WooCommerce Integration in WordPress Tooltip Ecommerce Plugin

Ditsa Keren

Our Tooltip Glossary plugin provides a solution for complete glossary WooCommerce integration, allowing you to display products inside hovering tooltips!

WooCommerce Integration in WordPress Tooltip Ecommerce Plugin

Below we highlight this and other stellar features.

Highlighted Features

Highlighted Features - WooCommerce Integration in WordPress Tooltip Ecommerce Plugin

  • Glossary WooCommerce Integration – Display wooCommerce product recommendation in the tooltip once hovering pre-defined terms in your blog.
  • Support for Amazon Product Recommendations – You can choose from one of many Amazon categories and show a product recommendation widget matching the selected term. The link to the product also includes your Amazon Associate ID.
  • Support for double click on any word in a post or page – Any word on any page or post can be double clicked to retrieve information from Wikipedia / Amazon Products Recommendations / Merriam Webster Dictionary r Thesaurus. You can double click on any word on this post to see this in action!
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  • Support for more shortcodes – Add Wikipedia content automatically even in tooltips without a defined term in the glossary.  The glossary_tooltip shortcode will show tooltip for a defined term  term and glossary_wikipedia term=”term name”.
  • Support for Wikipedia – Embed content from Wikipedia on the term page and on the tooltip. You can also use a shortcode to insert a wikipedia content on any page or post. Wikipedia content can be takes from any language which has a wikipedia.
  • Support for Audio files with tooltip – You can attach an audio file to each term and customize the look and feel of the play button.
  • Support for Video files with tooltip – you can embed a video file taken from YouTube or Vimeo or other video sharing sites and show it in the tooltip. The tooltip can also be transparent to show no background behind the video.
  • Transparent tooltip background – Tooltips can have a transparent background. This supports showing images and videos.
  • Featured image for each term – A term can have a featured image associated with it. It will show on both the tooltip and the term page. The image size can be defined in the term page settings.
  • Tags – Tooltip Glossary supports tags per each term. Tags are shown also on the Glossary index page and allow easy filtering of terms. Check out the Glossary index to learn more about the Glossary WooCommerce Integration.
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