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Locations Manager – PeepSo Integration Addon for WordPress

Locations manager PeepSo Integration Addon adds the ability for PeepSo community members to create and discuss map locations and point of interest.

Administrator can moderate and mange locations before they are posted.

Locations Manager – PeepSo Integration AddOn Description

PeepSo is the next-generation of social networking plugin for WordPress. It allows you to create your own Online Community in just a few clicks.

Locations Manager is considered the best locations and point of interest manager plugin for WordPress and once integrated with PeepSo adds the ability to share Google maps with location information within the community.

Managing Member's Locations

Each PeepSo community member can post new locations which includes images, videos, textual description of the location and of course an interactive Google map showing the exact location on the map.
Profile page showing members posted locations
Profile page showing members posted locations

Once the user post a location, a new feed describing the location appears in his wall. Admin can also moderate the locations before they appear.

location Manager – PeepSo Integration AddOn Prerequisite Plugin

Map Locations and Store Locator
Manage map locations and support location finder using Google maps. Support for location description, images and videos.

location Manager – PeepSo Integration Additional Resources

Location Manager – PeepSo Related Add Ons

Map Routes Manager
Draw map routes and generate a catalog of routes and trails with points of interest using Google maps.
Locations Manager PeepSo Integration
Integrates the CreativeMinds locations manager plugin with PeepSo social network.

Locations Manager – PeepSo Integration AddOn Features

  • Locations Dashboard – Add a tab to each PeepSo member profile page which let him control his locations and add new ones. This tab is visible only to the user.
  • Published Locations – Add a tab to each PeepSo member profile page which includes all the locations he has published. This can also include a map showing all the posted locations . This tab is visible to everyone.
  • Feed Update – Once user post a new location his feed is automaticly updates with information regarding the new location.
  • User widget – PeepSo user widget includes links to the member profile routes tab.

Locations Manager – PeepSo Integration AddOn Image Gallery

Tooltip Glossary Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of this Plugin?

The PeepSo Integration add-on allows you to create a social network revolving around Maps Locations or add to Maps with Locations to your existing PeepSo network. These Locations can be anything… Restaurants, famous landmarks, tourist hot spots… Whatever you can think of.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

How can PeepSo users submit map locations through this add-on?

You can provide users with a link to manage map locations either through the Profile Widget. Then when a user logs into PeepSo they can click on the Manage Maps tab and they will be free to add and edit their map routes.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

Can the add-on post activity on the feeds of my PeepSo users whenever they post new map locations maps?

Yes you can. The posting of activity on the walls of users when they create new map locations is configurable through the PeepSo configuration settings.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

Is it possible to customize the posts that are automatically posted when users post new map locations maps?

Yes the posts can be customized through the PeepSo Configuration settings. Shortcodes can be included to include dynamic information such as the user’s name, the name of the route and the link to go to the route.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

Can we change the icons that appear beside the Locations Link or the Manage Locations Link?

You can, these can be changed through the configuration settings. Locate the fields labeled Locations link icon CSS for the Map Link or Manage Locations link icon CSS for the manage locations link icon.

These icons are imported from the DashIcons library and using CSS classes. Browse the Library (click here)and copy the css for the icon that you want to use. Then paste this CSS class into the field in the PeepSo Configuration settings.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

What options to we have for changing the appearance of the Locations Tab in PeepSo profiles of users?

The appearance of the Locations tab can e modified with the following changes:

  • Route featured image:- Set whether the map thumbnail or the first route image
  • Manage Locations under “My Locations” tab:- Toggle the display of a button directing the member to the manage locations page will appear within the Locations tab.

To learn more about this see this Help article.

Still have questions? Send us a message and we will reply within 24 hours.



Version 1.0.12 28th Feb 2018

  • Removed unused settings.
  • Upgraded the PeepSo supported version to at least 1.8.5.
  • Updated licensing library.

Version 1.0.11 26th Jan 2018

  • Added settings tab icon.
  • Updated licensing library.

Version 1.0.10 23rd Nov 2017

  • Updated the licensing package
  • Increased PeepSo max version

Version 1.0.9 from 29th Aug 2017

  • Fixed bug with icons not showing.
  • Fixed PHP notice on the configuration page .

Version 1.0.8 from 18th Aug 2017

  • Fixed bug with autoloading class PeepsoAddonRequirements.php

Version 1.0.7 from 15th Aug 2017

  • Changes related to the new PeepSo Core version (new navigation filters).

Version 1.0.6 from 9th Aug 2017

  • Fixed issue with version warning.
  • Fixed issue with dashicons.

Version 1.0.5 from 11th July 2017

Version 1.0.4 from 23rd June 2017

  • Added requirements notification.
  • Added update notification.
  • Updated menu links icons, added option to set the icon in settings.

Version 1.0.2 from 6th June 2017

  • Fixed featured image options.
  • Updated licensing package.

Version 1.0.1 from 8th May 2017

  • Added option to show “Manage Maps” section under the same tab.
  • Changed the default settings.

Plugin first release 15th April 2017