4 Places to Find Magento Developers (and why you should)

Nathan Orr

To create a top-rate eCommerce business with Magento, you need to ensure your website visitors have a well-designed, high-performance, experience.

4 Places to Find Magento Developers (and why you should)

But unless you’re a web developer, getting all the many facets that go into getting a Magento webstore to operate smoothly together won’t be possible, and many of the more complex features that make Magento’s platform so popular are going to be out of reach.

Even with the help of handy Magento extensions, implementing and keeping them updated still takes some notable back-end tweaking.

That’s where Magento developers come into play.

Unless they are willing to take the time and effort to learn some development skills, successful webstore managers are going to want to work with Magento developers. Before we go into some of the best places they can be found, let’s clear up the main reasons why these experts shouldn’t be ignored.

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Why Hire a Magento Developer in the First Place?

Why Hire a Magento Developer in the First Place? - 4 Places to Find Magento Developers (and why you should)

As powerful and versatile as Magento is as a platform, it’s also a complex platform that requires deep technical knowhow. Not everyone can code and design a website, but hiring a professional Magento developer virtually guarantees that your entire website will operate smoothly.

From the themes and extensions you choose to have implemented, to the custom features and modifications your website needs to best cater to its visitors, Magento developers are experts in making sure all the code involved runs seamlessly to keep your website’s performance at its peak.

But the advantages don’t end there.

1. Save Valuable Time on Website Maintenance and Development

There are a lot of guides on how to navigate the ins-and-outs of Magento, and with time and patience, anyone can learn how to manage their website.

But this requires dozens upon dozens of hours in terms of research, plus the actual work of upkeeping a website.

With a professional, all the complicated coding and compatibility concerns are taken out of your hands, leaving you more time to focus on the bigger picture.

2. An Opportunity for Hands-on Guidance

An Opportunity for Hands-on Guidance - 4 Places to Find Magento Developers (and why you should)

The endless capabilities Magento provides can make the platform seem pretty intimidating, especially for new users.

But working with a Magento developer gives you a prime opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the platform. If you maintain an ongoing relationship with your developer after launch, you’ll also gain easy access to on-demand technical support.

3. Guarantee Enhanced Security

Online threats to webstores plague Magento users every day, but most all of these cases are due to poor security practices.

Lacking user roles, dangerously out-of-date software, and a general lack of good security measures can be detrimental to a website. But good Magento developer can help point out and close-up security vulnerabilities to keep your website safe.

Where to Find a Magento Developer?

Where to Find a Magento Developer? - 4 Places to Find Magento Developers (and why you should)

The benefits that a Magento developer is capable of bringing you are only as good as their own personal capabilities.

Because of this, it’s critical to find trustworthy developers from trustworthy places. Even more importantly, you need to be able to inspect whether they can deliver the quality your Magento website need.

That said, here are four of the most popular and reliable places to find a Magento developer.

1. Upwork

Upwork is a premier place to find short-term and long-term freelancers to support your website.

It’s one of the most popular hiring platforms online, provides contract protection for clients and workers, and helps foster connections. It gives clients a list of candidates that fit the bill for your job after submitting a job proposal. Better yet, it’s a popular place for Magento developers to solicit their services, meaning there are tons to choose between.

Lastly, posting jobs and meeting freelancers through the platform’s basic membership plan requires no charge. But, important to note, that the website does take a notable fee for all work coordinated through its platform. This is especially true for work relationships that are just starting out.

2. Freelancer

Speaking of freelancers, Freelancer.com is another common platform where clients and remote workers meet every day. So, to broaden their search and get a larger idea of the variety of Magento developers out there, freelance-seeking website managers may want to search between both platforms.

Like Upwork, this website includes employee verification, escrow, and other protections to ensure that projects go smoothly for everyone involved. Additionally, the many freelancers registered on the platform can be searched through personally, or open jobs can be posted publicly.

Also like Upwork, every arrangement between freelancers and clients involves fees paid by both parties to the website.

3. LinkedIn

One of the longest standing social media platforms around, and themed entirely around hiring employees, LinekdIn houses many Magento developers.

LinkedIn profiles are considered more professional than typical social media pages, and everyone from CEOs to freelancers market themselves there.

However, while searching the website keep in mind that many Magento developers might be listed under more broad job descriptions. Because of this, try seeking and reaching out to profiles that list Magento as a prominent skill of theirs. To be more assured of their capabilities, see whether that skill has been endorsed by others familiar with the platform.

4. Working with Dedicated Developer Websites

Working with Dedicated Developer Websites - 4 Places to Find Magento Developers (and why you should)

Lastly, a favorite surefire way to find an incredible Magento developer is by searching for dedicated services on developer websites.

A quick search will pull up an endless range of websites that allow you to hire expert developers for all your Magento needs.

For instance, our own Magento development support services include performance upkeep, extension installations, consulting and available hourly support—plus the option for monthly support packages to make sure your online business always remains in top form. And of course, there are countless other developer websites that can be easily found and perused as well.

Of course, just like when checking for the quality of a freelancer, its important to vet the services you browse. Be sure to check for reviews and stories about the support services offered to previous customers on pages like this.

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