On-Boarding Widget Plugin Changelog

Version 1.4.7 from the 15th Feb 2022

  • Resolved settings constant notice

Version 1.4.6 from the 4th Feb 2022

  • Added support to load scripts in footer

Version 1.4.5 from the 9th November 2021

  • Implemented new plugin settings UI
  • Fixed warnings
  • Fixed closed floating widget overlap content
  • Fixed bug with open button width on the left side
  • Fixed issue "Show on selected posts/pages" and "Show on URLs matching pattern" options
  • Fixed bug with "Icon area background color" option

Version 1.4.4 from the 12th September 2021

  • Fixed: Bug with "Show Help Item's only for logged users with selected roles" option

Version 1.4.3 from the 9th July 2021

  • Fixed: Bug with embed video in help items
  • CSS fix

Version 1.4.2 from the 24th May 2021

  • Updated license package to version 1.9.1

Version 1.4.1 6th April 2021

  • Fixed: bug with clipped floating icon
  • Fixed: bug with floating icon background color
  • Added: ability to choose custom icon for a floating widget

Version 1.4.0 21st Sep 2020

  • Added: background color option for widget icon
  • Added: font size option for search bar
  • Updated: license package

Version 1.3.10 28th Feb 2020

  • Fixed: plugin support of archive templates

Version 1.3.9 22nd Jan 2020

  • Added: Option to set Help Item for certain post type

Version 1.3.8 19th Dec 2019

  • Fix: SSL compatibility issue
  • Minor fixes

Version 1.3.7 16th June 2019

  • Added Hide On-boarding tabs with customizer setting

Version 1.3.6 8th June 2019

  • Fixed HTML break issue

Version 1.3.5 16th Mar 2019

  • Feature: Added the option to change help items font
  • Updated Licensing Package

Version 1.3.4 5th Apr 2019

  • Fixed small bugs
  • Updated Licensing Package

Version 1.3.3 26th Dec 2018

  • Added option for different user groups see different onboarding tours

Version 1.3.2 30th Aug 2018

  • Fixed the problem with a custom post listing in the "Show on selected posts/pages" option
  • Added the option to display or hide Help Items' titles

Version 1.3.1 12th Aug 2018

  • Updated license package

Version 1.3.0 7th Apr 2018

  • Fixed the problem with URL matching when no post_id is provided

Version 1.2.9 20th Nov 2017

  • Fixed the problem with the cookie library missing
  • Fixed the problem with the widget not auto opening correctly

Version 1.2.8 22nd Oct 2017

  • Added the option to automatically show the widgets on pages all the time
  • Added the option to automatically show the widgets on configured pages, on first visit

Version 1.2.6 25th Aug 2017

  • Fixed the export of the Global setting

Version 1.2.5 4th June 2017

  • Update license package

Version 1.2.4 13th March 2017

  • Added the option to select the custom color for the icon
  • Added the option to add the custom color for the background
  • Added the option to replace the icon with the text per campaign
  • Added the option to correct the button width/height per campaign if the text is used
  • Reorganized the setting tabs

Version 1.2.3 16th February 2017

  • Improved the settings of the each Help Item (separated with two tabs)
  • Fixed the display of the banners on the admin screens
  • Fixed the preview
  • Moved the options allowing to choose to show only for logged to help item
  • Moved the options allowing to show help item per role base to help item

Version 1.2.2 10th February 2017

  • Added the import option
  • Added the option to show only for logged
  • Added the option to show in the Admin Dashboard
  • Fixed the PHP7 compatibility

Version 1.2.0 7th October 2016

  • Added a new type of widget Floating Widget
  • Fixed bugs
  • Updated the styling

Version 1.1.6 27th August 2016

  • Updated licensing api support

Version 1.1.5 20th March 2016

  • Updated licensing api support

Version 1.1.4 14th Feb 2016

  • Fixed bugs

Plugin 1.1.3 7th Jan 2016

  • Replace license system
  • Wp 4.4 compatibility

Plugin 1.1.2 29th Sep 2015

  • Fixed the problem with the editor

Plugin 1.1.1 21st Aug 2015

  • Added the option to display on custom post types
  • Fixed the flicker during the widget loading
  • Updated the licensing system
  • Ensured the Wordpress 4.3 compatibility

Plugin 1.1.0 22nd Apr 2015

  • Fixed the XSS vulnerability in Wordpress add_query_arg() and remove_query_arg() functions

Plugin 1.0.8 26th Mar 2015

  • Make Changes in Plugin admin menus/li>

Plugin 1.0.6 13th Mar 2015

  • Fix two bugs, one with JSON and one with JS

Plugin 1.0.5 10th feb 2015

  • Fixed bug with OnBoarding Metabox in posts and pages

Plugin 1.0.4 28th Jan 2015

  • Added the option to select Pages and Posts (not only Pages) on the help item page
  • Added the option to show the help items based on the URL pattern eg. Show on pages containing /help/ in the URL
  • Added the column displaying whether the help item has
  • Fixed the bug with saving the option "Show on every page"

Plugin 1.0.3 14th Jan 2015

  • Fixed bug with uploading images from media library

Plugin First Release 10th December 2014

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