Magento and WordPress Integration - Why Bother?

Ditsa Keren

Before you develop your Magento store, you might already be running a WordPress blog. This means you have an online presence already established when you launch.

Magento and WordPress Integration – Why Bother?

Having both a store and the blog is successful Magento and WordPress Integration.

Also, after your store is live and selling, you will still want to maintain your WordPress blog. This usually takes you to the point of decision: should I just leave it where it is, or should I integrate it as a blog inside my Magento store? This is not an easy answer, as the right answer as always, is that it depends.

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WordPress can be used as an online store by itself, using plugins such as Easy Digital Downloads, WooCommerce or others, and Magento can somehow be used for content management. However, none of these are the best solution for integrating between the other platform’s areas of expertise.

The right way is to integrate the WordPress blog into your Magento store, and not as a separate WordPress installation. This is because the data you want needs to be synchronized.

For example – all of your newsletter registrations can come from the blog as well as from the store, products updates can be published on the blog and dynamic products suggestions can be offered at the blog level.

This strategy can help you convert more sales from visitors to your on-site blog. You can also combine the store users and the blog users together so you will manage your CRM data of both groups all in one place.

The Magento and WordPress Integration may be a bit time consuming so the question is, does your blog receive sufficient traffic to support this effort? In cases when you have a small and not really “live” blog, it may not really be worth it to integrate them together.

But if you have significant traffic, or you are working on bringing traffic, and want to convert your visitor to purchase products, The integration with your Magento store is a must. Feel free to contact us, we will help you to make this more the right way.

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