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Tooltip Glossary Plugin for WordPress – Knowledge Base Solution

Effortlessly create a dynamic WordPress glossary knowledge base with the top WordPress glossary plugin.
Boost SEO with internal linking, integrate external content from ChatGPT, Gemini, Wikipedia and more. Add value with bilingual functionality and product recommendations. Aggregate knowledge with this WordPress wiki plugin functionality.
Use tooltips to highlight glossary terms on all your website or on selected pages.

Boost SEO With WordPress Glossary Plugin

WordPress Tooltip Glossary Plugin is the best WP knowledge base plugin to host a glossary of terms or information repository on your WordPress site!

Build an online dictionary, encyclopedia, wiki, or glossary, with the best Glossary plugin for WordPress! Enjoy this mobile-friendly plugin with AMP support, alphabetical index and supporting Glossary internal linking feature that will boost your SEO as well!

Easily create a Glossary with Our WordPress Glossary Plugin

This glossary plugin creates a customizable index page automatically, listing all terms.

Access term pages directly through the glossary index or by clicking on a term when it appears in the site content.

Learn how to create a glossary from the ground up

Sorting Terms Alphabetically
Sorting Terms Alphabetically

Customizing Glossary Index

Tooltip Glossary
Two templates - Tiles and Cubes
Customize your glossary index with an alphabetical navigation bar, fast live filter, social media share buttons and many other user-friendly options.

Choose from 18 different index page design templates to display your online dictionary content in a way that fits your site and content type.

From traditional glossary to stylish cubes and images, tailor the dictionary page to your needs with each glossary page template.

Dedicated Term Page

Thanks to the WordPress knowledge base plugin functionality, each term in the glossary has its WordPress unique post.

This page includes the term definition, media, and additional content from Wikipedia, Wiktionary, ChatGPT, Gemini, Google Translate, Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Amazon Banners (when using the necessary APIs).

Users can submit terms to build a community-entered knowledge base, with the option to moderate all submissions using the Glossary Community Terms Addon.

Glossary Term Page
Glossary Term Page

Customizing WordPress Tooltip

Examples of Pop-Up Tooltip Display
Examples of Pop-Up Tooltip Display
Once a glossary term has been added, each occurrence of the term will be highlighted in any page or post.

The WordPress tooltip plugin functionality allows you to easily change colors, font size, opacity, animation, and much more!

Customizing WordPress Tooltip Styles For Different Categories

The WordPress tooltip plugin allows you to override basic tooltip style settings for terms of a certain category: text and background colors, and text font size.

It will help your site visitors to easily distinguish terms from different categories.

This way you can diversify the appearance of terms on your site.

Examples of Term Tooltips of Different Categories
Examples of Term Tooltips of Different Categories

Embedding Images and Videos

Sample of Image Tooltip
Sample of Image Tooltip
With this glossary, you will be able to easily embed images, audio, and video files on the term page and/or term tooltip content.

Automatically add content from external sources like Wikipedia, Google Translate, Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Gemini or ChatGPT.

Synonyms, Abbreviations and Variations

Each encyclopedia or dictionary term and popup tooltip supports synonyms, abbreviations, and variations, making this the best glossary plugin for WordPress.

This enhances the scope of a Glossary term search within your content and gives you the flexibility to use a term in many different ways.

Example: 'CIA' can identify 'Central Intelligence Agency'. Also, 'game' and 'videogame' might be considered synonyms.

Synonyms Input Field on a Glossary Term Editing Page
Synonyms Input Field on a Glossary Term Editing Page

Glossary Term Content Filtering – Choose Where Tooltips Appear

Adding terms in categories in white and blacklist
Adding terms in categories in white and blacklist
The tooltip WordPress plugin functionality allows you to disable tooltips and highlights on a page-by-page basis.

Add specific terms to a blacklist or whitelist on individual pages or posts to disable/enable specific terms without needing to completely disable the glossary function on a page completely.

You can do the same not only with specific terms, but also with entire categories.

Take complete control over where and how terms are displayed throughout your WordPress website!

Glossary Term Category For Supporting Multiple Glossaries and Topics

Assign each Glossary term to a category to create a custom taxonomy for your online WordPress glossary, wiki, or dictionary.

By using different categories, easily create multiple glossaries, each with its dedicated index page. You can also use categories to support multiple languages which make this a great WordPress dictionary plugin as well.

For example: 'Basic French', 'Advanced French' and 'Business French'.

Creating glossary categories
Creating glossary categories

Mobile and AMP Support

Mobile and AMP Support
Mobile and AMP Support
You can adjust the Glossary settings to turn the tooltips and highlights on or off for mobile devices. Optimize the user experience no matter what device they are using.

Enjoy tooltips on AMP pages too. Accelerated Mobile Pages are one of the best alternatives for delivering content quickly - and now it's possible to also enrich it with tooltips.

Language Support in the Glossary Plugin

Create glossaries in languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Albanian, Korean, Arabic, Slavic languages, Hindi, Nepali, Tamil, Thai, and Uyghur. Your terms can have multiple versions – for example, English, Japanese, and French. Users can easily switch between languages.

The plugin supports UTF-8, allowing you to use virtually all characters, even symbols such as mathematical operators and music notation.

Also included are RTL (Right-to-left) language support and partial word search to improve compatibility with Asian languages.

Learn how to create multiple non-English glossaries from scratch!

Glossary in multiple languages
Glossary in multiple languages

Creating Footnotes

Example of displaying footnotes
Example of displaying footnotes
As an alternative to displaying tooltips, the plugin allows you to display glossary terms as footnote links.

The list of highlighted definitions will be displayed at the bottom of the article.

The Plugin Integration with ChatGPT and Gemini

The plugin supports integrations with ChatGPT and Gemini chatbots. It allows you to automatically generate definitions for your terms without the need to write terms manually.

Both chatbot integrations are also compatible with the Double-click feature. It means that when the user clicks on any word on the page, a tooltip will appear with an automatically generated definition by either ChatGPT or Gemini, even if the term is not defined as a glossary term.

How Glossary Terms Affect Your SEO

Related Terms and Articles on a Term page
Related Terms and Articles on a Term page
Glossary term pages are all linked together through a related terms mechanism and via the central index page.

This helps to create a strong infrastructure that enhances your site's SEO by quickly and continuously building a network of internal links.

WCAG 2.0 Support

The Glossary follows WCAG 2.0 recommendations.

It allows users with disabilities to navigate between glossary terms using the keyboard.

It is realized by adding ARIA attributes to glossary terms to help screen readers to understand the context.

Example of ARIA attrubutes added to glossary terms
Example of ARIA attrubutes added to glossary terms

Term pages can display related terms and articles that use the glossary term, helping lead users deeper into your site content.

