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Popup Banners Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds

Our WordPress popup plugin helps you add responsive popup banners to your site with custom messages and effects.

WordPress PopUps Builder Plugin Description

  • Rich-Pop-Up-Content Pop-up banner slider

The WordPress PopUps plugin by CreativeMinds allows you to add various banner ads and announcements for any page of your site. This popover WordPress plugin makes it easy to create fixed custom banners that appear in the middle or bottom of your page.

Versatile PopUps

The WordPress popup builder plugin includes various popup components and features for creating versatile popups and highly converting popups that boost email lists and events for your WordPress site.
Screenshot showing popup Banner
Screenshot showing popup Banner

The Custom Popup Banners plugin includes image popups, shortcode popups, text popups, popup animations, video popups and more, as well as the ability to create multiple popups for various posts and pages.

Who can Use the WordPress PopUps Plugin

Are you promoting a new event, product or discount? This responsive popover WordPress plugin is an excellent lead generation tool. Design a custom popup banner ad that will grab the user’s attention without interrupting their browsing!

If you need a simple solution for WordPress popups do not look for other plugin then this one! Awesome plugin, thanks a lot!

Plugin Setting for Defining Specific Pages per each Campaign
Plugin Setting for Defining Specific Pages per each Campaign

Target Specific Pages

Create popup banners with our custom plugin that will show across your whole site, or a specific set of pages with a prime popup placement

WordPress PopUps Plugins Campaigns Reports and Statistics

When using this plugin each popup runs inside its own campaign allowing you to control the popup location in your site, dates in which it will appear, time during the day and much more!

Reports and Statistics

The admin dashboard includes a detailed dashboard with statistics and reports on the performance of each campaign showing you which popup converts better
Admin Statistics Reports
Admin Statistics Reports

I chose this plugin and everything was great. Unlike other free pop up plugins, this one gives you far more customization options.

Special PopUp Triggers and Appearance Control

PopUp triggering Options
PopUp triggering Options

PopUp Display Interval

Our unlimited WordPress popups can appear every time the user load the page, only once per page or only once for all the site. You can set a delay between the page load and the popup appearance

You can also trigger the popup to appear when the user hovers over an image or when they clicks an image.

I was able to set it up and get it to work, but had some minor issues and the support service was excellent. Very impressed.

PopUp Plugin Use Case Examples

  • Provide Discount Codes – Convert your site visitors into customers by providing them discount codes on specific pages/posts.
  • Increase Your Subscribers – Add a ”Subscribe” pop-up for guest users and boost your subscriber list.

Using the WordPress Popup Plugin

  • Create responsive popup banners and display on any page or restrict to specific pages or posts
  • Create custom fly-in banners
  • Allows you to schedule popup banner ads to run for a specific date and times

Compare the CM Popup Plugin WordPress to other Pop-up plugins

Popup Builder, IceGram, Footer Pop-Up Banner, PopUp Pro and Ninja Popups


WordPress Popup Plugin Additional Resources

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Popup Plugin Premium Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

Popup TypesPopup Types – This popup system allows you to choose between pop-up, fly-in and full-screen banner options. You can define multiple campaigns to work on your website.
PopUp Width and HeightPopUp Width and Height – Choose the width/height of the custom WordPress popup windows.
Popup TypesResponsive – Fully responsive with option to turn mobile display off.
AdDesignerAdDesigner – Easily create a custom banner and add the required text and colors. The Ad Designer is an easy to use tool that helps you build beautiful popups and manage the awesome popup designs .
Campaign StatisticsCampaign Statistics – Track banner clicks and impressions in an easy-to-use report. If you use banner variations in a campaign you can check when the banner converts more.
Restrict by Page/Post/URLRestrict by Page/Post/URL – Choose which pages, posts, or specific URL your campaign will appear on. You can choose multiple pages for each campaign.
Restrict by PeriodRestrict by Period – Choose the start and end date and time for your popup ad campaign.
Random PopUpsRandom PopUps – Add multiple popup banners in the same campaign and show a random popup allowing you to choose the best converting popup.
Custom EffectsCustom Effects – Define PopUp banner campaign effects once popup shows. For example, you can make the popup slide before appearing.
Option to add delayOption to add delay – Add a delay between the time that the page loads and the popup appear.
Display IntervalDisplay Interval – Define when user will see the popup. On every page load, one per each page and more.
PopUp ContentPopUp Content – Use image popups, html banners, video and more.
Special TriggersSpecial Triggers – Trigger popup or fly-in on JS hover or click events.
SoundsSounds – Support for a sound file to be played once popup appears. User can upload their own sound files or use plugin default.
Fullscreen PopupFullscreen Popup – Support a full screen popup window.
Page leave intent detectionPage leave intent detection Popup – Detect when user moves cursor to close the tab and in such event show the popup.
Inactivity detectionInactivity detection – You can show the popup when user’s inactive for X seconds (not moving mouse and not typing).
Show X amount of times per customerShow X amount of times per customer – You can define that the campaign will show X amount of time per a specific customer until it stops.
Destinct between logged-in and non logged-in usersTarget Specific Users – Set campaign to target logged-in or non logged-in users.
Restrict by days of the weekRestrict by days of the week – You can define that the campaign will run on specific days of the week.

