timer Included Included Included
Add CTA Buttons Included Included Included
Campaign Statistics Included Included Included
CM Popup Form Builder Add-On Not included Included Included
CM Ad Changer Server Plugin Not included Not included Included
CM Ad Changer Client Plugin Not included Not included Included
CM Welcome Message & Disclaimer Plugin Not included Not included Included
CM OnBoarding Plugin Not included Not included Included
CM Contextual Product Recommendations Plugin Not included Not included Included
CM Notification Bar Plugin Not included Not included Included
Product Knowledge Base Included Included Included
Priority email support Included Included Included
Product updates Included Included Included
Number of Websites / License Activations 1310
Price includes 1 year support/updates. Manual renewal with 40% discount, not a subscription $39 $69 $119

Popup Plugin Campaign Manager Demo



To see the major features of the Pop Up Campaign Manager Plugin, check out the clips below.

For more in-depth descriptions, visit our Video Tutorial Library or plugin User Guide.

Pop Up Plugin Image Gallery

Front-end Gallery

Back-end Gallery

Popup Plugin Add-on

This add-on can be installed with the Popup plugin to give additional functionality.

Pop Up Plugin Related Use Case Tutorials

Pop Up Plugin Additional Use Case Examples

  • Selling – Engage your visitors by providing them discount codes on pages of specific categories, such as beauty products, law practice or healthcare services
  • Lead Capture – Add a “Subscribe” popup with and embedded form shown only to guest users and boost your newsletter user base
  • Advertising – Display random AdSense campaigns based on different criteria. For more advanced advertisement use, we recommend the Advanced Ad Campaigns Manager and Server Plugin for WordPress
  • Multimedia Hub – Include banners with images, galleries, videos and HTML content anywhere on your site

Pop Up Plugin Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

Can I customize popup to match my site?

Yes. The plugin is not theme specific and supports all major themes. The plugin includes many customization options available per each banner campaign.

Can I use a HTML banner?

Yes. The plugin supports the display of HTML in the popup banners. To learn more about how this works see our documentation article with a tutorial video by ☞ clicking here .

Can I limit my campaigns to appear on specific dates?

Yes. In fact, you can specify not only the dates in which you want your banners to appear, but also the days in the week and times of the day.

Can I create banner ads for specific pages?

Sure you can! Each of the banner ads you create, can either be assigned to all pages and posts, for specific post types, or for specified url’s within your site. You can also determine whether to display the banners each time a page loads, or only on the first page load.

Speciying where banner ads should be displayed- CM Popup plugin for WordPress

Do I have to use pre-made images for my popup campaign?

Absolutely not! Pre-made images look great on popup campaigns, but they’re not obligatory. If you don’t have a graphic designer to create your banners, you can easily build them yourself using our html popup banner editor. You can customize the text, font, size, color, border and opacity of your banners, and much much more.

Does this plugin have age restriction popup option?

Unfortunately, this plugin does not have age restriction popup .

Does this plugin allow to add a disclaimer popup notice ?

Welcome Message and Disclaimer Plugin for WordPress allows you to add disclaimer popup notice .

Is it possible to add audio or any other media into popups?

Yes, our plugin supports adding Audio as well as Video to the popups. There is a user guide for both of these. Check them out: Audio PopupVideo Popup.

Customer Reviews for the Pop Up Popup Plugin

@artneo on WordPress.org
Just what I needed
If you need a simple solution for WordPress popups do not look for other plugin then this one! Awesome plugin, thanks a lot!

@snazzypack on WordPress.org
They delivered!
I chose this plugin and everything was great. Unlike other free pop up plugins, this one gives you far more customization options. Great plugin and even better support, thank you!

@mrsoaroundworld on WordPress.org
Works a treat!
I was able to set it up and get it to work, but had some minor issues and the support service was excellent. Very impressed.

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