By providing useful term definitions or supporting media in simple tooltips, users won’t need to rely on external resources to understand your content, no matter how technical it may be.

They will understand your content better and stay on your page longer, making both them and Google happy. Create the ultimate resource with this WordPress wiki plugin.

How Does the WordPress Knowledge Base Plugin Improve Your Site’s SEO?

  1. Generate Internal Linking – The plugin lets you automatically create links to term pages from existing blog posts or pages.

    This means that you have created thousand of backlinks in a matter of seconds to a term page from within your site with no extra work on your end!

  2. Integrate External Resources – You can easily add definitions for each term from multiple trusted sources like Merriam-Webster and Wikipedia.

    Linking to trusted resources helps validate your content with users and Google alike.

  3. Build Term Pages with Valuable Information – The Glossary plugin automatically creates a post for each term in the glossary and helps connect users to related terms and articles.

    This can help draw users into your site when they search for this terminology in Google, and help them stay on your site longer.

Translating The Plugin Interface

All frontend labels can be easily changed to any language so the user interface will speak your language. This also includes the alphabetic index page list.

For multilingual sites, the plugin further integrates with Google Translate and Merriam Webster, so you can translate specific words or phrases from a source language to a target language.

Translated terms and definitions can be displayed in both or a single language and enabled or disabled for individual terms.

With features similar to Wikipedia and Wikia, this dictionary addon is perfect for enriching Wiki platforms in any language.

Built For Performance

Do you have thousand of terms to add to your Glossary / wiki or dictionary? That’s ok. The premium version of WordPress plugin places no limits on the number of terms you can add and is optimized to run quickly.

The bottleneck is the server. When you reach thousands of items, the server might become overloaded. In that case the plugin offers performance and debugging tools to help you, such as server-side pagination.

Encyclopedia and Dictionary Integrations

The plugin functionality enables you to display content directly from Wikipedia, Merriam-Webster Dictionary, or Thesaurus by connecting the plugin with free API keys.

Fetch excerpts of their definitions in popup tooltips. Clicking on the term will route users to the term page where they can read full definitions, complete with supporting images, video, or audio files.

Connecting Wikipedia will turn the dictionary tool into the best WordPress wiki plugin, and your site into an encyclopedia. Show up-to-date wiki articles every time a user highlights a term.

Using Merriam-Webster Dictionary makes it both a super dictionary addon and a traditional glossary. Let users find out the definition of more complex terms.

This is a simple and fast way for users to access supplementary information without leaving your page or post.

Using the WordPress Tooltip Plugin

  • Great Site Organization – Easily create an A-Z in-depth glossary of terms to clarify definitions and organize your site’s content.
  • Simple Tooltips – Display clean tooltips that will only enhance your site’s UX (User Experience)
  • Image Tooltips – Add media and create image tooltips or video tooltips
  • Popup Tooltips – Place term definitions, images, videos, or any HTML content inside pop-up tooltips to appear when terms are hovered over anywhere on your site.
  • Internal Backlinks – Automatically generate pages and backlinks within your site to enhance SEO connectivity and user experience.
  • Integration with External API – Use free APIs to draw definitions from Wikipedia, ChatGPT, Gemini, Google Translate, Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus.
  • Amazon Banners – Monetize your site by displaying Amazon banners and WooCommerce descriptions in tooltips.
  • Filter Post Terms – Customize responsive tooltips for specific pages and posts using include/exclude, whitelist/blacklist and other useful hacks.
  • Tooltip Shape and Color – Shape the tooltip look and by customizing the tooltip background color, font size, border, shadowing, display delay, and more.

Who Can Benefit From a WordPress Knowledge Base?

  • WP site owners who need to explain or clarify complex terms within their content.
  • WP bloggers who want to neatly display and track affiliate links or product recommendations.
  • WP marketers who are looking to increase SEO juice and generate content.

Supplementary WordPress Resources

Tooltip-Related Blog Resources

WordPress Tooltip Plugin Features

Check the user guide for tutorials and in-depth descriptions of each feature.

Glossary Index

Index Page Templates

Glossary Index styles

Choose from 18 index templates to control how your glossary index is displayed. Each glossary page template shows terms in a different way: list, boxes, images and more.(Pro+/Ecommerce only. Pro version has limited views)

Multiple Languages

Multiple Languages

Host glossaries with different languages, for example – English and French.(Ecommerce only)

Multiple Shortcodes


Create multiple glossaries and display them on any page or post via shortcode, or use shortcodes to apply a tooltip to terms without adding them to the glossary index.(Pro/Pro+/Ecommerce)

Custom Style

Create a unique WordPress plugin glossary page in your own style by customizing the look and feel of the index page and tooltips.(Pro+/Ecommerce only. Pro version has limited styling options)

GDPR Compliant

The WordPress Tooltip Plugin gives users full control over their data and assists the admin with data regulations compliance.(Ecommerce only)

Divi, Elementor Compatible

Works with major WordPress themes.(Pro/Pro+/Ecommerce)

Glossary Search

Glossary Index search

Search internally for words or phrases in your index using a local, AJAX based search.(Pro+/Ecommerce only)

A-Z Glossary Index

A-Z Glossary Index

Display an A-Z glossary, change the order of letters and include other symbols in the list.(Pro/Pro+/Ecommerce)

Knowledge Base Backup

Knowledge Base Backup

Automatically save a copy of your external glossary to the server with PIN protection and scheduled backups.(Pro/Pro+/Ecommerce)

Multi-Site Compatibility

Fully compatible with WordPress Multisite, so you can easily spread your glossary knowledge base across multiple domains.(Pro/Pro+/Ecommerce)

SEO Optimized

Adding glossary term list builds internal links that strengthen your website’s SEO. The WordPress Tooltip Plugin works beautifully with Yoast SEO.(Pro/Pro+/Ecommerce)

UTF8 Characters

Support all letters defined in UTF8 encoding including non latin characters.(Pro/Pro+/Ecommerce)

Glossary Terms

Term Categories

Term Categories

Create glossary categories and assign each term to a category. This will let your visitors filter terms by categories. It also supports building multiple glossaries on the same site.(Pro+/Ecommerce only)



Add acronyms and abbreviations to your glossary terms. Choose whether abbreviated words will also be highlighted in posts and pages.(Pro+/Ecommerce only)

Term Template

Term Template

Use a term page template to customize the display of words and phrases in your glossary.(Pro+/Ecommerce only)


White list or Blacklist glossary terms

You can choose to remove blacklisted terms/categories from parsing, or have a whitelist of terms/categories available on given page/post.(Pro+/Ecommerce only)

Import Terms

Import Glossary terms from CSV

Build your dictionary, wiki, encyclopedia, or glossary by importing a list of words using a .csv file.(Pro/Pro+/Ecommerce)

