We Have Moved to a New and Bigger Office in Krakow!

David Rashty

We are excited to announce that our team in Krakow (Poland) has moved to a new location with a bigger office space.

There were several motivating factors to make this move:

We Have Moved to a New and Bigger Office in Krakow!

  1. Space – When we first moved into our last office, there were two of us and plenty of room. When we left, there were five people and space was getting tight. The new office offered more square footage and leaves us plenty of space to continue to grow. We have already added a few more people to our team since moving and we are constantly growing.
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  3. Team – As we grow we are building new teams within the company to serve more precise needs and there are new technologies we are working with. The new Magento 2 platform and some recent products we are developing for BigCommerce and Shopify require that we have a space for each team.
  4. Location and Comfort – The new office is located closer to most workers homes and reduces the commute time each morning. While Krakow is becoming more busy from day to day and traffic becomes heavier we have managed to find a location which reduce the commute time and offers a bigger space and more comfort for our workers.

The office in Krakow is now turning into our biggest location, while we still hold another office in Wroclaw / Poland, as well as offices in Israel and New York City.

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