Course Catalog LMS Plugin for WordPress

WordPress Course Catalog Plugin – Online Courses eLearning Solution

The WordPress Course Catalog plugin offers a comprehensive set of tools for building and managing an online course directory, including a complete LMS with student registration and tracking, integrated payment support and course management dashboard.
Create a unique page for each course with detailed descriptions, videos, documents, and exclusive additional learning materials for registered students using our eLearning WordPress plugin.
The course catalog plugin supports multiple starting dates for each course, features a calendar view, includes waiting list support, offers an adjustable registration form, and provides a robust administrator dashboard for efficient management of registrations and courses.
WordPress Version
5.4.0 or Higher
Tested up to
WordPress 6.6.X
January 25, 2024
5.7 - 8.2.X

WordPress Course Catalog Plugin for Online Courses

The WordPress Course Catalog plugin provides a wide range of features to build an online course registration and student tracking system with payment support.

Effortlessly create comprehensive online courses and categorize them according to your needs. This versatile e-learning WordPress plugin allows you to enhance course listings with detailed addresses, descriptions, images, and even integrate Google Maps for added context and convenience.

Creating a Course Catalog in WordPress

The WordPress Course Catalog plugin allows you to create a directory of courses, each with their individual landing page.

It gives you the ability to organize courses for your online classes with ease. Your students can look up courses they’re interested in by keywords, location, lecturer, start month, categories, and custom taxonomies like Course Type and Required Degree.

This intuitive eLearning wordpress plugin making it simple for students to find precisely what they need for their learning journey.

Course Catalog Index Page
Course Catalog Index Page

Picking the Right Template for Your Online Courses

In addition to the LMS plugin for WordPress functionality, you can easily manage and present your course catalog in a way that suits your brand best. The WordPress plugin for creating online courses offers a customizable style with three distinct views: List View, Fancy View, and Tile View.

List View, Fancy View, and Tile View (Click to expand)
List View, Fancy View, and Tile View (Click to expand)
In the Fancy View, courses are showcased with an engaging layout that captures attention, while the Classic Tile View presents a visually appealing arrangement. For a straightforward browsing experience, the List View provides a clear and concise display.

With these versatile viewing options, you can tailor your course catalog to resonate with your audience, ensuring an engaging and user-friendly exploration of available courses.

Adding Details to the Online Course Catalog Page

Our WordPress plugin for courses creates the course page automatically.

You can use it to offer detailed information including descriptions, syllabi, schedules, image galleries, attachments, Google Maps integration, and numerous other features to improve your students’ learning experience.

Enjoy a sleek, automatic layout across all pages, allowing you to concentrate on course content creation. Want more control? Apply custom CSS to tailor the look to your liking.

With this LMS plugin for WordPress, you can effortlessly enhance SEO for each course page as well as interconnect each course to its related course. This improves both navigation and ranking by search engines.

Sample Course Page
Sample Course Page

Creating Multiple Catalogs for Your Online Courses

Two sample catalogs
Two sample catalogs
With this e-learning WordPress plugin you can separate your courses into multiple catalogs and display them anywhere you need.

Every catalog can be included in diverse categories and customized taxonomies, alongside distinct filters which can help visitors navigate through courses.

For example, if you teach coding, you can divide your courses into “Programming For Kids” and “Advanced Long Courses”.

To showcase various course catalogs you can simply use a shortcode.

Improving Online Courses With Visual Content

Our WordPress course catalog plugin enables you to create more appealing online courses with the help of banners, images, videos, additional formatting, and links. Add free and informative documents to show students what they can expect from the programs, and fill them with more incentives to join your educational platform.

Every online course you create can receive a rating from your students. Thanks to the centralized rating management in the WordPress plugin for online courses Backend you’ll be able to block any cheating attempts by bots.

Visual Course Page
Visual Course Page

Displaying Online Course Information to the Users

Limited Course Page
Limited Course Page
With this WordPress plugin for online courses, you can hide the syllabus, additional details, picture gallery, and attachments for non-registered users.

This particular functionality provides an added layer of control over content visibility, ensuring that only registered users can access your valuable resources.

Organizing Online Courses Within eLearning WordPress plugin

With this functionality, your online courses will have their own classifications, for example, based on target audiences, locations, etc.

Clients can easily access essential course information without the need to open each course individually.

Courses can be structured within larger categories like “Languages” or “Coding”, enhancing user navigation and discovery of different programs.

