10 Best Browser, Chrome Extensions for Magento eCommerce Users

Astrid Mitchell

In this blog we take a closer look at Chrome Extensions for Magento, useful tools to improve your experience.

10 Best Browser, Chrome Extensions for Magento eCommerce Users

Magento is a premier open-source platform. It has made great strides in its development in recent years. Its updated frequently and can be enhanced with add-ons. But today we’ll talk about another kind of add-on: Chrome Extensions for Magento.

Browser extensions are enhancements to your internet navigating software. These browser extensions improve Chrome, Firefox, Opera and others in order to make them more useful for Magento users.

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Some of these browser extensions are completely free and they can be installed with few clicks. Let’s check them out.

Top 10 Chrome Extensions for Magento

1. SEOquake

SEOquake - Top 10 Chrome Extensions for Magento - 10 Best Browser, Chrome Extensions for Magento eCommerce Users

Use SEOquake to check necessary SEO information, including Google Index, Whois, and Yahoo Links.

It also helps you find valuable backlinks and keywords. You can use these in your content marketing and product pages. It’s also great for quick competitor research.

2. Google Tag Assistant

Google Tag Assistant is a great Chrome extension for Magento SEO. It allows fast and easy debugging of a webpage. Users can check for the proper setup of the Google Analytics code in one click.

They can also see if there are non-standard implementation or issues to fix. Or they can see if there is Remarketing tag set up and firing, and more. It’s an exceptional tag to have, and it’s easy to use.

3. Google Lighthouse

Google Lighthouse - Top 10 Chrome Extensions for Magento - 10 Best Browser, Chrome Extensions for Magento eCommerce Users

The SEO Extension Google Lighthouse. Google Lighthouse is an SEO audit tool for your website. It’s handy, especially for developers interested in performance and web quality. It focuses on the loading time of the different elements of your page in a specific order.

The SEO score tells you how well you have optimized your site for search engines. For example, it tells you if you should include a meta description. It also alerts you if you should use h1 and h2 tags to structure your text.

4. ColorZilla

ColorZilla is one of several available Chrome extensions for Magento. It analyzes a webpage and inspects the color palette, and includes color reading from any point in your browser.

It also gives you the ability to paste into another program. Even better, this extension offers several other features. For example, it lets you pick color palettes and single hues that you like, and it’s easy to save them. It’s handy for Magento users.

5. Ghostery

Ghostery - Top 10 Chrome Extensions for Magento - 10 Best Browser, Chrome Extensions for Magento eCommerce Users

Ghostery is an extension to protect your privacy. It blocks data tracking tools used by companies to analyze your interactions online. These tools won’t be able to guide their ads and so on.

It also allows you to block ads. It removes cookies that track your information without your permission. As a marketer, you’ll be able to see the strategies your competitors are using on their pages.

6. Wappalyzer

Wappalyzer. Wappalyzer lets you check the software programs on every website you visit. That includes your competitors’.

It analyzes everything, from content management systems to programming languages and marketing automation. This tool is great for seeing which technologies are the leaders in every industry. It is also easy to use and very unobtrusive.

The click of a button can tell you if your competitors are using Prestashop, Hubspot, Magento, or any of the other tools and systems available to eCommerce users.

7. User-Agent Switcher

User-Agent Switcher - Top 10 Chrome Extensions for Magento - 10 Best Browser, Chrome Extensions for Magento eCommerce Users

User-Agent Switcher. User-Agent Switcher lets you test your site’s display on different devices and browsers. It helps you get a clear picture of what your site looks like in several settings. It also allows you to optimize the user experience.

8. Similarweb

Similarweb launched its Chrome extension in November 2014. This extension is also available for Safari, Firefox, and Opera.

It has since then become indispensable. It is one of the essential tools for competitive analysis, giving a complete performance overview of almost any website.

You can get an overview of key performance indicators with one click. For example, you can call up monthly traffic and its source and top SEO keywords. Similarweb also gives you global, national, and industry ranking. One of the handier Chrome extensions for Magento users.

9. Buffer

Buffer - Top 10 Chrome Extensions for Magento - 10 Best Browser, Chrome Extensions for Magento eCommerce Users

Buffer is a beautiful Chrome extension, useful for Magento too. It allows you to post on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It lets you tag, share, and schedule posts on social media, like Hootsuite.

It is a great integrated tool. It has an intuitive interface for on-the-go store owners who want to manage their social. Buffer provides you with analytics on retweets, clicks, and mentions. It also shows you shares, likes, and more on every post that you share.

9. Connect Direct Download

Connect Direct Download is another great Chrome extension for Magento eCommerce users.

It allows quicker downloads of Magento extensions. You no longer have to visit developers’ sites. It adds direct download buttons to all extension pages on Magento Connect.


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