Same Term, Multiple Definitions

Create multiple definitions for the same term, giving you unlimited flexibility over term content.(Pro+/Ecommerce only)

Term Tags

Term Tags

Use tags to organize words and phrases into searchable tagged groups.(Pro+/Ecommerce only)



Add synonyms to glossary terms to clarify similar terms and expand your glossary’s lexicon. Term synonyms will also be highlighted in posts and pages.(Pro/Pro+/Ecommerce)

Related Articles

Related Articles

Automatically display a list of all pages and posts that relate to a word or phrase on the glossary term page.(Pro/Pro+/Ecommerce)

Related Terms

Related Glossary Terms

Automatically display a list of related glossary terms at the bottom of a page or a post.(Pro/Pro+/Ecommerce)

Export Terms

Export Glossary Terms

Export your glossary term list to a .csv file. Share and build up your list by easily uploading it to other glossaries.(Pro/Pro+/Ecommerce)

Target Term Link

Set specific terms to link to external URLs.(Ecommerce only)


AMP Support

AMP Support

Display tooltips on AMP pages.(Pro/Pro+/Ecommerce)

Custom Category Tooltip Style

Custom Category Tooltip Style

Customize basic tooltip styles for each category: tooltip width and height, text font size, and colors of text and background.(Pro+/Ecommerce only)

Images in Tooltips

Images in Tooltips

Embed featured images in each of your glossary items. Images are shown in the tooltip content when they are hovered over, and may also be displayed on the glossary term page.(Pro+/Ecommerce only)

Audio Tooltips

Audio Tooltips

Add audio files in tooltips for visitors to easily play within an embedded media player.(Ecommerce only)

Tooltip Image Parsing

Show tooltip on top of an image

Display a tooltip for images if the terms are found in the image alt attribute.(Ecommerce only)

Choose Content

Select which part of the term description should go into the tooltip.(Pro/Pro+/Ecommerce)

Custom Tooltip Fonts

Custom Tooltip Fonts

Customize tooltip font size and style from a list of fonts available.(The list of fonts is available in Ecommerce version only)

Double Click Tooltip

Double Click Tooltip

Users can double-click on any word or phrase to show an infotip generated from Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Amazon, Merriam-Webster, Gemini or ChatGPT.(Ecommerce only)

Tooltip Video

Tooltip Video

Add videos from YouTube or Vimeo to play inside the glossary term tooltip.(Ecommerce only)



Display footnote links instead of tooltips with the list of definitions below the article.(Pro/Pro+/Ecommerce)

Mobile Tooltips

Mobile support for tooltips

Tooltips are mobile-friendly and adjust responsively. There are multiple settings to control tooltip behavior on mobile devices including completely removing them only from mobile or only showing them on mobile and not on desktop.(Pro/Pro+/Ecommerce)

Transparent Tooltip

Transparent Tooltip

Control tooltip transparency to better display video and image content.(Pro/Pro+/Ecommerce)




Display definitions automatically generated by ChatGPT.(Ecommerce only)



Show content from Wikipedia for each term, if it matches the Wikipedia entry. Wiki content can be shown inside the tooltip or on the term page.(Ecommerce only)

Merriam-Webster Dictionary / Thesaurus

Merriam-Webster Dictionary / Thesaurus

Use the Merriam-Webster API to show their definition of a term inside its tooltip or on the term page. This requires acquiring free API keys from Merriam-Webster.(Pro+/Ecommerce only)

WooCommerce Products

WooCommerce Products

Integrate with WooCommerce product catalog and shows a clickable product snippet from your Woo store inside the tooltip content.(Ecommerce only)

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)

Parse the ACF fields with of various (selectable) types.(Pro/Pro+/Ecommerce)



Display definitions automatically generated by Gemini.(Ecommerce only)

Google Translate

Google Translate

While using Google Translate API you can show a translation of the term content inside the tooltip. This requires acquiring a Google Translate API key.(Pro+/Ecommerce only)



While using Wiktionary API you can show content from Wiktionary inside the toolti or in the tem post.(Ecommerce only)

Glosbe Dictionary

Glosbe Dictionary

Show definitions from Glosbe dictionary for each term.(Pro+/Ecommerce only)

Amazon Products

Amazon Products

Show an Amazon Banner widget inside the tooltip content. The Amazon product category can be set by the admin for each term. The widget is based on the glossary term definition.(Ecommerce only)


Social Media Widget

Social Media Widget

Add a social share widget to glossary term pages, making it easy for visitors to share your content.(Pro+/Ecommerce only)

Share/Embed Option

Share/Embed Option

Display a share/embed icon on each term page that allows visitors to embed a glossary definition on their site with a iframe code.(Pro+/Ecommerce only)


Community Terms

Community Terms

Community Terms Add-on lets users suggest terms for your Glossary. Each new term can be moderated and categorized accordingly.

Remote Import

Remote Import

Remote Import Add-on allows to copy and sync WordPress glossaries to multiple sites and keep them updated automatically.

Search Console

Search Console

Search Console Add-on enhances the accessibility of your glossary by adding a floating widget to the bottom of your website, allowing users to easily search your terms and content.

Custom Taxonomies

Custom Taxonomies

Custom Taxonomies Add-on adds support for multiple taxonomies and filtering for the glossary terms. Boost your glossary structure and hierarchy.

PeepSo Integration


PeepSo Integration Add-on integrates your glossary knowledge base with your PeepSo community. Show tooltips for PeepSo content and let members submit terms.

Log & Statistics

Log & Statistics

Log & Statistics Add-on collects statistical data to monitor user interactions with your glossary terms and tooltips.

