[WP 101] Backup: How to Store All Important Data

Courtney Jones

When you’ve invested time and money into building a successful WordPress website, the last thing you want is to lose it all. Here’s backup 101.

[WP 101] Backup: How to Store All Important Data

The data in your WordPress website contains all the important information you need, so it’s imperative that you keep it backed up just in case.

Backing up important data on your WordPress website is a simple task which can be managed in two different ways. Users can add a helpful plugin to their WordPress website to backup everything, or users can backup everything through their hosting provider.

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What is a Backup?

What is a Backup? - [WP 101] Backup: How to Store All Important Data

A backup is when all of the important data from your WordPress website is stored securely in one place, like as a download on your computer or to the cloud, so you have a copy of it. If your website is hacked or you lose major changes you’ve made, simply use the backup to restore the lost data and the problem is solved.

Back Up Through a Hosting Provider

The simplest way to store all your important data is by doing so through your web hosting provider. So really choosing the right hosting is key because many of these hosting companies provide built-in backup features. Choosing the right hosting lets important data be stored for you, and with a few clicks of a button.

Some hosting plans provide one-click backup options that save the whole database of information for you, or automatically save important data every single day, so all changes are recorded in the event of any data loss. The cost is low, the setup is simple and the important data backups are easy to access.

Back Up Through a Hosting Provide - [WP 101] Backup: How to Store All Important Data

Backup With a Plugin

Backing up your important data with a plugin is a simple and user-friendly solution to keeping your information safe. There are plugins available whose sole purpose is to backup and store information. Many of these plugins are free, and some include data backups as part of larger security services to keep all content secure.

Backing up with a plugin allows admin to set a schedule for what time and how often a data backup happens. Many plugins save backups to the cloud, so it can be accessed fully and easily from any computer if necessary. Admin can also decide how many backups to keep and easily make changes to backup scheduling in the settings.


It is essential to success that you have a recent backup of your WordPress website. A recent backup contains the most relevant data possible, so in the event of an accident or attack, it will be much easier to restore your website afterward. Creating backups is an easy and effective way to keep important data safe online.

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