5 Tips To Improve Magento User Experience | eCommerce UX

Astrid Mitchell

Good UX means fewer abandoned carts. Let’s talk about Magento User Experience.

5 Tips To Improve Magento User Experience | eCommerce UX

Learning any eCommerce platform can be a challenge. The learning process can result in much trial-and-error. Working with Magento User Experience is part of this.

Magento is a bit harder to set up than other platforms. Yet it is customizable and allows you to have many stores in several languages. Also, you can accept different currencies. These features make it well worth learning.

Consumers want user-friendly, easy to navigate shopping experiences. The more user-friendly, the less likely they are to abandon their carts.

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Lag and complexity can cause a shopper to X out and never return. Your business depends on the ease of use you offer.

Magento provides users with a flexible and functional shopping cart system. This system is available in two options. There’s Magento Open Source, which is free, and the paid Magento Commerce version. Your choice will depend on the size of your business and your needs.

In this article, we’ll offer you some tips on how to get the best bang for your buck and improve the user experience.

Aesthetics in Magento UX

Aesthetics in Magento - 5 Tips To Improve Magento User Experience | eCommerce UX

An eye-catching Magento shopping website is appealing to consumers. Thus, it’s essential to have an attractive design.

You’ll also want to have a user-friendly checkout with precise shipping costs. Make sure you have an easy-to-use search function.

You’ll need beautiful images of your products with proper descriptions. Write accurate commentaries that represent each product to avoid the potential for returns.

Don’t only look to see how your website appears on a PC or Macbook, check it on various tablets and smartphones. What looks good on a Macbook, might not look so good on an iPhone.

Magento provides all the tools needed to resize images. You can make them pixel-perfect on every screen. Take advantage of every feature available for viewing.

SEO in Magento UX

SEO in Magento UX - 5 Tips To Improve Magento User Experience | eCommerce UX

Most business owners know that SEO can make or break them. It’s important to research keywords.

You should also check the keywords your successful competitors are using. It will give you a better conversion rate.

It’s critical to know what works if you want to drive traffic to your website. Avoid using duplicate tags. Remember to add tags in the first place.

If you have social media accounts for your business, such as Instagram, add the links to your page. Your URLs should be search friendly and to the point. Shorter URLs have better results, according to SEO experts.

Don’t forget to also employ user-friendly URLs in supplier stores.

Call-to-action in Magento UX

Call-to-action in Magento UX - 5 Tips To Improve Magento User Experience | eCommerce UX

When building your Magento website, ensure you have a strong call-to-action. Make sure you embed links directing users to specific sections of your website.

E-commerce call-to-action (CTA) buttons can drive visitors toward becoming your customers. How? By prompting them to buy items. Amazon has a massive 13 percent conversion rate because of their CTAs. The significance of CTAs keeps on growing with each passing day in the world of eCommerce.

Your CTA copy must be convincing and converting. It’s the only way to influence a visitor to take the desired action. A compelling CTA ensures the vivid use of contrasting colors. These colors have to stand out from the rest of the background.

Your button must be large enough to draw the visitor’s attention and also make it easy for him or her to click on it. Experiment with the different styles and shapes available in Magento. You’ll be sure to find what works best for you.

Navigation in Magento UX

Navigation in Magento UX - 5 Tips To Improve Magento User Experience | eCommerce UX

This is paramount to driving traffic to your site and keeping it there. It’s also essential if you want users to return time after time.

Navigation should be seamless and kink-free. The more user-friendly your site, the longer a consumer will stay.

When a website is clunky or slow to load, it’s not conducive for the user. They tend to move on even if you offer something they want.

Don’t let them leave your site, only to search elsewhere for the same or similar object. Remember, you don’t want to frustrate users. For that, Magento wishilists are ideal.

Don’t jump in

Don't jump in - 5 Tips To Improve Magento User Experience | eCommerce UX

The best advice for success is to take your time and think about how you want your site to look. Focus on every aspect of the user experience.

Sixty-six percent of people like to see attractive web design. They prefer it to something plain and simple. If given 15 minutes to consume content, they want something appealing.

Your website gives your audience their first impression of your business. That impression will be negative if your website looks out-of-date or unattractive. Web design is significant since it influences how your customers see your brand.

Study the competition and design your website, so it’s unique and appealing. It’s easy to see all the Magento features and become anxious to get started. If you’re new to online selling, you’ll be even more excited, but ensure you do your homework.


It’s tempting to use all the features Magento offers; but, stick with what you need. If, after a few months, you feel you need more, you can always add to your website.

Remember, keeping it user-friendly is your end-goal. You can achieve a successful eCommerce business by following the above tips. Use them to design a website that will blow away the competition!

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