Course Catalog Payments Add-on for WordPress

Course Catalog Payments by CreativeMinds

The Course Catalog Payments addon enables user registration with individual course prices, seamlessly integrating with the Easy Digital Downloads Cart system.
WordPress Version
5.4.0 or Higher
Tested up to
WordPress 6.5.X
December 21, 2023
5.7 - 8.2.X

WordPress Course Catalog Payments WordPress Add-on

Earn money by selling courses on your WordPress website using the Course Catalog Payments add-on.

Use a built-in EDD shopping cart option where you can directly set online/manual purchases or Stripe.

Easy Digital Downloads System

With the built-in EDD system support, you can add different payment ways, track students’ payments history, and view invoices.

This is important to provide users with a secure payment system.

EDD cart system
EDD cart system

Offer Free Courses

Register to Free Courses
Register to Free Courses
The Course Catalog Payments add-on is a great tool for creating basic courses available for all users or any restricted group.

Let users register to free courses by selecting the course periods and leaving contact information. The students will be registered automatically.

Restrict course content

Make sure your courses are accessible to a certain user group.

Protect your content from unwanted guests who are not allowed to register for your courses.

The General Settings
The General Settings

Send Registration Emails

Limited Course Page
Limited Course Page
After the purchase is complete, the add-on sends automatic email notifications.

Your students will get all the necessary information about the course immediately.

Track registrations

With the installed Course Catalog Dashboard add-on, you can see how many people are in your courses, collect and view payments on the Dashboard. View the List of Registered Users
View the List of Registered Users

Multiple pricing options

Purchasing Multiple Amount of Tickets
Purchasing Multiple Amount of Tickets
Create different pricing options for each period within one course.

Attract students of different categories to the course.

Allow your students to purchase a multiple amount of tickets for the same course.

Using the Course Catalog Payments WordPress Add-on

  • Course payment information – Track registered students, used payment methods and the amount.
  • Built-in EDD cart system – Let users buy online courses as digital products, use discounts and send invoices with the help of Easy Digital Downloads.
  • Set restrictions – Limit user groups who can buy courses online.
  • Free courses – Let students register for basic courses for free and offer paid courses with the extended information.

Course Catalog Payments Add-on Use Case Examples

  • eCommerce Store – Sell your courses online as digital products and turn your WordPress website into real eCommerce business.
  • Paid Student Enrollment – Let users register to your courses by using different payment methods.

Course Catalog Payments Add-on Related Use Cases

Course Catalog Payments Add-on Additional Resources

Course Catalog Payments Prerequisite Plugin

The CM Course Catalog Pro plugin is required to use this add-on.

WordPress Course Catalog Payments Add-on Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

Course Features

Set prices for each course – Sell courses individually and set price tags for courses separately.
Students registration during checkout – Ability to register users automatically directly after the course purchase. The Course Catalog Dashboard add-on is required.
Support Easy Digital Downloads Cart system – Easy Digital Downloads provides a complete solution for selling digital products, and supports coupons system, invoices.
Apply course registrations limits – Limit users’ course purchases applied to each student. For example, if you have more than 2 dates when the course is started, only one student can make 2 registrations per course.
Define who can register to courses – Choose what user groups can apply and buy courses on your website.
Free courses – Set what courses are free for users

Course Catalog Payments – Frontend

Course Catalog Payments – Backend

Course Catalog Plugin Add-Ons

Course Catalog Calendar Prerequisite Plugin

WordPress Course Catalog Plugin Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

I have free courses. Can user still register for these courses?

Yes, the Course Catalog Payments add-on allows setting your courses as free as well as defining prices. To set the course as a free, open any course in the editing mode and find the section “Course Periods”.

Each period in the course can have its own pricing settings. To make the period free, click “Set Prices” in the column “Price”, and then add a payment option with the price “0”.

It will let students register for this course for free on the front-end.

This is how the free course and the checkout process look:

Free Course - Course Catalog Payments image

Free Course - Course Catalog Payments image

Where are the registered users lists in the admin area?

You can check all the participants and their payments history if you install and activate the Course Catalog Dashboard.

After the student registered to any course, the user’s information will be available on the Dashboard.

Please check this article – Course Catalog Payments – Registered Users

Is it possible to limit registrations per user?

Yes, the Course Catalog Payments add-on allows setting limits per each user. Thus, you can define the number of registrations for a course.

Setting limits - Course Catalog Payments image

What your Payments checkout system is based on?

The add-on is based on the Easy Digital Downloads cart system allowing your customers to buy multiple courses, send invoices.

We Accept All Major Credit Cards
Accepted payment methods include all Credit Cards and PayPal