PopUp Banners Plugin Image Gallery

Front-end Gallery

Back-end Gallery

PopUp Banners Plugin Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

Can I customize popup to match my site?

Yes. The plugin is not theme specific and supports all major themes. The plugin includes many customization options available per each banner campaign.

Can I use a HTML banner?

Yes. The plugin supports the display of HTML in the popup banners. To learn more about how this works see our documentation article with a tutorial video by ☞ clicking here .

Can I limit my campaigns to appear on specific dates?

Yes. In fact, you can specify not only the dates in which you want your banners to appear, but also the days in the week and times of the day.

Can I create banner ads for specific pages?

Sure you can! Each of the banner ads you create, can either be assigned to all pages and posts, for specific post types, or for specified url’s within your site. You can also determine whether to display the banners each time a page loads, or only on the first page load.

Speciying where banner ads should be displayed- CM Pop-up banners plugin for WordPress

Do I have to use pre-made images for my pop-up campaign?

Absolutely not! Pre-made images look great on pop-up campaigns, but they’re not obligatory. If you don’t have a graphic designer to create your banners, you can easily build them yourself using our html popup banner editor. You can customize the text, font, size, color, border and opacity of your banners, and much much more.

Does this plugin have age restriction popup option?

Unfortunately, this plugin does not have age restriction popup .

Does this plugin allow to add a disclaimer popup notice ?

Welcome Message and Disclaimer Plugin for WordPress allows you to add disclaimer popup notice .

Is it possible to add audio or any other media into pop-up banners?

Yes, our plugin supports adding Audio as well as Video to the pop-up banners. There is a user guide for both of these. Check them out: Audio PopupVideo Popup.

Still have questions? Send us a message and we will reply within 24 hours.



Customer Reviews for the Popup Plugin

  • 19th Jul
    pop up
    It is what I want… Work fine, no errors… Thanks
  • 10th Aug
    They delivered!
    I am working on a client’s website and about 2 weeks ago, it was imperative that I get a suitable pop up plugin for a reasonable price and fast.I chose this plugin and everything was great. Unlike other free pop up plugins, this one gives you far more customization options. The only thing was that I needed it to only show on the front page and the only options were for it to show on all pages.I contacted the developers about my issue and within a days time, they resolved the issue!Great plugin and even better support, thank you!
  • 09th Aug
    Just what I needed
    If you need a simple solution for WordPress popups do not look for other plugin then this one! Awesome plugin, thanks a lot!10/10
  • 11th Feb
    Good stuff
    Works really well. I’m a designer and I like the pro options alot. I can brand the plugin however I need it.
  • 10th Feb
    Works a treat!
    I was able to set it up and get it to work, but had some minor issues and the support service was excellent. Very impressed.
  • 12th Aug
    Very nice
    Works well and does what it should. good work!
  • 07th Jul
    Great Plugin and good support
    I have tried using the Popup banner plugin and it worked well with my theme and didn’t conflict with any other plugin on my WordPress site. I had an issue while trying to show the popup on my homepage and contacted support which promised to fix the issue and release a new version.

Popup Plugin Release Notes

Version 1.4.4 23rd Apr 2019

  • Fixed the “Hide banners on this post/page” option
  • Updated license package

Version 1.4.3 27th Jan 2019

  • Fixed bug which caused jQuery error
  • Fixed php warning
  • Updated license package

Version 1.4.2 11th Jan 2019

  • Fixed the bug which caused empty Edit Campaign Item page

Version 1.4.1 26th Dec 2018

  • Improved the ouibounce model CSS

Version 1.4.0 17th Dec 2018

  • Updated license package
  • Bugfix related to selected posts/pages with disable campaign

Version 1.3.10 1st Oct 2018

  • Bug: Fixed the bug with “Users type for pop-up”

Version 1.3.9 8th July 2018

  • Bug: Fixed the posts/pages url for the PopUp show
  • Bug: Fixed close time issue with Fly-In Bottom type popup

Version 1.3.8 21st June 2018

  • Bug fix

Version 1.3.7 7th June 2018

  • Bug fix

Version 1.3.6 5th Mar 2018

  • Change: Added the bug log to statistics
  • Added the options to set time through which will close pop-up
  • Bug: Fixed the preview
  • Bug/Change: Added the support on the BuddyPress profiles

Version 1.3.5 19th Feb 2018

  • Bug: Fixed the error in the network activation
  • Bug: Fixed the warning

Version 1.3.4 9th Feb 2018

  • Bug: Fixed the bugs related to Selected Banner selection
  • Update: Updated the Licensing Package