Tooltip Glossary Plans and Pricing

Price includes 1 year support/updates. Manual renewal with 40% discount, not a subscription $36 $59 $89 $119
Number of Websites / License Activations 13510
Unlimited number of glossary term items Included Included Included Included
Support custom post types Included Included Included Included
Footnotes Included Included Included Included
Optimized for Speed Included Included Included Included
Multisite Support Included Included Included Not included
Mobile friendly Included Included Included Not included
Custom Permalink Included Included Included Not included
A-Z Glossary Index Page Included Included Included Included
Index Page Pagination Included Included Included Included
Glossary Search Not included Included Included Included
Index Page Styles Not included Included Included Included
Related Posts/Terms Included Included Included Not included
Synonyms, Singular & Plural Included Included Included Not included
Glossary Shortcodes Not included Included Included Included
Glossary Categories Not included Included Included Included
Customize Term Template Not included Included Included Included
Whitelist/Blacklist Not included Included Included Included
Term Abbreviations Not included Included Included Included
Highlight terms in Comments Not included Included Included Included
Featured Image Support Not included Not included Included Included
Term Tags Not included Not included Included Included
Contextual Terms Support Not included Not included Included Included
Multiple term definitions Not included Not included Included Included
Custom links Not included Not included Included Included
Show Tooltip in Pages & Posts Included Included Included Included
Customize Tooltip Style Included Included Included Included
Frontend Turn Tooltip Off Button Not included Included Included Included
Double Click Support Not included Not included Included Included
Embed Audio in Tooltip Not included Not included Included Included
Parse Image Alt to show Tooltip content Not included Not included Included Included
Embed Video in Tooltip Not included Not included Included Included
UTF8 Characters Included Included Included Included
WPML Support Included Included Included Not included
Eastern Languages Support Not included Included Included Included
Terms and Glossaries in Multiple Languages Not included Not included Included Included
Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Support Included Included Included Not included
Google Translate integration Not included Included Included Included
Merriam-Webster Dictionary / Thesaurus Not included Included Included Included
Glosbe Dictionary Not included Included Included Included
Wikipedia Integration Not included Not included Included Included
Wiktionary Integration Not included Not included Included Included
ChatGPT Integration Not included Not included Included Included
Gemini Integration Not included Not included Included Included
Amazon Products Integration Not included Not included Included Included
WooCommerce Products Integration Not included Not included Included Included
Import / Export Included Included Included Included
Share This Widget Not included Included Included Included
Search & Replace Engine Not included Included Included Included
Share with iframe Not included Not included Included Included
Community terms add-on Not included Not included Not included Included
Statistics add-on Not included Not included Not included Included
Glossary search widget add-on Not included Not included Not included Included
Glossary custom taxonomies add-on Not included Not included Not included Included
Glossary import add-on Not included Not included Not included Included
Glossary visual widgets add-on Not included Not included Not included Included
Tooltip on Backend add-on Not included Not included Not included Included
PeepSo integration add-on Not included Not included Not included Included
Product Knowledge Base Included Included Included Not included
Priority email support Included Included Included Not included
Product updates Included Included Included Not included
Number of Websites / License Activations 13510
Price includes 1 year support/updates. Manual renewal with 40% discount, not a subscription $36 $59 $89 $119

Tooltip Glossary Image Gallery

Glossary Page Templates Gallery

Front-End Gallery

Back-end Gallery

Tooltip Glossary Add-ons and Modules

Extend the functionality of your WordPress Tooltip Plugin with these great add-ons!

Purchase individually or get all 8 add-ons when you purchase the Tooltip Glossary Ultimate Expert (eCommerce) plan.

Plugin Bundles with WordPress Tooltip Plugin

Tooltip Glossary Related Plugins

Tooltip Glossary Frequently Asked Questions

Tooltip Dictionary Plugin Pre-Sales Questions

Do I have to pay a monthly or yearly fee for this plugin? Or do I pay once?

Once you buy it, it keeps working forever.

You also receive one license, valid for one year, that grants you free updates and support. You can renew this license after one year with a discount.

Why should I have a glossary in WordPress?

The benefits are various: SEO and traffic, user satisfaction, easy way to generate high-quality and connected content, among others.

Can I create a glossary without a plugin?

Yes, but that requires coding experience and time.

With our plugin, you can easily add terms for your glossary, show beautiful tooltips on posts in which the terms appear and all of that without coding at all. It’s the best way to create your glossary.

If you are adamant about trying, we have some tips:How To Create a Glossary Without Plugin? (Video).

Can I create a dictionary with this plugin?

Yes, there are many ways to use Tooltip Glossary as a dictionary plugin.

Some tips:

  • Get automatic definitions from Google Translate
  • Get automatic definitions from Merriam Webster
  • Get automatic definitions from Wiktionary
  • Get automatic definitions from Glosbe Dictionary
  • Create manual translations

Choose the most relevant method and create premium content!

Why is this the best glossary plugin?

This WordPress plugin for glossary and tooltip is over six years old, period in which it has received countless updates. Plus, it is still being updated.

We at CreativeMinds are proud to say it has received raving reviews from our kind customers – see some samples in the Reviews tab.

Is this a WordPress plugin or a theme?

No. Tooltip Glossary is a plugin, which works well with most themes.

It does not change the visual of your site. Instead, it helps you create content, such as glossary pages, wiki tooltips, video tooltips and much more.

Is Plugin compatible with any specific Theme ?

You can use DIVI, Elementor, Avada, Genesis Framework, Enfold, Ultra, Beaver, Visual Composer, Themify and any other major themes.

If you are working with another builder or a specific theme, get in touch with us.

How do I upgrade CM Tooltip from Free to Pro?

To upgrade from the free pla to the pro you need first to deactivate and delete the free plan. All terms that have been created with the free plan will be automatically transferred to the pro. Then download the pro plan from CreativeMinds customer dashboard and install it. For the plugin to work you need to activate the license. Here is a video explaining this

Does the WordPress Tooltip Plugin support localization?

All the Glossary premium plans can be easily localized. First the plugin labels can be changed in the plugin settings. Plugin supports all UTF-8 languages, RTL languages and Asian languages. On top we also support WPML. Here is more information about WPML support.

Tooltip Dictionary Plugin Features

Can I display a single glossary category?

With the Advanced (Pro+) and Expert (eCommerce) plan Once you’ve created your glossary categories, placing a single glossary category inside a page or post can easily be done using the shortcode [glossary cat=”cat name” ].

Can I build multiple glossaries on one glossary site?

Supporting multiple glossaries is done using categories which are part of the Advanced (pro+) and Expert (Ecom) plan. Here is help document about this.

Can I turn off the tooltip?

Yes. Tooltips can be turned off everywhere, per custom post type and also per a specific post.

Can I display glossary definitions as footnotes?

Yes, you can enable displaying glossary terms as footnotes with the list of relevant definitions at the bottom of the page.

You can customize the footnotes appearance. Learn more about it in the guide.

Does the plugin support custom post types?

Yes. In the plugin settings, select for which custom post type you want to have the plugin show tooltips and parse the content.

Is the plugin mobile-friendly? Can I show/disable tooltips on mobile devices?

Yes. You can turn them on and off on mobile devices.

Also, you can change its behavior to make it easier to use in touch screens (for instance, only triggering after a click).

Can I show tooltips on AMP pages?

Yes. You can turn this on. It’s compatible with both AMP and AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages plugins.

Note that, in AMP pages, tooltips only appear on click and have no animation.

Learn more: Extras – Showing Tooltips on AMP Pages (Accelerated Mobile Pages).

Can I localize the alphabet index to my language alphabet letters?

Yes. In the plugin settings, replace the English alphabet letters with your alphabet letters.

More: use a standard glossary A-Z, change the order of the letters and include other UTF-8 characters in the order. For example, let your glossary page start with i and end with ø.

