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The WordPress Course Catalog Calendar Addon displays courses on a calendar view with unique colors for each category. Students can easily book courses with just a few clicks.
WordPress Version
5.4.0 or Higher
Tested up to
WordPress 6.5.X
January 14, 2024
5.7 - 8.2.X

WordPress Course Catalog Calendar WordPress Add-On

Course Catalog WordPress Calendar is a great tool for displaying and promoting upcoming or current courses to your website visitors.

Whether you run marketing courses, a college website, or even curate educational resources, the add-on is a great way to establish yourself as a reliable educational resource.

Add Multiple Courses to Calendar

Looking for a solution to help you showcase multiple courses on your WordPress?

The add-on shows as many courses as you need on the Frontend calendar.

Place the courses one below another in different colors to attract users’ attention.

Show Multiple Courses At Once
Show Multiple Courses At Once

Configure display settings

Use different design and colors
Use different design and colors
Change the calendar views, configure taxonomies, and translate months and days.

Make your calendar information even more appealing and clear for all your students.

Add calendar anywhere

Show the calendar on Homepage, sidebars, pages, or any place on your website!

Use a simple shortcode only to add the calendar, and save tons of time.

Use the shortcode to show calendar
Use the shortcode to show calendar

Using the Course Catalog Calendar WordPress Add-on

  • Add unlimited courses to calendar – Show any number of existing courses on your calendar.
  • Change calendar view – Display courses in the list or calendar mode, and also use the month/day views.
  • Customize – Insert the calendar with shortcodes, and customize it with additional values.
  • Change calendar colors – Create appealing colorful calendar by using different colors for text and course background.
  • Easy-to-use & easy-to-configure add-on – There is no need for additional coding. Use the shortcodes and add them anywhere on your website.

Course Catalog Calendar Use Case Examples

  • Course booking from the calendar – Allow users to choose the date when the course is available, and easily register to the lessons.
  • Highlight courses – Add courses that are expired soon, so the users could subscribe to them as soon as possible.

Course Catalog Calendar AddOn Additional Resources

Course Catalog Calendar Prerequisite Plugin

The CM Course Catalog Pro plugin is required to use this add-on.

WordPress Course Catalog Calendar Add-on Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

Course Catalog Calendar Features

Visitor subscription to courses – Let students open courses directly on the calendar and subscribe to the chosen course and date.
Color Customization – Customize background and text colors of all courses.
Course Colors – Use unique colors to highlight each course on the calendar.
Calendar and List Views – Show the courses in the calendar or list view.
Display Calendar Anywhere – Add the course calendar to any page or post.
Day/Month View – Display courses in the month/day views.
Compatibility with Course Calendar (LMS) add-ons – With the installed base Course Catalog plugin, the Calendar add-on is fully compatible with the plugin’s add-ons (Dashboard, Payments, Waiting List, and Profile Builder).
Simple Configuration – No need for additional coding. Just use the shortcodes, or extend it with other values mentioned in our user guide.
Translate Calendars – Translate the names of months and weekdays to your language of choice. Use different languages on each calendar.

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Course Catalog Calendar Prerequisite Plugin

WordPress Course Catalog Calendar Add-on Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

Why is the Course Catalog Calendar add-on useful for me?

The Course Catalog Calendar add-on allows you to create a stylish calendar and display courses in a beautiful Frontend calendar on your WordPress site.

With this add-on you can:

  • Add multiple courses to your calendar
  • The add-on offers multiple viewing options such as day, week, month
  • Change the calendar view
  • Select background course color for each course separately
  • Decide when the calendar week should start
  • Choose text, background, calendar view colors

Can I add multiple courses on the same date?

Yes, with the Course Catalog Calendar add-on you can add as many courses as you need on the same date.

The courses will be located below each other, but highlighted with different colors. You can define how many courses to display on your calendar in the shortcode by adding the courses slug names only.

How to show the calendar on the Frontend?

To add the calendar to the WordPress page, please use the shortcode which is available in our user guide as an example.

By using the shortcode, you can add multiple courses, month long and short names, days of the week, custom taxonomies, or change the calendar view.

If you are running a multi-language website, you can translate the values in the shortcode, so your students can easily understand you.

How do I change the color on my calendar?

You can change the colors of your calendar by navigating to CM Course Catalog Pro → Settings → Calendar Addon.

In the Appearance section, there an ability to change the colors for all the added courses. These settings are:

  • text colors
  • background colors
  • month day background colors
  • calendar sections colors

For more information, please head to this article Course Catalog Calendar – General Settings

Course Catalog Calendar – Frontend

Course Catalog Calendar – Backend

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