Custom Reports Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds

WordPress Reports Plugin by CreativeMinds

The CM Custom Reports WordPress plugin generates reports automatically based on user activity. With this WordPress report builder, you can create various types of reports and easily export and share important user data.

Custom WordPress Reports Plugin Description

The WordPress Exports and Reports plugin generates custom usage reports for your WordPress site. With over 20 statistical reports and graphs, you can quickly and easily track, analyze, and share a wide range of important user behavior and data.

Powerful WordPress Reporting Tool

Using a WordPress reporting tools plugin makes it easy to report user behavior by sending regularly scheduled reports to a defined email list.

Simply export reports to PDF or CSV files to share the performance and usage of your site with your staff, investors, or clients.

If you are looking to export all data from users, including custom profiles, consider checking the Export User Data plugin.

Example of Graph Showing Posting By Specific User Over Time
Example of Graph Showing Posting By Specific User Over Time

Custom Charts and Graphs

Available Reports Examples
Available Reports Examples
Choose which field to display on four different graph display types (pie, point, bar).

You can also customize graph, chart, and report labels to create just the data visualizations you need.

Quick Setup to Query MySQL

The WordPress user reports plugin gives you a simple setup and an easy-to-use interface to start generating reports from data pulled directly from the WordPress database. Example of a Pie Graph Showing Top Authors Posting
Example of a Pie Graph Showing Top Authors Posting

Schedule Reports

Dashboard Showing Scheduled Reports and Due Date.
Dashboard Showing Scheduled Reports and Due Date.
The WordPress report builder plugin allows WordPress site admins to create report templates and schedule reports to be sent to a set user list. These custom reports can be emailed directly to a list of users, or exported as a CSV or PDF.

Through these data mining activity reports, you can get essential statistics and track user behavior which can be analyzed to help you make better decisions in your site management.

Reports Included in the WordPress User Reports Plugin


    • Comments by Type – The amount of comments per post type (custom post type)
    • Comments by Author – The amount of comments per author
    • Number of Comments – The number of comments posted


    • New published pages – Number of pages published over time
    • Pages by Author – Number of pages per author
    • Trashed Pages – The stats of trashed pages
    • Page Views – The number of visits per page for a specific period


    • Posts by Type – Number of posts published by type
    • Posts by Author – Number of posts published per author
    • New published posts – Number of posts published over time
    • Trashed Posts – Number of posts trashed over time
    • Post Views – Number of visits per post for a specific period

    Posts & Pages

    • Basic information – Date, type, title, link and categories


    • Top Authors by number of Posts – Ranking of users by posts over time
    • Number of Registered Users – Stat over time
    • Registered Users Details – Name, e-mail and registration date of users


    • Revisions by Author – Amount of revisions per author
    • Number of Revisions – Amount of revisions over time


    • WP Login Details – CSV file with name, username, e-mail and login date
    • WP Number of Logins By User – Times each user logged in across the chosen period
    • Total Number of WP Logins – Amount of logins over time

WordPress Custom Reports Use Case Example

  • News & Blog Sites – Get valuable insights into the work of your author and important performance factors of your website.

WordPress Reports Plugin Integrations

WordPress Reports and Exports Additional Resources

Custom Report Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

Basic Features

Favorite Reports

Favorite Reports

Admin can create a list of favorite reports.

Graph Type

Graph Type

User reports can be displayed in several graph types (Bars, Points, Pie).

Reports Log

Reports Log

Include a log showing all produced and sent reports.

Various Reports

The default set of reports includes over 20 custom reports.

Scheduling Reports

Scheduling Reports

Reports can be sent on repeated dates using the report scheduling settings.

Graph Export Options

Graph Export Options

Graph can be exported to CSV and PDF. Using the date filter, you can export partial data or download all info at once.

Report Date Period

Report Date Period

Support filtering report data by time period.

Create Your Own Reports

Advanced users are able to create new report types to suit their needs.


Email Templates

Email Templates

Reports can be sent to users using several user defined templates.



Plugin includes admin ability to customize graphs and report labels, according to their personal preferences as well as set.

Report Types

Posts Reports

Posts Reports

Includes 6 reports for: new published posts, posts views, trashed posts, amount of posts by type, amount of posts by author, and a report with basic information about published posts and pages (date, type, title, link, categories and author).

Users Reports

Users Reports

Includes 3 reports for: top authors, number of registered users, and details of the registered users (name, email and registration date).

Revisions Reports

Revisions Reports

Includes 2 reports for: number of created revisions and amount of revisions by author.

