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A selection of handy administration tools to empower your WordPress admin dashboard, improve site performance, customize the admin panel look and feel, monitor error logs, track cron jobs, and more.

The Swiss army knife for WordPress websites.

WordPress Admin Dashboard Tools Description

The WP Admin Tools plugin is an all-in-one set of tools to help you better manage and customize your WordPress admin dashboard.

All In One WordPress Admin Tools

This plugin of comprehensive WordPress admin panel tools was built after reviewing many articles with suggestions on how to improve the WordPress admin dashboard.

We also reviewed all the existing admin dashboard tools and plugins to create an All In One admin panel toolset plugin that combines all of the most commonly needed features and controls for administrators.

Dashboard showing post revisions and status with the ability to purge drafts and trash items
Dashboard showing post revisions and status with the ability to purge drafts and trash items

Additional Admin Panel Features and Monitoring Tools

The Admin Toolset Plugin is built using both monitoring tools and a functionality toolset which will help you monitor your current WordPress performance.

This WordPress dashboard plugin uses additional tools to help you improve and manage the WordPress website.

Error log graph showing errors generated on your WordPress site
Error log graph showing errors generated on your WordPress site

Control your Cron Jobs

Using our handy WordPress Admin Toolset plugin you can control and manage your cron jobs with an easy to use dashboard.

All currently scheduled cron jobs are displayed and you may choose to terminate those you wish to stop.

Cron jobs dashboard
Cron jobs dashboard

Using the Admin Tools Plugin for WordPress

  • Better Backend Administration – Have better control and more admin dashboard tools with which to manage your WordPress site
  • Improve Admin User Experience – Customize your admin dashboard look and feel with an advanced admin menu editor, offering an improved admin interface
  • WordPress Performance Improvement – Improve your site’s performance
  • Control Post Revisions – Limit post revisions or disable completely
  • Control Trash and Draft Files – Empty trash and drafts across the site with one button click
  • Adjust Auto Save Frequency – Control your auto-save functionality
  • Limit Access by Role – Limit access to the necessary areas of your admin dashboard
  • WordPress Health Check – Review your WordPress site health
  • Additional WordPress Administrative Functionality – Enhance admin area capabilities and functionality

WordPress Admin Tools Additional Resources

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WordPress Admin Tools Pro Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

WordPress System Health

All Logs – Collect and show all error logs
Customize Logs – Review and control error logs appearance
Review Speed – Review your website speed
Cron Jobs – Pause, restore or delete Cron Jobs
Rewrite Rules – Show all current rewrite rules

WordPress Access

Maintenance Mode – Turn maintenance mode on or off
Role Access – Define which roles can access your WordPress dashboard
Capability Access – Define which user capabilities can access your WordPress dashboard
Search Restriction – Restrict your blog search results to specific posts or pages

WordPress Functionality

Manage Notifications – Control WordPress notification functionality for new updates
Admin Notification – Remove Admin dashboard notifications
Permanent Deletion – Add option to delete a post permanently from the post list
Disable Comments – Disable complete comments functionality

WordPress Customization

Better Login – Customize the login screen
Hide Admin Bar – Hide admin bar on the front end
Improve Admin Bar – Add customized menus to the admin bar
Customize Admin Bar – Customize admin bar colors

WordPress Performance

Protect Connection – Disable remote connections
Restrict Timeouts – Limit network connections timeout
Heartbeat – Control heartbeat interval
Auto-save – Control auto-save intervals
Revision Control – Control the number of revisions or disable it completely
Lazy Load – Implement smart lazy load
Footer Scripts – Move scripts to footer

WordPress Database Cleanup

Store Period – Select the number of days trashed posts are stored in the database or disable trash function
Quick Delete – One-click delete unwanted items, e.g. Open comments, spam comments or revisions, trash items, auto drafts, revisions

WordPress Admin Tools Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

Does the admin tools plugin improve WordPress site performance?

Yes it does. It includes multiple tools and settings, which can improve your site performance, reduce load and also clean your WordPress site from unneeded junk files, old revisions and more.

Can the admin tools help in customizing the admin dashboard?

Yes. It includes several ways to help you improve the admin interface on the dashboard including changing colors, adding bar menu links and removing notifications.

Can the admin tools plugin be used to limit the number of post revisions?

Yes. It can be used to limit post revision and also to purge all saved revisions.

Can the admin tools plugin be used to limit who can access the admin dashboard?

Yes. You can define which user roles can see and access the admin dashboard and also the admin menu bar.

Can you hide the admin bar on the frontend?

Yes. Using the admin tool settings you can hide the admin bar from specific WordPress user roles.

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WordPress Admin Tools Release Notes

Version 1.2.7 13th Oct 2021

  • Updated package 1.9.1

Version 1.2.6 4th Oct 2019

  • Bugfix related to elementor library

Version 1.2.5 4th Nov 2017

  • Updated the licensing package

version 1.2.4 20th Dec 2017

    Fixed conflict with captcha in CM Registration plugin.

version 1.2.3 18th Dec 2017

    Updated licensing library.

version 1.2.2 12th June 2017

  • updated licensing support

Version 1.2.1 06th Oct 2016

  • Improved embedding script in wp_footer

Version 1.2.0 05th Oct 2016

  • Added lazy load images feature
  • Added embedding script in wp_footer
  • Added disable comments feature
  • Added rewrite rules inspector
  • Added option to pause and restore the wp cron jobs
  • Added custom post types for the search engine limit
  • Fixed removing wp-admin notifications
  • Fixed plugin’s dashboard values bugs
  • Updated settings descriptions, UX improvements

Version 1.1.1 27th July 2016

  • Updated licensing dashboard
  • Updated plugin description

Version 1.1.0 15th July 2016

  • Added an overview of how many items are stored in the database and marked as trash, revision or spam
  • Control number of allowed revisions or disable it completely
  • Control autosave interval in sec
  • show trashed database numbers and allow to empty trash
  • Restrict blog search results to specific posts or pages
  • Select the number of days trashed posts are stored in the database or disable trash function
  • Added One-click delete unwanted items, e.g. open comments, spam comments or revisions

Plugin First Release 5th July 2016

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