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User OnBoarding | OnBoarding and Site Tour Widget Plugin for WordPress

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The WordPress tutorial plugin helps you create a site walk-through, website guided tour or a guidance widget to improve the user onboarding experience and support user training.

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This Interactive WordPress Tutorial is a great way to easily induct new website users.

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WordPress Walkthrough Plugin | Onboarding Tool and Website Tour

Improve your WordPress onboarding by giving visitors an interactive walkthrough of your WordPress site using the CM OnBoarding Widget.

Our site tour plugin guides new users through sections of your site, with fully customizable content, icons, and tour placement.

Self Guided Site Tour Plugin

Giving an in-depth tour and supporting the onboarding process of new site visitors improves user experience, increases time spent on site, reduces the need for support, can create leads, boost conversions and much more, all without impacting your SEO.

The Onboarding Plugin gives you an opportunity to answer commonly asked questions, teach users how to use parts of your website, or direct users to additional sources of information all through the interactive tour widget. An Expanded Site Tour Info Box
An Expanded Site Tour Info Box

Interactive Trainings

Example of the Front-end OnBoarding Widget
Example of the Front-end OnBoarding Widget
Our WordPress onboarding plugin can be used for interactive trainings and interactive in-app guidance, or as an in-app training application and employee training software solution.

Back-end Guides

Use OnBoarding widgets either on the front-end or back-end.

It's useful when you need to provide your team guidance which will help when managing the admin dashboard.

Example of the Back-end OnBoarding Widget
Example of the Back-end OnBoarding Widget

Widget Types

Our plugin has a 4 types of widgets which come in two versions – standard and floating:

  1. Accordion – Displays help items in an unfolding list.
  2. Select – Displays help items in a dropdown.
  3. Side – Displays help item on a specific place.
  4. Slider – Displays help items in a slider.

Customizable Widget

General Plugin Settings
General Plugin Settings
Configure the style of your widget - the widget type, position, size, color and font.

The widget type can be defined individually for each help item.

Customizable Widget Icons

The plugin has a set of pre-made icons which you can select, or you can upload your own widget icon. You can also use text in the button area instead of an icon.

Versatile Content

You can add multiple types of content within each help item campaign.

It accepts text, HTML, shortcodes, images, videos, audio.

Create interactive and engaging guides with media content.

Example of Creating a Help Item In the Campaign
Example of Creating a Help Item In the Campaign

Membership Solution

Setting for Displaying Help Items Only for Chosen User Roles
Setting for Displaying Help Items Only for Chosen User Roles
Display help items only for chosen user roles. It can be useful, if you have a membership system on your site or you want to display some info only for your team. It can be configured specifically for each help item campaign.

How the Onboarding and Site Tour Plugin Works

  • Create customized guide of help items for your site users
  • Add multiple sections to your training widget including category, titles & content
  • Each section may include text, images, links or videos
  • Target specific WordPress website pages on your site
  • Customize the WordPress training widget appearance from several available templates
  • Choose which pages to display your tour and help items on
  • Users toggle the tour navigation icon and interact with help items as needed

Example in Use
Example in Use

Using the Onboarding Plugin

  • Personal Site Guide – Create tours and guides for different user groups
  • Enhanced User Experience – Make users happy by showing them just what they need
  • Custom Training Tool – User training support system with helpful guidelines
  • Help and Instructional Walkthrough – Create a website tour with help and instructional suggestions
  • E-learning Activities Support – Great tool to assist e-learning activities
  • Shorten the Learning Curve – Get new users comfortable on you site or platform – fast!
  • Admin Dashboard Instructional Widget – Display help items on the admin section only

Onboarding and Site Tour Plugin Additional Resources

Onboarding Plugin Related Use Cases

Onboarding and Site Tour Plugin Basic Features

  • Add onboarding widget to your site
  • Customize multiple help items
  • Adjust widget size

Onboarding Plugin Premium Features in Details

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin

Widget Interface

Multiple Widget Types – The sliding panel stays the same, but the help items can be displayed in Select box, Side menu or as a Slider – View Screenshot: OnBoarding Widget Type, View Second Screenshot, View third Screenshot
Templates – We’ve made it possible to use a template for content you want to replicate across multiple widgets. Change the template in one place and all widgets will automatically synchronize.View Screenshot: OnBoarding Using pre-defined templates
Widget Display Icon – You can choose which icon to show from several available widget icons. – View Screenshot: CM OnBoarding widget built-in icons
Custom Icon – For even more customization, you can provide a link to your own custom icon and set the width of the widget icon. – View Screenshot: CM OnBoarding widget built-in icons
Widget Search – Allow your users to quickly find what they want with a very fast internal search function which will leave only the related items visible. View Screenshot: OnBoarding Search Option
Automatically open the widget – Automatically show the widgets on pages all the time or on first visit

Widget Targeting

Target Specific Pages – Show tutorial widget on specific posts. Create multiple help widgets and display each on a different page. –  View Screenshot: CM OnBoarding Select Page Widget location
Restrict to logged-in users – You can limit the onboarding widget to show only to logged-in user

Widget Content Area

Rich Content – Help items can point to external links, include an embedded video or audio file, any HTML code or plain text
Header and Footer for the help Widgets – Want to show a logo? A copyright notice? In the Pro version, you can add any HTML you like both above and below the content! – View Screenshot: OnBoarding Header and Footer option

Admin Tools

Admin Dashboard Support – Limit the onboarding widget to show only on admin dashboard pages. Specify for which pages or page paths to show the widget


Labels – Change the labels which the plugin uses to display your own language and terminology. View Screenshot: OnBoarding Plugins Labels
Export and Import – Export and import widgets content between sites or make a backup of an existing site

OnBoarding Plugin Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin

Can the Tooltips be shown within the Onboarding widget for CM Onboarding Pro?

Sure. The plugins works together. Cm Tooltip works on any custom post type if the post is using the content filters. The on boarding does of course, so you can hover over terms and see the tooltip.

Can I add my help menu on different pages?

Yes. You can add the help menu to any post, page or even custom post type. This can be done from the plugin setting or from a metabox found on each post, page or custom post you have on your site

Can I customize my help menu?

Yes. First, you can add a header and footer above and below the menu. Second, you can choose the type of the widget you want to use from a selection of 8 available widgets, third you can add your logo on the top part of the widget and last you set the icon which will appear once the widget is closed

Can I add images to the help menu?

Yes. The widget can show embedded images and videos just like any other WordPress content object

Can I style my WordPress help menu the way I want to?

Yes. The Pro plugin lets you choose which icon you want on your sliding widget, the color theme of your WordPress help menu, position, width and height of your sliding widget and more. You can also customize the header and footer of your help menu, for example by adding a company logo to your menus. You can also create several help menu styles for different pages on your site.

Can I style my WordPress help menu the way I want to? CM OnBoarding widget for superb WordPress help menus

Can I style my WordPress help menu the way I want to? CM OnBoarding widget for superb WordPress help menus

Can I use Onboarding to create user flow patterns and direct readers to specified pages?

Yes. Each item in your help menus may contain several links so you can navigate your users/readers to specific pages on your site. This is good in cases where you want to give more details about a certain topic, but it also helps the user flow by directing people where you want them to go.

How many topics can I create on my help menu?

You can add as many topics as you like and add them as menu items in your sliding widget. You can also create several different help menus to appear on different pages on your site.

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