Course List in the Backend
Course List in the Backend

Sending Email Reports With the WordPress Course Catalog Plugin

Email Reports in the Backend
Email Reports in the Backend
Thanks to the Learning Management System functionality, you can incorporate courses tailored for international students in diverse languages by simply translating labels and including content in their preferred languages to cater to a wider audience.

Upon user registration for any course, the WordPress plugin for online courses will notify the administrators, while users will receive email notifications providing reports regarding their registration status.

Using the WordPress Plugin for Creating Online Courses

  • Add Courses – Easily set up and organize each lesson with detailed information
  • Organize Offer – Use categories, tags and custom taxonomies to structure your school
  • Control Access – Define who has access to the Syllabus, Additional Information, Picture Gallery and Attachments
  • Customize Interface – Choose the look and feel of your catalog. Apply custom CSS if needed
  • Translate Interface – Change each Front-End text from the settings screen. No coding required
  • Export Data – Edit all data using other software by generating a CSV file

WordPress Course Catalog Plugin Additional Resources

WordPress Course Catalog LMS Plugin Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this WordPress course plugin.

Course Features

Course Pages

Course Pages

Each course has its own detailed page linked automatically to the dashboard.

Rich Information

Rich Information

Course page have short and long descriptions, banners, period information, image and video gallery, and files attachments.



Add customized categories such as Course Type, Location, Required Degree, Age Group and more.

Additional Fields

Additional Fields

Create additional fields to the course page with its labels, icons, and positions on the page.

Customize Course Page Colors

Customize Course Page Colors

Design course pages in your own way by adding colors to each box on the page.

Basic Registration

Let users register to your courses using simple form. The admin and users will be notified with email messages.

Course Statistics

Show statistics and define who have access to them.

Detailed Course Information

Detailed Course Information

For each course – Add number of participants, course tutors, total number of hours, course price.

Google Map and Address

Google Map and Address

Add a Google Map to the Course Page based on its address.

Hide Information

Hide Information

Show certain course information only to registered users or logged in users. This can also include files and documents.

Additional Links

Additional Links

Create additional links to the course page with its labels and icons.



Let users rate your course pages with a 1 to 5 star system.

Promote Courses

Promote courses in the course system search results and related courses widget.


Include ads with any HTML or Javascript code inside the course page.

Catalog Features

Three Views

Three Views

Choose between the fancy catalog view, the classic tile view or the straightforward list view.

Course Categories List

Course Categories List

Add categories to collect similar courses in one place.

Search and Filter

Search and Filter

Search and filter courses by keywords, location, lecturer, start month, category and custom taxonomies.


Download or upload a CSV file with all course information to edit it externally or switch sites.

Nofollow Links

Make all external links nofollow with a single option.

Multiple Catalogs

Multiple Catalogs

Organize your courses into different catalogs and show them anywhere.

Course Tags

Course Tags

Create tags to search courses on the Frontend.


Add Anywhere

Apply the catalog anywhere with handy shortcodes.


All catalog is connected and linked, making it easy to create SEO-boosting content.

Other Features

Email Reports

Email Reports

Send email notifications to admin and users about registration and course changes.



Change all labels to fit your desired language or style, no coding required.



The plugin has four widgets for displaying random Courses, latest courses, categories and course period select.

Custom Style

Custom Style

Apply CSS to make sure the catalog and course pages look exactly as you want.

Add-ons Features

Payments Add-on

Payments Add-on

Payments add-on enables user registration with individual course prices, seamlessly integrating with the Easy Digital Downloads Cart system.

Calendar Add-on

Calendar Add-on

Calendar add-on displays courses on a calendar view with unique colors for each category. Students can easily book courses with just a few clicks.

Dashboard Add-on

Dashboard Add-on

Dashboard add-on allows course admins to view all created courses, participants, and registrations through a visually intuitive backend dashboard. Access student contact details, payment information, and registration details.

Waiting List Add-on

Waiting List Add-on

Waiting List add-on lets users leave contact info for courses and registers them when the course is available.