Can this plugin generate PDF files?

Yes. There’s no built-in glossary PDF feature, but you can save any page from your browser as PDF. To do so, choose “Print” and then “Save as PDF”.

With this, you can export index and term pages as PDF files.

How to create an Image tooltip?

Image tooltip can be created using the Expert (eCommerce) plan of the plugin. Check this help document for more explanations

How to remove the sidebar On Glossary term post?

You can change the term post template in the Glossary Advanced (Pro+) and Expert (eCommerce) plans. It’s all about having the right template in the theme (without the sidebar) and applying it to for the Glossary terms. Here is help document covering this.

Customer Stories for the Tooltip Glossary

Trusted by over 13,000 WordPress Users

Domyo Burk, the author of Zen Studies Podcast
I'm delighted with the results
I chose Tooltip Glossary because it gave me considerable control over how tooltips appear on my website, and because it included the option for a beautiful index page. I'm delighted with the results because my readers can quickly and easily access definitions as they go, without disrupting their reading
Domyo Burk, the author of Zen Studies Podcast

Harald Borjans, creator of the Online Academy for Communication
Beautiful Plugin
Before, I could only find the information on other websites. Now the information is in my hands. It’s a beautiful plugin. Especially when you have the Pro version, the layout gets a boost
Harald Borjans, creator of the Online Academy for Communication

Dragana Amarilis, teacher and linguist
Fantastic Plugin
Fantastic plugin, not only for creating dictionary also for managing any kind of web content. My advice is: test the free version, but do not wait too long before getting the Tooltip Glossary Pro
Dragana Amarilis, teacher and linguist

Cara Biasucci, creator and director of Ethics Unwrapped
Tooltip Glossary has helped us
Tooltip Glossary has helped us deliver and link content within the site in a way that is user-friendly. The Ethics Unwrapped website has an average of 40,000 users monthly
Cara Biasucci, creator and director of Ethics Unwrapped

Dani Amsalem, Decryptionary's creator
I couldn’t have done it without Tooltip Glossary
I couldn’t have done it without Tooltip Glossary. I pretty much tried all the top rated and the newest plugins. I also contacted the developers to understand if their product would fit my need. Several sources were saying positive things about Tooltip Glossary so in the end it was a no-brainer
Dani Amsalem, Decryptionary's creator

@pparnham from
Rolls Royce Plugin
CM Tooltip Glossary Pro+ has allowed us to take our site to the next level. Its ability to cross-reference material encyclopedia-style creates incredible opportunities for an online publishing platform like ours

Customer Reviews for the Tooltip Glossary

  • The one to choose if you need a glossary

    I spent a week testing all tooltip/glossary plugin's available for WP - most of them in their pro versions. CM Tooltip is actually the most inexpensive, but the most advanced too! It is the one to choose, if you do need a glossary. They provide the most elaborate documentation with lots of sophisticated features to customise to my needs - maybe yours too. After all it is the most inexpensive - it saves a lot of time!

  • Great product for English learners!

    I use this glossary tool to teach English to foreign students. It’s great for this purpose! I’m using the free version.

    One enhancement that really add to the value would be to allow the glossary entry to be various forms of a word such that ALL forms would be automatically tool-tipped.

    Glossary Entry Example: provision#provisions#provisioned#provisioning Definition: [goes here]

  • Working properly!

    Good plugin.

  • Wonderful tool and great support

    We’re using the tooltips extensively and can’t be happier with it. The issues we had were dealt with swiftly and in a very polite and friendly manner. Highly recommended!

  • Very Pleased

    So far I’ve had an excellent experience with this plugin. The free version did everything the author said it will do. I upgraded to the Ecommerce version and had a minor display problem which their support took care of in record time. I heartily recommend this plugin to anyone looking for a good glossary plugin.

    Now two weeks later. I’m now VERY VERY pleased with the plugin and the people who created it. A major conflict showed up with another really important plugin on my site. I honestly thought I would have to ask CreativeMinds for my money back. I sent in a support request and a fellow named John got back to me right away with a very nice fix to the problem. Wow! I wish I could give them another 5 stars.

  • Great plugin!

    Awesome work.

  • Rolls Royce plugin

    CM Tooltip Glossary Pro + has allowed us to take our site to the next level. Its ability to cross-reference material encyclopaedia-style creates incredible opportunities for an online publishing platform like ours. What makes it even better is that they have a dedicated support team that gets the job done when you need help. Good work and thanks.

  • Very good work!

    A very good tool! I’m using the free Version for my Blog and it does exactly what it should!

  • Really great addition to a website

    This is a really well-thought out plugin and very easy to work with. I’m a fan!

  • Perfect

    This plugin do a perfect job ! No negative point found !

  • Excellent plugin, ideal for websites using uncommon/specialis terms and Acronyms

    I run a website that relies on users understanding the meaning of the terminology used throughout, without sending them off to a Glossary page every few sentences. This plugin makes it seamlessly simple, by adding tooltip-style pop-up glossary definitions…. What’s more, the plugin offers the additional option of linking the glossary entries to a separate page for more in-depth definitions and links to websites that give more information and links to external/internal websites, pages and resources. This mean that the user can view the concise glossary tooltip definition by hovering over the term, and then visit the in-depth description page by clicking on it.

  • Go for Pro – Fantastic value at twice the price

    Functionality, flexibility and options exactly as advertised and more. But the support is what makes this 5 star!

  • Amazing service

    Purchased the Pro version, only to find out it does not support categories (didn’t read that, my bad). Send a e-mail on sunday to upgrade to pro+. I got a answer within 10 minutes and it was taken care of within 30 minutes totaal. Amazing service and besides that: amazing plugin!

  • Excellent support

    Used the free version for a while, wanted per-page-disable so upgraded to pro+.

    Had questions answered rapidly by support.


  • Good Plugin and Excellent Support

    Had a conflict issue with plugin and their support worked until the issue was resolved. Very good adaptable plugin. Loads of features, perhaps too many 🙂

  • Well done!

    What a great plugin! I easily added definitions for words that need defining and the plugin did the rest. The language learners can now mouseover the words they might not know and have definition show up in a tooltip.

    Many thanks for creating this!

  • Plug and Play

    Easy installation, instant satisfaction. And it even looks great on my site. Happy!

  • awesome plugin and fast customer service

    I really love the plugin in its simplicity. I first tried the free version, than got pro and finally decided to upgrade to pro+. Customer service was super fast to reply to my requests and helped me fix my problem within an hour or so.

  • Just incredible

    I highly recommand this glossary plugin !

    Nice support, nice options and pretty easy to use for non-english people !

    I’m very pleased to use it 🙂

    Thank you !


    This is a great plugin I highly recommend if you are building a glossary.

    The support is great as the team always gets back to me.

