A Hands-On Tutorial of The Best WordPress Dictionary Plugin!

Ditsa Keren

In the video below, you’ll find a simple and quick tutorial our WordPress dictionary plugin, CM Glossary Tooltip. This plugin makes creating a glossary on your WordPress site simple.

A Hands-On Tutorial of The Best WordPress Dictionary Plugin!

When users hover over a term in your site’s glossary its definition will appear underneath in the tooltip. Some of the other functionalities that come along with the custom dictionary plugin are a glossary index page as well as separate unique term pages for each term in your glossary.

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There’s also synonyms, abbreviations, and variations as well as other functionalities that we’re going to take a look at. Let’s get started.

Glossary Best WP - A Hands-On Tutorial of The Best WordPress Dictionary Plugin! - Video Tutorial! - Tutorial

User Experience and Features

You can download the free edition of our WordPress dictionary plugin and start using it immediately. The user experience is very pleasant and intuitive and provides the following experience and features to users:

  • WordPress Tooltip – When a user hovers a term in your glossary they can see the tooltip with the glossary terms definition.
  • WordPress Dictionary – Clicking on the term or phrase sends them directly to that unique term page.

Increase Search Engine Optimization With the WP Dictionary Plugin

By making unique term descriptions using the CM Tooltip Glossary plugin, you are adding internal links within your site’s content to your main keywords.

For example, when we search for the Jumpstart CTO website, which has the CM Tooltip Glossary plugin activated and incorporated in its content, we can see that this site dominates the search engine.

Additional benefits of our WordPress Glossary Plugin

  • Using the glossary easily changes the ratio of text to html in favor of text.
  • Your glossary index page users can easily navigate the terms in your glossary.
  • All alphabet characters are supported, making this plugin compatible with any language.
  • The glossary index page can be displayed in a list or dictionary view or even a tile view.

Custom Dictionary Plugin Admin Features and Benefits

Custom Dictionary Plugin Admin Features and Benefits - A Hands-On Tutorial of The Best WordPress Dictionary Plugin!

Let’s take a look at the admin experience. You can save time when writing for your site and you can also make content more accessible to your users through this plugin.

In the admin view of glossary terms you can easily edit and add new terms, or manage existing terms.

In the dictionary plugin settings the admin can control the plugin behavior in an infinite number of ways.

  • Choose whether or not you want the tooltip to appear when someone hovers over the term or whether you want the term title to appear in the tooltip. This ensures the custom dictionary plugin shows content only when relevant.
  • Limit the tooltip length. There are various other styling options for the tooltip as well.
  • Editing a term is like editing any other post on a WordPress site with additional custom fields such as abbreviations, synonyms and variations. This synonyms, abbreviations, and variations will show in the tooltip as well, in addition to the parent term.
  • For a language site or technical site, you are able to ensure easy access to additional information about particular terms and phrases without drawing them away from your site or a particular post or page.
  • Content marketing is easier because when a user clicks on a term or inside that tooltip, it can take that user to a product page on another site or on your own site. So with a WordPress dictionary plugin you can sell your ideas or products very effectively by using the tooltip and the glossary links.

Download our The Best WordPress Dictionary Plugin- It’s free

The CM Tooltip Glossary plugin is a user friendly dictionary plugin that makes creating a glossary, dictionary or encyclopedia on your WordPress site very simple.

I encourage all of you to check it out. You can download the free edition of the CM Tooltip Glossary plugin from WordPress and start using it immediately.

Here’s a link to the premium version:

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