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CM Locations Manager User Location Tracking for WordPress by CreativeMinds

Location Manager User Location Tracking Add-on For WordPress

CM Locations Manager User Location Tracking for WordPress by CreativeMinds main image

Add a “Submit Current Location” button by using a simple shortcode and let users see their location on Google Maps.

Requires CM Location Manager Pro.

Location Manager User Location Tracking Add-on Description

The User Location Tracking Add-on includes a powerful button that adds your current location to a Google Map managed by CM Location Manager.

The add-on uses the HTML5 Geolocation API, allowing users to share their location from most browsers. If you are a developer, you can create a similar app and hook it to the API.

Logged-in and guest users alike can share their location from multiple sites and all markers can appear on the same map. And there’s no privacy concern – the users must choose to share their location first.

Simple Interface

With a simple button, users can send their geolocation information, along with description. The button is created quickly via a shortcode.

Multiple users can share their location from multiple sites and all markers will be displayed on the map.

User successfully submits current location
User successfully submits current location

Tooltip With Description

User location tooltip with description
User location tooltip with description
The description added by the user is displayed as a tooltip.

That way, every location marker can have its notes.

Show Travel Path

The add-on registers every time the user shares their location.

As a result, the map will show not only the user location, but the travel path between positions as well.

The travel line is customizable to fit your site style.

Map with travel path
Map with travel path

Location Manager User Location Tracking Add-on Related Use Cases

Location Manager User Location Tracking Prerequisite Plugin

You need to have the CM Location Manager pro plugin installed before using this add-on.

Location Manager User Location Tracking Features

If you have more questions about this add-on, please check the user guide.

Easy to Use – The interface is as simple as a button
Mobile-Friendly – The add-on interface is responsive and displays properly in any mobile device.
Persistent – Users can keep the browser open and continuously send coordinates
Users are Identified – Users are named on each marking, making it easy to track who was where
Guest and Logged-in – Both non-logged-in and logged-in users can share their location
Multiple Entries – Every user can track their position as many time as they need
Description – Let users include a description and help them by including a default one

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Location Manager User Location Tracking Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of this add-on?

Locations Manager allows you to track user locations.

User Location Tracking expand this feature with a powerful button that allows users to send their location at any time.

Can I track the location of anonymous users?

Yes. Guest users (those not logged-in) can also choose to have their location tracked.

In that case, they must provide a name, which will be applied to their marker.

Do I have to pay to track locations? Is there a limit

The add-on uses HTML5 Geolocation API, which is free and limitless at the time of development.

Can I show the location of multiple users across multiple sites on a single map?

Yes. You can show the location of multiple users, even coming from different sites, on the same map. You can do so by pointing each installation of the add-on to the main site where the map is.

Does this add-on infringe users' privacy in any way?

No. The decision to send the current location comes from the user.

Once the location has been shared, it’s available for everyone to see on the map. However, only the user can share their location – the admin has no way to trigger that.

What do I need to use this add-on?

The base plugin:

CM Map Locations
Map Locations and Store Locator
This plugin lets users manage locations and supports location finder using Google Maps. Each individual location includes description, points of interest and images. Build a wordpress business location directory to support your business mapping requirements.
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