WordPress Course Catalog Plugin Plans and Pricing

Price includes 1 year support/updates. Manual renewal with 40% discount, not a subscription $49 $119
Number of Websites / License Activations 110
Detailed Course Pages IncludedIncluded
Detailed Course Information IncludedIncluded
Additional Fields IncludedIncluded
Additional Links IncludedIncluded
Multiple Catalogs IncludedIncluded
Course Categories IncludedIncluded
Course Tags IncludedIncluded
Custom Taxonomies IncludedIncluded
Search and Filter IncludedIncluded
Course Page Customization IncludedIncluded
Three Catalog Templates IncludedIncluded
Hide Information IncludedIncluded
Edit Labels IncludedIncluded
Advertisment IncludedIncluded
Promote Courses IncludedIncluded
Basic Registration IncludedIncluded
Course Statistics IncludedIncluded
Ratings IncludedIncluded
Shortcodes IncludedIncluded
Widgets IncludedIncluded
Import/Export IncludedIncluded
Email Reports IncludedIncluded
Nofollow Links IncludedIncluded
Google Map Support IncludedIncluded
CM Map Locations Integration IncludedIncluded
CM Expert Directory Integration IncludedIncluded
CM Course Catalog Dashboard Addon Not includedIncluded
CM Course Catalog Payments Addon Not includedIncluded
CM Course Catalog Profile Builder Addon Not includedIncluded
CM Course Waiting List Addon Not includedIncluded
CM Course Catalog Calendar Addon Not includedIncluded
Product Knowledge Base Included Included
Priority email support Included Included
Product updates Included Included
Number of Websites / License Activations 110
Price includes 1 year support/updates. Manual renewal with 40% discount, not a subscription $49 $119

Course Catalog Plugin Add-Ons

Course Catalog LMS – Course Page on the Frontend

Course Catalog LMS – Course Catalog Frontend Views

Course Catalog LMS – Settings – Backend

Course Catalog Plugin Demo



WordPress Course Catalog Plugin Related Use Cases Tutorials

Course Catalog Plugin Additioal Use Case Examples

  • Online School – Provide a glimpse of some of your music, coding, marketing or other online lessons
  • College Website – Show your prospective students what each program offers. Display the syllabus only to registered users
  • Course Hub – Curate educational resources about a single coming from many websites, and concentrate them on single list

WordPress Course Catalog Plugin Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

Why do I need this plugin?

If you are planning to create a directory of courses or lessons, including detailed information about each offer, the Course Catalog LMS plugin is a perfect fit.

It provides easy content creation and management, ensuring your directory is easy to maintain and expand

Is there a limit to the number of courses I can create?

No, this class registration wordpress plugin doesn’t set any limit.

How can I organize my courses? Can I use custom taxonomies?

It’s easy! You can use customized categories and create your own taxonomies.

You can then show different catalogs in your site, each with different categories and taxonomies.

Learn more: Course Catalog LMS Taxonomies.

I have way too many courses. Can users search or filter the catalog?

Yes, absolutely. You can select if they can filter by city/zip, location, lecturer, start month, course type, categories and subcategories, custom taxonomies and tags.

Learn more: Course Catalog LMS – Settings – Course Catalog (Order, Filters).

My courses are really specific. Can I add custom fields such as 'required'

You can create up to five custom fields with icons that apply to all courses. You can’t add custom fields for each course.

Learn more: Course Catalog custom fields.

You can also create custom taxonomies such as “Target audience” that apply to all courses.

Learn more: Course Catalog custom taxonomies.

The difference between custom fields and taxonomies is that you custom fields can have icons, while taxonomies can be used to filter courses and appear in the course periods table of each course page.

Learn more: Course Catalog – Organizing courses.

Can I import the list of courses from another software?

If your software exports data as a CSV or JSON file, then yes. You only have to make sure the file is properly formatted.

Learn more and download a sample CSV file: CourseDirectory – Import and Export With JSON And CSV.

Can I translate this plugin?

Yes, you can easily translate the Front-End, or the interface users see. This is done through the Settings – Labels.

Learn more: Course Catalog LMS – Settings – Labels (Translating the class registration wordpress plugin).

Questions About Videos

Can I add videos to each course?

Yes. You can add video links and YouTube and Vimeo links will show as embedded, meaning the users can watch them in a pop-up window, without leaving the page.

Can I actually host my video courses and manage students with this plugin?

You can register students and show content only to those who enrolled, but this WordPress course plugin works mainly as catalog.

If you are looking to create video courses like in Udemy or Coursera, we suggest that you check our WordPress LMS Plugin – Video Course E-Learning plugin.

Can I integrate Course Catalog with the Video Lessons Manager plugin?

There is no specific setting connecting the plugins.

However, the Course Catalog allows you to show some information only to registered users. So you can, for instance, add lessons from Video Lesson Manager in these information fields

Learn more: Course Catalog – Who can see what.

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