    There are numerous options to customize the glossary layout and there are options to choose a version that meets your needs as well.

    If you want to see a comparison of features between the various versions click this link

    If you need a glossary solution … look no further … this is the one you need!

  • Great plugin

    After installing the plugin, it was really easy to use, but I was missing some additions to the plugin. I contacted their support, asking if it was possible to change my view and ask for these additions, and they did it. I am very pleased now!

    Thank you!


  • Nice plugin!

    It’s a very nice plugin that’s bound to have a positive effect on SEO.

  • Great product with great support

    We used this glossary tool for our new website which has 1600 glossary terms in 7 languages.

    The plugin is working great and any issues we encountered surrounding the multilingual aspect of the website where dealt with by support in an eager, fast and enthusiastic manner.

    We also tried out other glossary plugins, but this tool got the job done with extra features not available in other plugins.

    The support is top class and will enable you to achieve your objective.

    I recommend this plugin 100% for your glossary needs.

  • good

    Thanks, the plugin is working good in my website.

  • Great plugin great support

    Works great with the site, also the support is fantastically helpful too! Helped us with issues of our ajax site a lot, thanks guys!

  • Great Plugin

    I’m still in the process of setting up my glossary of stock market terms, but so far I have been able to do everything I want to do, except for the linking of glossary terms to the tooltip itself, which I’ve been told by support affects the performance of the plugin too much. But otherwise I’m very happy. The tooltips look professional and everything links perfectly. I’m also able to add videos and images to glossary terms, which is very helpful. And it allows you to add synonyms that automatically appear in the glossary index page. I tried quite a few glossary plugins before this one, and this is the only one that offers to most in terms of functionality. And support is very responsive. Overall, I’m happy, thanks Creative Minds.

  • Très utile et fonctionne parfaitement

    Vraiment un bon plugin pour gérer un Wiki automatique. Juste être prudent lors des mises à jour, vérifier que toutes les options sont bien configurées et ne pas oublier de réactiver la licence. Les options de configuration dans la version Ecommerce sont vraiment nombreuses et peuvent convenir à tous les besoins. Si vous voulez voir un exemple d’utilisation c’est ici : [Link redacted]

  • The Best Glossary Plugin

    If you are about to do research on the best glossary plugin, let me save you some time. The CM Tooltip Glossary plugin is by far the best. Let me explain why… I researched about 10 of the most popular plugins for my site [Link redacted], I looked up each one, researched its functionality and then finally decided on CM Tooltip Glossary. Here’s why… most people are simply looking for a way to list out a few terms. However, this is missing the larger picture, which is quickly building a massive link structure for SEO. This is what CM Tooltip Glossary does amazing. While other plugins simply list the terms in a grid format, CM Tooltip gives you the ability to automatically create links to the glossary pages from existing blog or article pages. This means within seconds, you have the ability to create hundreds of backlinks to the term page from within your site. It also offers a variety of customization options for the terms and how they are displayed when you hover over them. You can easily add multiple sources to each term, which again, is a great way to strengthen your SEO. Bottom line: If you’re going to build a glossary, you might as well build on that creates value other than listing a few terms on your website.

  • Support

    I thank the prompt service whenever requested. Good team!

  • Nice plugin

    A perfect plugin to build a professional glossary, for me the best glossary pl listed in this place.

    Great job

  • A plugin to be example for developers

    This is a role model for how a plug-in should be!

    I has more customization options than I expected. Everything is tought very well.

    Worth every penny!

  • Great plugin!

    Amazing plugin, it’s exactly what I was looking for. The best support I’ve ever seen. Thanx!

  • good work

    I started using this plugin and I find very useful!

    I’m using CM Tooltip Glossary to organize glossary terms for mu students, to help tham understand better the articles I’m writing … really a good work

  • Great products, great team!!

    This is the second time I've communicated with Marcin via the support channel and once again my expectations were not only met, they were far exceeded. I was able to communicate quickly and effectively with Marcin in order to figure out what was going on. Two big thumbs up from me. Great products, great team!!

  • Fantastic plugin with great support

    We’re using this to add references to a field guide. It works wonderfully. Support experience: We were experiencing an issue where occasionally, one of the references would break and show the HTML with the entirety of the information. I opened a ticket and set messed up providing them access to help troubleshoot. However, just by my description, they were able to provide the fix (to my custom code) to address the issue.

    Long story short, we have a custom function that customizes our post titles breaking plant names into name, genus & family. It was breaking the code for the glossary entries. They provided the code to exclude the Glossary titles from our function.

    It works wonderfully!

  • Excellent support

    My site uses a custom theme, and the CM support team helped me to figure out why the theme didn’t play nicely with this plugin. Definitely worth what I paid for the premium plugin!

  • Great product, great support

    Great product with tons of configurability!

  • Featured on iThemes Training Plugin Roundup Jan 4, 2016

    Nice concept and excellent implementation. Easy for anyone to set up and use. Lots of creative possibilities here.

  • Support is very good

    I had an idea for my future site and I wrote a message to support with my suggestions. And it turns out that some (that make sense) of my suggestions will be implemented in a future release. Very cool!

  • Great plugin, excellent support

    This is a first class plugin with a very extensive feature set. I use it as part of a small knowledge base and it is a tremendous timesaver. If anything, the hover activated tooltip part of the plugin, although very well implemented, is secondary to some of the other features – especially the automated term highlighting and the inclusion of related articles at the foot of each page (all customizable on a page/post by page/post basis) .

    I did run into one or two fairly minor issues related to integration of the plugin with the WP theme that I am using. Support to resolve these issues went beyond excellent.

    Highly recommended on all counts.

  • Plugin and Support Is Awesome

    There are a log of great plugins out there and this is one of them. Not only does it work excellent but the support was so fast I was amazed even with the amount of questions I was throwing at them. That is what makes a plugin great. I can see that it helped with SEO and that was one of the reasons for adding it.

  • Professional Team

    I had special requirements for the plugin and they were ready to implement it by our needs. The team made excellent job and the support was amazing.

  • Great!

    Great plugin and great support team!

  • Best glossary plugin I tried

    I tried several glossary plugins, most of them free. None of them offered the feature set that Tooltip Glossary offered. The configuration panel offers a huge array of customizations. It works like advertised, and the support is fast and friendly. I highly recommend it.

  • Great Plugin / Great Support: Recommended!!

    This is a fantastic plugin, and I highly recommend it. I asked for support and got it within 24 hours, twice in fact. Best of kind plugin. Get it.

  • Nice plugin, good support

    Nice plugin, very good support. Can definitely recommend this plugin, value for money!

