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CM Context Related Product Recommendations Plugin for WordPress

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Our WordPress Product Recommendations plugin helps you add recommended products to your posts based on custom keywords and defined terms.

WordPress Product Recommendations Plugin Description

The Contextual Product Recommendations Plugin lets you add a related products widget to any post on your WordPress site. This related products WordPress plugin makes it easy to recommend products and refer blog readers to them from your store.

Recommendations Widget

This product recommendations plugin lets users show products and related items on any page or post within WordPress.

The product recommendations can act as a cross-sell products widget and create a database of related products for users to see.

Recommended Products Showing at the Bottom of the Post
Recommended Products Showing at the Bottom of the Post

Two Ways of Using The Plugin

  1. Show widget at the bottom of every page – Add the recommendations widget to the end of selected post types by looking for specific words.

    For example, add recommendations on all posts, but not pages, everytime the word “Dark Side of The Moon” appears.

  2. Show anywhere and filter by categories – Show only recommendations of specific categories by adding a configurable shortcode anywhere.

    For example, suggest products of the category “Music” in album reviews.

Product Recommendation Plugin Appearance

Customize Visuals

Choose between a fancy slider and a classic table view for your recommendations.

Customize text labels and size, as well as colors, and adapt the widget to your site's identity.

Widget with big icons vs widget with small icons
Widget with big icons vs widget with small icons

The Product Recommendations plugin also lets you create categories and filter products shown in the product widget based on the selected category.

Product recommendations can show up below your post, or anywhere within the post content by using a simple shortcode. The product recommendation is shown in three ways:

  1. Recommendations Widget – A widget which includes several related product images. The product images are linked to the product page on your WordPress site or an external site. See an example here.
  2. Linked Terms – Each term associated with the product within the post can be linked to a product page or an external site link. Each product can have an unlimited number of terms and synonyms associated with it. Once a term is defined, the recommendation for the product is shown in the post, when the term appears in the post.
  3. Affiliate Code – You can also include an affiliate code in the product URL to earn commission on external sites.

Control Each Page

Want to go beyond default settings? Change the widget's content on each page.

Alternatively, disable it altogether on a specific page.

Options for each page
Options for each page

Contextual Terms for Product Recommendations

Product Term Definition

Contextual terms for product recommendations are defined using a primary term and synonyms. You can define an unlimited number of synonyms per product and one primary product term.

When the primary or synonymous terms are found within your content, the product will be shown in the widget.

Product Term and Synonyms Definition Settings
Product Term and Synonyms Definition Settings

If there are too many relevant products which can appear in the widget of a specific post, the plugin will randomly pick the amount of products that can fit into the widget based on user settings while giving priority to products with higher weight.

You can filter the product recommendations by using categories. When limiting the products shown in a specific post to a category, only certain products which belong to that category will appear in the post.

Product Recommendations Plugin Use Case Examples

  • Bloggers – Promote brand sponsor products in your blog posts and start generating revenue.
  • Affiliate Sites – Easily showcase affiliated products via terms, inside article products or widgets.

Using the Product Recommendation Plugin for WordPress

  • Content Related Products – Show product recommendations based on context
  • Earn Affiliate Commission – Promote external products and receive affiliate commission
  • Easily Promote Your Own Products – Promote your own products on your blog posts
  • Conversion Reports – Show reports on each product’s performance

Product Recommendation Plugin Related Use Cases

Product Recommendation Additional Resources

Product Recommendation Plugin Related Products

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Product Recommendation Plugin Basic Features

  • Add related products to your posts
  • Unlimited number of products
  • Adjust Related Products widget style

Product Recommendation Plugin Pro Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

Multiple product for each term – Supports multiple products per term.
Synonyms Support – Use keywords and terms to promote a product. Each product can have a primary term and all related synonyms.
Control Widget Visual – Change text content, size and color
Two Templates – Choose between the fancy slider and the classic table
Control Widget Placement – Turn the product recommendations widget on and off within specific posts
Categories – Filter recommendations based on a specific product category
Product Weight – Define ‘weights’ for products to show specific products more often than others
Widget Design – Easily customize the widget look and feel
Custom Post Types – Supports custom post types
Term Links – Add a link to the product page or to an external resource from any term associated with the product. This is a great way to generate affiliate income.
Widget Location – Place the product recommendations widget anywhere within post
Reports and Statistics – Statistics and reports for each product’s performance (views / clicks)
Product Title and Description – Add a description for each product. This will appear below the product image in the related products widget.
Export and Import – Export and import products between your WordPress sites.

