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Essential E-Learning Plugins for WordPress Bundle by CreativeMinds

eLearning WordPress plugins bundle to facilitate learning activities. includes 6 WordPress plugins worth $214 at a special price of $99!

About the Essential eLearning Plugins Package

eLearning WordPress plugins bundle to facilitate learning activities. includes 6 WordPress plugins worth $214 at a special price of $99!

Teachers and Educators- Check out our awesome WordPress e-learning plugin bundles and learn how to utilize them for educational purposes!

We offer a variety of organizational and academic online tools that will empower your students’ learning ability and experience! Our WordPress plugins are easy to use and suitable for all ages!

The bundle includes the following WordPress plugins:

1 – Tooltip Glossary Ecommerce Edition

CM Tooltip Glossary WordPress Plugin

Creates a Glossary of dictionary definitions and encyclopedia feeds to help explain the meaning or context of your terms. Shows the definitions of words upon hover-over. Connects with several API’s for dictionary, translation and encyclopedia feeds.

How to improve your blog SEO with tooltip-generated internal links - a WordPress plugin tutorial

2 – CM Answers Pro

Cm Answers WordPress Plugin

A powerful WordPress plugin for Discussion Boards and Q&A forums in WordPress. Allows members to post questions, answers and comment. Administrators can moderate questions & answers. With multiple file uploads, log & statistics, social media login, user profiles and user votes. Plugin supports Mobile devices and is fully responsive.

Learn how to create, post, develop a Q&A questions answers Wordpress blog system Plugin

3 – CM Downloads Manager Pro

CM Download Manager WordPress Plugin

The ultimate WordPress plugin for managing uploads and downloads to your site. Allows visitors to preview media files before downloading. Admins can manage member access permissions and moderate uploads of files and file types to your WordPress website.

Learn how to manage, track, organize download files using a WordPress Plugin Solution

4 – CM Tooltip Glossary Community AddOn

CM Tooltip glossary Community package WordPress Plugin

Let your users suggest new terms for your Glossary while controlling which users can add new terms directly and which need their suggestions moderated. Logged in users can manage their own terms.

Learn how your users can add terms and build your WordPress Glossary Dictionary

5 – CM Idea Stimulator AddOn for CM Answers

CM Idea Stimulator AddOn for CM Answers

Ideation management system that supports the creative process of generating, developing, and communicating new ideas. This can support all stages of a thought cycle, from innovation, to development, to actualization.

Idea Stimulator Ideations AddOn for WordPress

6 – CM Video Lessons Pro

CM Video Lessons Manager Plugin

Manage video lessons and allow users and admin to track progress and includes payment support. This WordPress plugin works as a learning management system, which makes it simple to manage any video courses and webinars you host on your WordPress site.

Easily manage your Online courses with the CM Video Lessons Manager Plugin for WordPress

eLearning Bundle Supported Use Cases and Activities

  • Collaborative Glossary – Provide your students with a glossary to explain terms and ideas and also let them add their own terms
  • Idea Stimulator – Support a brainstorm and idea facilitation between peers while being able to moderate content
  • Video Courses – Provide video content and lessons with a built in tracking system to follow students progress
  • Downloads – Build a content library including course material, documents and more. Allow students to upload content.
  • Discussion – Let students engage and discuss learning material. Moderate content. Set roles as who can post and who can answer.

eLearning Bundle Demo


This demo shows a student dashboard combining both video, micropayment wallet, post subscription and glossary terms dashboard. User needs to be logged-in to view the dashboard.

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