  • Best Tooltip Plugin on Market & Dev Is Very Responsive

    Have looked at all tooltip plugins on market and this one works the best for us, by far. The dev is VERY responsive and has gone out of his way at least four or five times to fix issues we were having, some being conflicts with other plugins that were coded poorly …. He has even gone as far as to update cm tooltips to prevent said conflicts from occurring…. even though it was the fault of another plugin. One of the most responsive plugin developers I’ve worked with, by far!

  • Pro user – Does what it ays

    We’re currently pro users (licensed users) and recently had some hiccups when we upgraded WordPress to 4.2.2. In the end they were all items on our end / our responsibility, but support was extremely fast in responding (and also very non judgmental). The plugin is very robust and gives you a lot of control.

  • Fantastic Support

    I had been using their plugin for a year, but then began encountering a few issues. I sent them an email and they helped out straight away. They were absolutely fantastic and sorted everything. I would highly recommend them.

  • Great Plugin, Great Support

    Thanks for the wonderful plugin. Incredibly flexible and really easy to use.

    Your support is fantastic, every site is a different, and your support team made sure that I have all the functionality I need, this is what a product should be!

    Thank you for a great experience,

    Ecommerce Retailer.

  • Thanks

    Thank you guys for this useful plugin!

  • Just got pro!

    Just got myself the pro+ version of this one after using the regular one for quite a while. Very satisfied … and now I can have seperate glossaries in parallel … very nice! Highly reccommended!

  • Good plugin

    A good glossary plugin with a good support.

  • Tooltip PRO

    The plugin is a perfect fit for our church website … we’re working to reduce the amount of text the visitors have to wade through, by moving much of that text into Tooltips. It’s doing the job for us very nicely!

    8/29/15 Still a great Plugin, with responsive, professional tech support!

  • Powerful plugin, lots of options

    It’s not the most intuitive plugin but it’s very powerful and the developer has put a lot of thought into how it works. I noted some accessibility issues (WCAG 2.0 AA criteria) and the developer has been responsive to my suggestion of making the plugin compliant. They have committed to fixing this in future releases 🙂

  • New version CM tooltip 3.1.7 : Great plugin and awesome support

    Since I installed Twenty Thirteen switched from Hueman, CM tooltip plugin stopped showing on the page. It still appeared as float but not on the actual page.

    I contacted the CM tooltip team and they released up-date so it won’t send auto RSS feed…..this does not make any sense to a newbie like me but their quick response to my problem was great!!!

    As I have English/Japanese site for Japanese food recipes and recommended places in Japan. I wanted to have cooking and food terminologies on my site.

    This plugin has been a great way to do what I wanted.

    If anybody is interested making a glossary like that, this can be an example 😉

    My site is ; [Link redacted]

  • Very impressed!

    CM Glossary Tooltip has been a great addition to my website. I use a lot of different financial terms on my site and tooltip provides more info on the terms I use to make it much easier for my readers to understand. The feedback I have received on my site after installing CM Glossary Tooltip has been very positive. Everyone has commented on how much they like the fact that they simple need to “hover” over the terms they don’t understand in order to see a definition of it in more detail. I have also received many comments on the A-Z Glossary Index Page that shows provides the links back to the source page. Many of my financial reports can be linked here and visitors on my website have provided a lot of positive feedback for this new improvement. I was so impressed with the free edition, that I purchased the Pro Edition of Word Press Glossary. It has been very beneficial for me to be able to add synonyms and abbreviations as well as plural forms of words. The Pro Edition allows me to generate link types for much larger glossaries and this feature alone has been well worth the money. I have been very happy with this product and highly recommend it.

  • Wonderful!

    I loved this software so much! I enjoy writing and reading informational articles that have plenty of medical terminology. If I am reading the work of people who use this software, I can understand the article easier. Rather than having to Google search for each definition, I can hover above the word to get a definition. Knowing this, I am sure my readers also find it easier to understand what I am saying when I use medical terminology. Like any product, there is always room for improvement; unlike every creator, this software is improved on a daily basis. Great software, unique software. Buy it!

  • Good plugin

    Easy plugin, full of features. You have a glossary instantly. Had a bug in my website , I used the support and they fixed it quickly.

  • Great plugin, awesome support.

    This is a really handy plugin. I had an issue that was rectified fairly quickly and I’m super impressed that their tech support team gets back to you within 24 hours. You can’t beat that.

  • perfect solution! many thanks!

    this is a great solution and very unique plugin, many thanks!!!

  • outstanding – features * admin interface * styling * support

    This is just BLISS for information workers, teachers, researchers, a FAQ provider, a business directory, a project knowledgebase. OUTSTANDING – FEATURES * ADMIN INTERFACE * STYLING * SUPPORT

    I have searched for years and years to find the best way to present articles online and at last at last I have it. Tooltips Glossary is very well presented on the admin side with plenty of admin info notes. It has tons of options so I can be fussy and get what I want. Heaven. The really huge thing is its core – the global sitewide links which attach to every instance of the titles of its articles (Terms). So wherever that word occurs, it becomes a link, and the link opens its article. Not only that, a hover on the term gives the summary excerpt (a definition perhaps) or the first paragraph depending how you set it. Yet more – I can add synonyms like a plural, or variation of the word, or an alias name for a person. So when all these show up they will all link to the original article. (I have to use a small workaround for author names e.g. Smith, John; but it’s no big deal)

    The Glossary – FAQ Knowledgebase Dictionary Encyclopedia Encyclopaedia Directory Index or whatever you want to name it – has its own index page which lists all the titles as links A-Z in various styles I can choose. The Glossary has Categories so David the Dev has just added a way to have category index pages too. There are also Tags. Then there are Related Articles links and a whole lot more.

    Styling is good and there’s an extra plugin for styling the popup Tooltips boxes.

    Support has been outstanding. David is keenly interested in developing the plugin and things I suggested expecting to pay for as custom features have calmly been added to the plugin within a week or two! How cool is that? David also understands what I ask for, or else carefully checks to see he does.

    I am using the Ecocommerce (top level) of Tooltips Glossary but I did also find the free version is excellent. I went for the top version because it provides fast support and I’m a fussy admin, and because I really needed a couple of the premium extra features.

    Don’t go for inferior plugins if you want a good site. Get the best like this because this is the kind of plugin which will carry the centre of your WP or else a major section of it. messing with inferior copies.

  • Great way to add for site users

    With this plugin I was not only able to provide the extra lexis detail my English language students need, but by linking to the dictionary and Wikipedia, I was able to add enormous amounts of content to my site with ease. The support is fast and well, supportive. A small error was quickly remedied and I would not hesitate to recommend this plugin and the people behind it.

  • Added value to my content

    This plugin allowed me to set up a PhD project based on knowledge sharing. Moreover I used the free version on different websites on specific fields improving a better understanding for the user. The Creative Mind support is efficient.

