ESSENTIAL E-Learning Plugins for WordPress Bundle by CreativeMinds

Essential E-Learning Plugins for WordPress Bundle by CreativeMinds

eLearning WordPress plugins bundle to facilitate learning activities. includes WordPress plugins with over 50% discount!

WordPress Version
5.4.0 or Higher
Tested up to
WordPress 6.5.X
March 8, 2020
5.7 - 8.2.X

About the Essential eLearning Plugins Package

eLearning WordPress plugins bundle to facilitate learning activities. Includes 10 WordPress products worth over $200 at a special price of $129!

Teachers and Educators: Check out our awesome WordPress e-learning plugin bundles and learn how to utilize them for educational purposes!

We offer a variety of organizational and academic online tools that will empower your students’ learning ability and experience! Our WordPress plugins are easy to use and suitable to all ages!

The Essential eLearning Package includes the following WordPress plugins:

1-2. Tooltip Glossary Ecommerce Edition + Community AddOn

3. CM Answers Pro

4. CM Downloads Manager Pro

5. CM Idea Stimulator AddOn for CM Answers

6-7. CM Video Lessons Pro + Payment add-on

8-11. CM Course Catalog Pro + 3 add-ons

eLearning Bundle Supported Use Cases and Activities

  • Collaborative Glossary – Provide your students with a glossary to explain terms and ideas and also let them add their own terms
  • Idea Stimulator – Support a brainstorm and idea facilitation between peers while being able to moderate content
  • Video Courses – Provide video content and lessons with a built in tracking system to follow students progress
  • Downloads – Build a content library including course material, documents and more. Allow students to upload content
  • Discussion – Let students engage and discuss learning material. Moderate content. Set roles as who can post and who can answer
  • Course Catalog – Display courses into a beautiful catalog and let students enroll

eLearning Bundle Frequently Asked Questions

How can the Downloads Manager plugin help my e-Learning site?

The Downloads Manager plugin can be a great way to provide your online students with downloadable content and learning resources such as coursework PDFs, worksheets, MP3s for listening comprehension exercises. Really the possibilities are limitless for how you can use it to offer your students materials to help them learn. It combines well with the Video Lessons Manager to give them some worksheets to look at, tests to do or even cheat sheets and condensed notes to supplement the videos.

Why would I want to install the Community add-on for Tooltip Glossary?

For lots of reasons. Firstly, you’re not going to think of everything that your students could benefit from and chances are during the duration of them completing your course or going through your materials they will come up with interesting questions that you won’t have thought of. This learner led approach can benefit other students of yours too, which is why a lot of Schools today support different Collaborative and Group Learning approaches to learning rather than didactic ‘teacher at the front, students facing the blackboard’ methods.

Another reason is that it reinforces your students own learning. It has been proven that giving students Ownership of their own learning significantly increases their retention of new information. When they feel like their learning is something real it is more likely to stick!

I'm building a Video Course site similar to Udemy or Udacity. How can I reinforce what my students learn in the Video Lessons?

Great question. While video is one of the best ways to broadcast new concepts and to explain them clearly in the shortest space of time, on its own it doesn’t offer a deep learning experience.

The best video courses guide students to do complex things themselves while following the video. Think of Cooking or Painting shows on TV. A more modern equivalent is the many Learn to Code online video courses that exist today.

While we can’t tell you how you should structure your course, we can suggest a couple of things. When possible, include a variety of learning methods. E.g. mix in some reading materials with different lessons, images and illustrations can also be added to your Lessons. If you’re offering a language course, recordings can be added to lessons using the Downloads Manager plugin. If you want to take things further, there is a Quiz Add-on available for the Video Lessons Manager plugin.

What is the benefit of this bundle?

The E-Learning bundle brings together some or our most educational focused add-ons into one hot deal. If you’re setting up a website that hopes to pack a ton of information into every page, then the Tooltip Glossary plugin will help you showing key information into handy tooltips that appear when terms are hovered over.

Want to start an online video resource database for your students to follow in an organised way, with videos collected into lessons and courses? With optional additional Quizzes and Automated Certificates? The Video Lessons Pro plugin is what you need.

We didn’t just clump these plugins together mindlessly. We created what we hope will be a valuable resource for educators both professional and philanthropic alike!

Does the bundle include the latest edition of the Tooltip Glossary plugin?

Yes! The latest of edition of the Tooltip Glossary E-commerce plugin is included.

How many times can I install each plugin?

You can choose between purchasing one activation (single site) or five.

You can easily switch licenses between sites, or use each plugin on a different site.

How do I download the plugins and get new updates?

Once you have an active subscription to the plugin suite, you will be able to log into our customer dashboard where you will see all the updates and downloads. Learn more in the general support guide.

Can I have additional add-ons included to compliment the plugins already in the bundle?

Yes, and we will be happy to provide a discount.

Contact our pre-sale team we may be able to include some add-ons for some of the plugins at a discount if you buy them together with the bundle.

eLearning Bundle Demo


This demo shows a student dashboard combining video lessons, course catalog and glossary terms dashboard.

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