Version 1.3.3 8th Feb 2018

  • Added settings for logged in and non-logged in users
  • Added thanks you popup for CM Registration Pro
  • Bug fix

Version 1.3.2 22nd October 2017

  • Added the options to set the separate width and height for mobile devices (based on max-width of device)

Version 1.3.1 4th August 2017

  • Added the option to add the background url link

Version 1.3.0 4th June 2017

  • Added the option to disable the campaign

Version 1.2.11 4th June 2017

  • New license version

Version 1.2.10 6th April 2017

  • Fixed the PHP 7 compatibility

Version 1.2.9 24th jan 2017

  • Added support to narrow screen only campaigns

Version 1.2.7 7th jan 2017

  • Fixed the bug with the undefined function

Version 1.2.5 22th Dec 2016

  • Changed the default banner selection to Selected
  • Added the feature which automatically selects the first banner if none was selected

Version 1.2.3 19th Oct 2016

  • Added the option “Fixed number of times till reset” in the Show Interval selection
  • Added the option to show the banner after scrolling to the bottom of document
  • Added the option to set the weekday based campaign activity

Version 1.2.2 6th Oct 2016

  • Improved the support for the videos in the modal
  • Improved the CSS rules

Version 1.2.1 28th Sep 2016

  • Fixed the bug causing the inability to remove the activity dates of the campaign

Version 1.2.0 31st Aug 2016

  • Added an option to play sound on modal opening (in the Sound tab of each campaign)
  • Added a new type of modal “Full Screen” next to existing Pop-Up and Fly-In Bottom
  • Added a new options for “When fire the popup?” – “After inactive for X seconds” and “On page leave intent”
  • Added support for ‘auto’ width and height
  • Fixed a bug with the close button missing for PopUps
  • Fixed small styling issues

Version 1.1.12 4th Aug 2016

  • Fixed the responsiveness of the images
  • Updated the Licensing Package

Version 1.1.11 28th June 2016 (Pro Version)
  • Fixed the bug in the Fly-in banners, causing them to popup on each visit regardless of the settings

Version 1.1.12 21st June 2016 (Free Version Only)
  • Fixed the bug causing the popup display on page with posts

Version 1.1.10 12th June 2016

  • Added the option to add the background image

Version 1.1.9 9th June 2016

  • Fixed the problem with the shortcodes in banners
  • Fixed the z-index of the close button

Version 1.1.8 11th May 2016

  • Free Version: Fixed the bug with displaying the popup on Homepage (single page)
  • Pro: Added the option to display the banner only once
  • Pro: Fixed the bug with displaying the popup on Homepage (single page)

Version 1.1.7 28th April 2016

  • Fixed the styling on the mobile devices (responsiveness)
  • Added the option to center the content of the banner horizontally
  • Added the option to center the content of the banner vertically
  • Added the option to turn off the statistics (clicks and views)
  • Improved the option to turn off the banners on mobile devices (by setting minimum width on which banners appear)
  • Fixed the option to disable the banners on certain pages (metabox)
  • Fixed part of the misleading labels in metaboxes

Version 1.1.6 12th April 2016

    • Updated the dataTables.js library

Fixed small bugs

Version 1.1.5 20th March 2016

  • Updated licensing api support.

Version 1.1.4 25th Feb 2016

  • Added automatic updates from plugin dashboard
  • Replaced plugin admin interface including license activation and userguide

Version 1.1.2 + 1.1.3 15th Feb 2016

  • Fixed statistics reports bug

Version 1.1.1 26th Jan 2016

  • Added JS trigger events (hover or click events)

Version 1.1.0 20th Jan 2016

  • Fixed a bug with dropdown selection

Version 1.0.10 19th Jan 2016

  • Added option for z-index for each campaign

Version 1.0.9 19th Dec 2015

  • Updated the licensing API
  • Fixed the bug with the AddDesigner
  • Fixed the bug causing the campaigns to detach from posts/pages after update
  • Fixed the problem with the editor not working

Version 1.0.6 05th Oct 2015

  • Fixed the conflict with bootstrap.css causing modals not displaying correctly

Version 1.0.5 29th Sep 2015

  • Fixed the error caused by the activity date, hour being empty
  • Fixed the problem with the editor

Version 1.0.4 31st Aug 2015

  • Fixed bug related to the editor

Version 1.0.3 30th July 2015

  • Added missing custom post type support
  • Added padding support for popup banner

Version 1.0.2 3rd July 2015

  • Fix: All display option fields should be much shorter (they are huge)
  • Fix: Stats date range now also includes the day from start and end date (00:00:00 – 23:59:59)
  • Fix: Missing images
  • Added Color picker support
  • Remove old tabs from campaign options (ui-accordion) replace with new tabs from disclaimer and welcome

Version 1.0.1 20th June 2015

  • Added the option to hide on mobiles
  • Added the option to display on the homepage
  • Fixed small bugs

Plugin First Release 23rd May 2015