5 WordPress Plugins for Online Courses That Will Make Your Life Easier

Dmitriy Kaprielov

From hobbyists seeking new skills to professionals advancing their careers, the demand for accessible and user-friendly online courses continues to rise.

If you’re an educator or entrepreneur aiming to create, host, and manage online courses effectively on your WordPress site, utilizing the right plugins can significantly streamline the process.

Here are five top-notch E-Learning WordPress plugins that can transform your online course management.

5 WordPress Plugins for Online Courses That Will Make Your Life Easier

Picking the best WordPress Plugin for Online Courses

The majority of WordPress plugins for online courses come with a Learning Management System (LMS) used to create, manage, and deliver educational content.

Thanks to them students access content, interact with instructors or peers, and complete assignments. LMSs are used in education and training to offer flexible learning experiences, whether in classrooms or online, making education more accessible to everyone.

When scouting for a WordPress plugin tailored for online courses, several key aspects should be on your radar.

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First, consider the plugin’s usability. It should offer an intuitive interface for both course creation and student engagement. Customization options are crucial; seek plugins that enable you to personalize course layouts, assessments, and certificates to align with your brand.

Scalability ensures the plugin can accommodate your course expansion and evolving needs. Integration capabilities with other plugins and addons, such as payment gateways or learning management systems, enhance functionality.

Don’t overlook support and updates. Opt for plugins with reliable customer support and a history of regular updates to ensure compatibility and security. Lastly, assess user reviews and ratings to gauge real-world experiences and ensure the plugin aligns with your specific requirements and goals.

People’s expectations from an E-Learning WordPress plugin can differ widely. Educators might want easy course creation and student tracking, while entrepreneurs may seek scalability and marketing tools. Learners typically desire user-friendly interfaces, interactive content, and mobile accessibility.

We’ve prepared this list so you can pick the best plugin for your business!

1. WordPress Course Catalog Plugin

5 WordPress Plugins for Online Courses That Will Make Your Life Easier

This e-learning WordPress plugin offers a variety of features for both individual courses and catalogs.

Course Pages within the plugin offer detailed, individualized pages linked to the dashboard for each course. They can be filled with comprehensive information for short and long descriptions, banners, image and video galleries, as well as file attachments.

The pages provide detailed course info such as the number of participants, tutors, hours, and pricing. With this e-learning WordPress plugin you’ll be able to create and customize categories like course type, location, degree needed, and age group. Information visibility can be tailored for registered users.

The catalog feature offers three view options for displaying courses – fancy, classic, or list. You can organize courses into different catalogs and categories, enhancing the overall organization of your catalog.

This particular WordPress plugin for online courses is SEO-friendly thanks to the internal linking and filtering options for keywords, location, lecturer, and more. The catalog can be placed anywhere using shortcodes and supports importing/exporting CSV files for easy editing or site migration.

As the Administrator, you can customize the look of catalog and course pages with CSS for a more personalized appearance.

This versatile solution is available for only $49, and its functionality can be enhanced further through addons available on our website, so be sure to check them out!

2. LearnDash LMS

5 WordPress Plugins for Online Courses That Will Make Your Life Easier

LearnDash LMS is a robust and versatile E-Learning WordPress plugin designed specifically for creating and managing online courses.

It offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to create multi-tier courses, drip-feed content, and set up quizzes and assignments without any issues. With its powerful features, including certificates and badges, it caters to a wide range of learning styles.

This WordPress plugin for online courses offers advanced features to enhance the learning process. It helps students stay focused by eliminating distractions with Focus Mode, while also motivating them through badges, certificates, and course points.

The platform ensures accountability by sending automated assignment reminders and protecting courses from spam and plagiarism.

LearnDash integrates with various WordPress themes and plugins, providing flexibility and customization options. The price for using the license for one year is $119.40 for one website and $239.40 for up to ten websites.

3. MemberPress

Although primarily known for its membership site capabilities, MemberPress is a powerful WordPress plugin for online courses.

This plugin is a comprehensive solution, ensuring the protection of your valuable content while providing a flexible schedule for content release. Its integration with various payment gateways offers versatility in managing user access, whether it’s based on tiered memberships or specific purchase levels.

With its user-friendly interface and adaptable features, it’s the ideal choice for educators and businesses looking to curate and control online learning experiences efficiently.

Its most popular version, MemberPress Pro, is available for $279.65 a year, while the basic option costs $179.50 a year.

4. LifterLMS

5 WordPress Plugins for Online Courses That Will Make Your Life Easier

LifterLMS is another WordPress plugin for online courses on our list.

It offers educators and entrepreneurs a versatile platform to craft engaging learning experiences. Its intuitive course builder simplifies the creation of comprehensive and provides diverse tools for content creation, assessments, and boosting student engagement, ensuring a dynamic learning environment.

Moreover, its flexible membership and pricing structures, coupled with the ability to integrate with various payment gateways, grant creators the freedom to monetize courses as they see fit.

With its emphasis on user experience, customization, and functionality, LifterLMS remains a top choice for those seeking a powerful yet accessible tool to manage their online courses. The most basic version of the plugin is available for free, and the cheapest plan costs $199 a year.

5. Sensei

Sensei is a WordPress plugin for online courses created by WooCommerce, tailored for managing online courses smoothly. It’s user-friendly, allowing easy course, lesson, and quiz creation from the WordPress dashboard.

This plugin offers drip content for gradual material release and assessment tools for interactive learning. What makes Sensei stand out from other options on this list is its integration with WooCommerce, enabling effortless course monetization.

It’s adaptable, supporting various extensions for added functionalities and customization. With its seamless interface and compatibility with WordPress themes, it’s a great choice for educators and businesses looking for a straightforward yet powerful LMS solution.

Similar to the previous position on this list, the basic version of the Sensei plugin is available for free, while the cheapest plan costs $15 a month or $175 a year.


5 WordPress Plugins for Online Courses That Will Make Your Life Easier

Choosing the right plugin to manage your online courses is crucial for a smooth and effective e-learning experience. Each of these plugins offers unique features and functionalities catering to different needs and preferences.

Whether you prioritize customization, ease of use, or specific integrations, exploring these top plugins can significantly enhance your online course management.

Embrace the power of technology and these plugins to create engaging, informative, and successful online courses that captivate your audience and make learning an enriching experience.

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