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Locations Manager Business Hours Addon for WordPress

The WordPress Map Plugin Business Hours Add-on lets business owners set daily open and close hours, displaying ‘Open Now’ status in search results and showcasing a table of business hours on the location page.
WordPress Version
5.4.0 or Higher
Tested up to
WordPress 6.6.X
June 8, 2024
5.7 - 8.2.X

Inform users about the business hours of any location!

Include unique business hours to each location with the Locations Manager Business Hours Addon for WordPress.

The locations list and individual pages shows the “Open Now” message based on the visitor’s time zone.

Store Locations Index

Show an expandable timetable for each location, both on the general list and on the individual pages.

Display 'Open Now' automatically for each place while the opening hours last.

The user can also manually change the open/close status if necessary.

Store Locations Index
Store Locations Index

Business Hours Settings

Business Hours Settings
Business Hours Settings
Edit every aspect of the display, from the way hours are added to labels.

Add times in a standard '08:00 PM' format or adopt a custom one, such as '20h', '6PM' and so on.

Not using English? Translate 'Sunday' to your language of choice!

Using Locations Manager Business Hours

  • Enable Business Hours – Display business hours on all business and let editors modify the business hour when editing a place
  • Translate – Change the label of the days of the week. Accepts any UTF-8 character
  • Manual Setting – Set open or closed to a place even outside of the business hour, if necessary

Locations Manager Business Hours Use Case Examples

  • Restaurant Listing – Include the opening hours of venues, restaurants and bars in your area
  • Public Service Directory – Inform visitors about the opening time of public service offices
  • Landmark Guide – Help your visitors plan their touristic trip by showing when the most important spots open for visitation

Locations Manager Business Hours Prerequisite Plugin

You need to have the CM Location Manager pro plugin installed before using this addon

Locations Manager Business Hours Features

Business Hours – Define the opening and closing hour. This can be changed individually when editing a location
Show Timetable – Display business hours on location list and location pages
Automatic / Manual – “Open Now” message is added automatically, but can be extended or changed by the user
Translate – Change key labels and messages, such as the days of the week, to any chosen language
Frontend / Backend Editing – Adjust hours from either interface
Hours Type – Input custom text values or choose from timepicker
Change open/close status – Allows the user to switch between open/close status even when the business should be closed

Location Manager Business Hours Gallery

Locations manager Business Hours Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to use this add-on?

You need to have the CM Location Manager pro plugin installed before using this addon.

Is there any documentation for the add-on?

Yes, there is, and it can be found on Creative Minds HelpScout Portal.

Can I translate elements? Which?

Yes, it can be done with ease via backend add-on settings. You can adjust text such as days of the week and the ‘Open Now’ message.

Business hours dashboard settings - Locations Manager Business Hours Addon for WordPress

Business hours dashboard settings

Which time formats can I use?

You can either choose times from a timepicker and adopt the 08:00 PM format, or write a value in a custom format (for instance, 20 hours).

Note that custom formats might not be recognized as hours. As such, the Open Now feature may not work with them.

Can I edit from the frontend?

Yes, when adding location, business hours can also be edited from the frontend.

Frontend editing business hours - Locations Manager Business Hours Addon for WordPress

Frontend editing business hours

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