Pages Reports

Pages Reports

Includes 4 reports for: new published pages, page views, pages by author, and trashed pages.

Comments Reports

Comments Reports

Includes 3 reports for: amount of comments by author, amount of comments by type, and amount of added comments.

WordPress Reports

WordPress Reports

Includes 3 reports for: details about user logins, number of user logins to the site, and number of user logins to the site by user.


Download and File Manager

Download and File Manager

Supports integration with Download and File Manager plugin to generate reports which include user e-mail, login date, file name, and download date.

WordPress Reports Plugin Plans and Pricing

Price includes 1 year support/updates. Manual renewal with 40% discount, not a subscription $29 $69
Number of Websites / License Activations 13
Extended Reports Set IncludedIncluded
Graph Type IncludedIncluded
Report Date Period IncludedIncluded
Favorite Reports IncludedIncluded
Graph Export Options IncludedIncluded
Scheduling Reports IncludedIncluded
Reports Log IncludedIncluded
Create Your Own Reports IncludedIncluded
Email Templates IncludedIncluded
Labels and Settings IncludedIncluded
Comments by Type IncludedIncluded
Comments by Author IncludedIncluded
Number of Comments IncludedIncluded
New published pages IncludedIncluded
Pages by Author IncludedIncluded
Trashed Pages IncludedIncluded
Page Views IncludedIncluded
Posts by Type IncludedIncluded
Posts by Author IncludedIncluded
New published posts IncludedIncluded
Trashed Posts IncludedIncluded
Post Views IncludedIncluded
Basic information IncludedIncluded
Top Authors by number of Posts IncludedIncluded
Number of Registered Users IncludedIncluded
Registered Users Details IncludedIncluded
Revisions by Author IncludedIncluded
Number of Revisions IncludedIncluded
WP Login Details IncludedIncluded
WP Number of Logins By User IncludedIncluded
Total Number of WP Logins IncludedIncluded
Download and File Manager IncludedIncluded
CM Export User Data Plugin Not includedIncluded
Product Knowledge Base Included Included
Priority email support Included Included
Product updates Included Included
Number of Websites / License Activations 13
Price includes 1 year support/updates. Manual renewal with 40% discount, not a subscription $29 $69

Custom Reports Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

How many reports can I create?

The plugin comes with 21 basic reports, but based on them and using the parameters that come with each, you can create many reports. There is no limit to the number of reports you can generate.

To learn more about viewing and using reports see this Help article

Can I email the reports to more than one user?

Yes. Upon creating a report and storing it, you may add several recipients for the report. To enter multiple email addresses for recipients of the report separate them using commas

Can I customize the reporting templates?

Yes. The reporting template can be customized and you may add your own content to it.

How often does the plugin generate reports?

That’s up to you to decide. Once installed and activated, the plugin will start gathering info for the custom reports that you define. You can schedule reports to be sent to your email daily, weekly, monthly or annually. You can also generate reports manually whenever you need them, and export them to CSV so you can play with the data.

Can I add as many custom WordPress reports as I like?

No. The free plan lets you generate up to five custom WordPress reports, and the pro plan lets you generate up to 21 different reports.

Each report will measure a different set of elements that you define, such as user comments, page development, user activity, site revisions and more.

Do you offer customization service to build reports which are currently not offered?


We have tried to cover all WordPress essential reports, but in case you need a specific report which is using data coming from a specific plugin we can help you build this.

The cost is around $180 per each report template. Once the report template is made, you can use the parameters in this report template to run many reports based on it.

WordPress Custom Reports Image Gallery

Back-end Gallery

Customer Reviews for the Custom Reports

  • Great report

    Easy to use I get what i want from this report to tracking performance for each writer and so them report each month.

    Great report Thanks

  • Working Perfectly

    My issue was completely resolved with the next upgrade. The CM Reports Pro plugin is now working perfectly with my Ultimate Member login configuration. Thanks!

  • Excellent for tracking work efficiency

    I’ve never seen any other plugin like this one. Although the information it provides is generally available on WordPress, it gives a nice order to everything and arranges the data in a way that lets you track how efficient you and your team are are at work. This is particularly useful for those working with remote employees for tracking their steps with things like how many revisions they made and how long it tool them to work on each post etc.

  • Slick reports!

    Simple and user-friendly plugin to add analytics layer to WordPress.

    Vova Feldman
  • just what we needed

    Simple and user-friendly plugin to add analytics layer to WordPress.

  • Helpful tool

    Simple to use. That’s what I’m looking for.

    Robert Sulkowski
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