Product Recommendation Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

Can I use more than one keyword for each product?

Yes. You can use one main keyword for each product but also associate the product with unlimited number of synonyms.

When the keyword or synonyms are found in a post the product will be shown in the promoted products widget.

Can I customize the widget to match my WordPress theme?

Yes. The product recommendations widget can be easily customized from the plugin setting.

This includes setting the style (slider or default), font size, font color and also the background color for the widget.

You can also define where to place the widget in each post.It can be placed at the bottom of each post (default) or anywhere within the post content using a shortcode.

Can I add unlimited synonyms for products?

Yes. Each product can have one term but an unlimited number of synonyms related to the term.

Each of the synonyms can trigger the product appearance in the widget once found in the content of the post.

How many products can I add per post?

In the plugin setting you have an option to define the number of rows to show for each post and by doing this to define how many products will show up.

Each product also includes a weight parameter allowing you to give specific product higher priority over other products.

Can I promote products which are found on external sites and add an affiliate code in the link?

Sure. You can add an affiliate code to the link of each product.

Product Recommendation Plugin Demo

2015-12-18_17-01-22This site demonstrates how an article about hiking equipment can include product recommendations at the bottom of the articleFirst Example – Hiking Products
2015-12-18_17-01-39This site demonstrates how an article about music instruments can include product recommendations at the bottom of the articleSecond Example – Music Products


Product Recommendation Image Gallery

Back-end Gallery

Customer Reviews for the Product Recommendation

Product Recommendation Release Notes

Version 1.1.6 31st July 2021

  • Fixed: PHP Warnings
  • Fixed: bug with “Number of items displayed in line” option
  • Fixed: bug with “Number of lines” option
  • Fixed: bug with “First occurrence only” option
  • Fixed: bug with Product variant term image
  • Fixed: bug with Background color option

Version 1.1.5 30th July 2020

  • Added a new param in which can be select the specific product which will appear in the widget by their ID
  • Attached hyperlinks to the product featured images

Version 1.1.4 15th June 2020

  • Fixed bugs with support for WP latest version
  • Added support for slider display
  • Added support for display items by category
  • Added support for removing content parsing

Version 1.1.3 25th Sep 2019

  • Added support to multiple synonyms with products

Version 1.1.2 2nd June 2019

  • Feature: Added attribute category to the [cm_product_recommend] shortcode
  • Bug: Added missing Export/Import functionality
  • Updated the Licensing Package

Version 1.1.1 12th June 2017

  • Updating licensing package

Version 1.1.0 06th Mar 2017

  • Added the option to Add Product variants
  • Product Variants can be assigned to products allowing to display multiple products for one word

Version 1.0.13 04th Aug 2016

  • Update licensing version and dashboard

Version 1.0.12 28th June 2016

  • Added the option to turn off the statistics

Version 1.0.11 22th May 2016

  • Update licensing version and dashboard

Version 1.0.10 12th April 2016

  • Updated the dataTables.js library
  • Fixed the problem with saving the CustomPostTypes

Version 1.0.9 20th March 2016

  • Updated licensing api support.

Version 1.0.8 25th Feb 2016

  • Added automatic updates from plugin dashboard
  • Replaced plugin admin interface including license activation and userguide

Version 1.0.7 09th feb 2016

  • Added statistic and reporting module
  • CSS fixes

Version 1.0.6 01th feb 2016

  • Fixed a setting issue

Version 1.0.5 13th Dec 2015

  • Minor Changes in licensing system

Version 1.0.4 20th Nov 2015

  • Fixed the mb_stringtolower
  • Fixed the bug with the link in the notice
  • Added the Non-SSL option to licensing
  • Removed the “AddOns” tab when not needed

Version 1.0.3 19th Nov 2015

  • Ensured the WordPress 4.4 compatibility
  • Small fix to the licensing package

Version 1.0.2 11th Nov 2015

  • Removed the parsing in the text areas
  • Removed the parsing in the style blocks
  • Fixed the bug in the BuddyPress group creation/editing
  • Changed method of using Synonyms

Version 1.0.1 22nd Sep 2015

  • Fix JS error

Version 1.0.0 20th Aug 2015

  • First Release

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