  • Great plugin

    I use the free version of this plugin on my home improvement blog to provide definitions to words and phrases that may not be familiar to my readers. Also in combination with Yoast’s SEO plugin, it makes every entry search engine friendly.

    Unlike some plugins I have tried CM Tool Tip Glossary has performed flawlessly with no conflicts with WP or any of the other plugin’s I use.

    While the free version has been a great addition to my site, I am strongly considering purchasing a pro version to take advantage of even more features.

    tony wood
  • homepage and categories

    dictionary homepage, how we can add words, how to add categories, we can

  • Excellent tool!

    I am managing a website that offer Physics tutorials. My website if fully loaded with terms that are related to the subject. CM Glossary Tooltip helped me a lot to assist my visitors understand the content with less hassle. Before I used this tool, a lot of visitors had to Google the stuff in order to figure the exact location. But CM Glossary Tooltip provided an ideal solution to it through linking glossary terms. I am highly impressed by its results and can recommend this for any WordPress based website out there!

  • Really satisfied

    This plugin has been a great boon to my gamer website which is about welcoming newcomers to the gaming community. I use a ton of game terms and such on there that some people simply don’t know and I’ve been asked many times what certain words and phrases mean. This has clarified so many things for the users of my site and that is exactly what I want in my site, understanding. I’ve even gotten comments and messages telling me they like that new feature. I love how easy it is to use and it’s customization is a must have for me. Really happy that I found this and I’m gonna continue using it.

  • Great glossary plugin

    Very nice glossary plugin with huge configuration options. Beautiful tooltips and many variations of view. Very good support team. Thank you!

  • Great function, great support!

    Easy to install, deep customizing und great support!

  • Absolutely Genius

    This program helps make an educational support group the best it can be. So many times we have terms used that someone may think they know but this allows to clearly understand the terms and language used in such instances. Our site, educating the world about CHD is a prime example. This plugin is a must have for any site using terms that may not be familiar to all people. Works flawlessly with around 80 plugins. Easy to set up and use. Intuitive with very little learning. Thank you to the Author for a fine, well behaved plugin!

    Job Well done!

  • Does the job well, excellent support

    A slick, straightforward and highly manageable way of adding tooltip popups to sites. Very customisable: you can tell it only to highlight the first instance of a word or phrase on a page, for example, or to omit certain words or whole pages from pop-ups.

    The tool also builds its own glossary, which can be extensively styled. The only drawback is that if this glossary page shows the definitions in full, then rolling over the titles pops up exactly the same definition as readers are already viewing – and there’s no way to turn this off for titles alone. Otherwise, an excellent tool with terrific customer support.

  • Excellent Functionality and Top Notch Support

    Plugin author has been constantly improving and adapting this product to my needs. It has been an integral part of our website providing tool tips of complex medical terms for dog owners. We couldn’t help owners as well as we do without it.

    The many updates have been extensive and recently, at my request, the plugin is now compatible with bbPress forums! This was critical to helping owners with sick dogs.

    I did need to spend some time working with settings, but those detailed settings allowed me to really fine tune how this looks on our website. I still have to look into the linking with dictionaries!

    I really like how this integrates with my SEO plugin. This draws people into the site who search this terminology in google.

    I appreciate the author’s sensitivity that we may not want this on every page and there are several settings to fine tune this.

    The entry is so easy that other moderators can help make entries.

    The applications for this as a training and educational tool are extensive. I can also use photos in the tooltips.

    Buying the upgrade is really worth the support you receive.

  • must have!

    It is really good.

  • Great !!

    It’s so sad that the free version don’t have plural management

    but the plugin is really awesome 😀

  • Great plugin with awesome support

    The greatest value of this plugin is (except for it’s powerful features) that it’s supported and developed on a daily basis.

  • Best Glossary Plugin and Support

    With no doubt this is the best glossary plugin for WordPress. Support and Help is simply fantastic.

  • Comprehensive!

    While there’s a few features I’d like to see, this is one heck of a good plugin. We cranked out 281 new and very useful pages in our site in a matter of a couple of hours start to finish. Two thumbs up and five stars.

  • Super handy!

    We were able to use the plugin to construct a glossary from spreadsheet data we have. The instructions provided in the settings page to properly produce comma-quote delimited CSV were very helpful as well.

    My only wish was that it was a bit more clear in that you have to manually add the glossary taxonomy/categories first, note down the categoryID, and integrate that to your spreadsheet data before importing. In other words, a more beginner/non-developer friendly way of explaining the process.

    Otherwise, great plugin with rapid support response time!

  • Tool tip glossary support

    Great experience with support team. Resolved within two hours of contacting them.

  • Amazing plugin with a efficient support

    I have this plugin for years. First the free version and then the Pro. It is getting better and always has an efficient support. Congratulations to the developers!

    Jose Costa
  • Appreciate the effort

    A big thanks to David for getting this plugin to work in Japanese.

    Initially it didn’t work, but after sending an email to let support know about this, David and his team fixed the problem. I upgraded to Pro and it works perfectly. Very useful plugin.

    Thanks again!

  • Absolutely the best glossary plugin available!

    An amazingly clever plug-in that far surpasses anything related to it. The developer is a great guy and sets a higher standard not only for customer support, but responsiveness, in my case to a bug in the pro version which he fixed within 48 hours. If you are wondering about the pro plus edition, don’t. It’s really the best of the best!
  • Really useful plugin – Great Support

    Thank you so much for all the great support & quick response every single time I needed you.

    Keep up the nice work.

  • Excellent glossary, excellent support

    This plugin, even the free version, adds a real “wow” factor to any website with a lot of specialized vocabulary. It’s amazing and refreshingly simple to just hover to get the definition.

    We upgraded to the Pro version to gain the synonym and plural functionality. Support from the developer, David, has been excellent.

  • Great support and plugin

    Plugin is working as stated, a good choice if you need a glossary. Very good support.

  • Great plugin and awesome support!

    We’re developing our new site and the plugin works great. Tooltip, import glossary, related articles… work as described. The one thing I want to note is that the developers went the extra mile to fix some issues that we came across.

  • Great plugin, beats all the competition

    Plugin author is both friendly and responsive.

  • Useful clean plugin

    It’s is a great must plugin. I have been using it for a while and it powered up my site so much and I received great feedback

  • Great Plugin and awesome Support

    I rarely write reviews, but this plugin really deserves it. It is among the best if not the best Glossary Plugin around. It has a tremendous amount of features and options. And the support is great. I had a few bugs in the first version I downloaded and they were all taken care of in a matter of hours.

    Keep up the great work !!!!

  • Works beautifully

    Thanks for the great plugin. Works extremely well now. I did have a bug with an earlier version the author fixed the problem in a matter of hours.

  • Alexhop

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