What is a Mobile Responsive Website? Mobile Design Tips for Site Owners

Courtney Jones

Nearly everyone has a mobile device these days – so it’s time to talk about making a mobile responsive website.

What is a Mobile Responsive Website? Mobile Design Tips for Site Owners

Despite the increase of mobile users on WordPress every year, not all WordPress websites are mobile responsive. Having a mobile responsive site means your website will function properly when used on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet.

In addition, traffic to your website from a mobile device is another way that you can expand your reach to new audiences. Not everyone has access to a computer, and some people just prefer the convenience of using a smartphone to look up info.

Having a mobile responsive website might seem like a lot of work, but the process can be made easy. Simply find a mobile responsive theme and add plugins that can make your content mobile ready, and they’ll do all the work for you.

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What Is a Mobile Responsive Website?

What Is a Mobile Responsive Website? - What is a Mobile Responsive Site + WordPress Tips

A mobile responsive website is a website that customizes the view of the pages and content depending on the device that the content is viewed from. For example, a website is viewed differently on a desktop computer than it is on a smartphone.

The screen sizes are different, so the content is customized to fit into the screen that the content is being viewed on. The information is clearly visible within the frame, the different tabs and sections have clickable links and images and videos are clear.

To make your website mobile responsive, you need to choose a responsive theme, helpful plugins, be mindful of image sizes and choose your text wisely to accurately provide information about your products or services.

Is a Mobile Responsive Website an App?

A mobile responsive website is different to an app. An app is a software that you launch from your phone, instead of a page you access from an internet browser.

We can help if you would like to turn a WordPress site into an app or even turn a Magento eCommerce into an app!

Best Mobile Responsive WordPress Plugins

1. Tooltip Glossary Plugin

Tooltip Glossary Plugin - What is a Mobile Responsive Site + WordPress Tips

The Tooltip Glossary plugin by CreativeMinds is an excellent choice for a mobile responsive plugin. This plugin lets users build an online library or glossary of terms with popup boxes of information when terms are hovered over.

There are seventeen different index page templates to choose from, and the glossary is fully customizable as well as being alphabetical. Each term added to the glossary has its own WordPress glossary page.

This plugin is available for $29 for one website and $59 for up to five websites. One cool feature is that users can also submit terms to the glossary, which are moderated by the admin. When a term appears on a page it will be highlighted by the tooltip.

2. Ad Changer Plugin

Ad Changer Plugin - What is a Mobile Responsive Site + WordPress Tips

The Ad Changer plugin from CreativeMinds allows users to create advanced ad campaign that manages and tracks ads on multiple websites. This plugin is available for $39 for one server website and there are multiple add-ons to add additional functionality.

This plugin can turn your WordPress website into a fully customizable ad server to place banners, pop-ups, fly-ins, videos and Google ads on pages and posts. Run ad campaigns from a simple dashboard and track performance of campaigns, and monetized ad space.

This plugin is mobile responsive and makes it easy to manage and track campaigns on multiple different websites from all mobile devices. In fact, the plugin automatically re-sizes banners to show advertisements that fit the device that being used to view the ads.

3. Answers Plugin

Answers Plugin - What is a Mobile Responsive Site + WordPress Tips

The Questions and Answers plugin from CreativeMinds is a helpful WordPress forum plugin that builds a mobile responsive discussion forum. Users can easily post questions, answers, comments, images and videos, as well as vote on the best answers given.

This plugin is available for $39 for one website and $69 for up to five websites, with a full year of support and updates. In addition, the forums are moderated and have full payment support, email notifications, file attachments and the ability to create multiple forums.

Additional features include the ability to quickly locate the right questions or answers by searching with keyword filtering, most recent answers, or most popular threads. Each question gets its own page with answers, comments, attachments, and images.

Admin can easily track users with statistics, including who posted questions, which categories are used and when answers are added. The discussion forum is fully customizable and multiple forums can be created using various categories.

4. Multiple Locations Google Maps Plugin

Multiple Locations Google Maps Plugin - What is a Mobile Responsive Site + WordPress Tips

The Google Maps Multiple Locations Store Locator plugin by CreativeMinds exists to manage locations and supports store location information. Users can easily place multiple pins, locations or points of interest on various Google maps.

This plugin is available for $29 for one website and $59 for five websites, with a full year of support and updates. Users can add information to the maps like descriptions, images, videos, addresses, searchable markers, and more.

In addition, the maps with locations can be easily embedded in any post or page using shortcodes. Also, all locations will have unique icons which are based on map categories.

Easily create maps for local restaurants, museums, schools, clubs, etc to help local businesses succeed.

Also, many people use search functions on their mobile devices when they are traveling, so searching maps are an important tool that is mobile responsive. Once a map is clicked on, a tooltip shows the exact location with directions.

5. Popup Plugin

Popup Plugin - What is a Mobile Responsive Site + WordPress Tips

The Popup Banners WordPress plugin by CreativeMinds lets users add responsive popup banners to your website with images, videos, text, custom messages and effects.

In addition, users can create multiple campaigns to trigger by date, logged-in users and leave intent.

This plugin is $29 for one website and $59 for up to five websites, with a full year of support and updates. Easily add different banner ads and announcements that can be posted on any page or post on your website.

Popups can be used to promote sales, email lists, and announcements. This plugin provides versatile and aesthetically pleasing popups with full customizations. In addition, images, videos, animation and links can be added.

The plugin is mobile responsive, so the popups and alerts will appear to fit on the screen on which the content is being viewed. Also, having popups on mobile websites can increase overall lead generation.


Having a mobile responsive website is an essential tool for business success. A large percent of people actually use mobile devices like smartphones and tablets in order to view the Internet.

Having a website that is distorted or not working on a mobile device means people will click away.

Also, making your website mobile responsive is easy to do. Simply choose a WordPress theme that is mobile responsive, and there are plenty of choose from. In addition, there are many different mobile responsive plugins. The key is picking the right ones.

The plugins in the list above are all mobile responsive, affordable, and have helpful features. Having an mobile responsive WordPress website means you can reach a wider audience and increase your business success.

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