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Curated Twitter Aggregator is a powerful tool for importing, merging and displaying Tweets from hashtags and user profiles on your WordPress site.

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You can aggregate multiple Twitter hashtag feeds into one list and filter the content by keywords.

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Twitter Aggregator: Powerful WordPress Twitter Feed Plugin

The Twitter Aggregator Plugin by CreativeMinds is a premium Twitter WordPress plugin that allows you to import and aggregate multiple custom Twitter feeds.

This WordPress Twitter feed plugin displays curated Tweets on any page of your website. Display custom Twitter feeds from user profiles or hashtags. Arrange them by category and topic in an easy to navigate list style.

Embedding Curated Aggregated Twitter Content

The curated Tweets can be shown using a shortcode on any page or post. Users can then filter down the information with a live search filter - by categories, tags or the latest Twitter trends.

A sidebar widget can also be used to display a single category showing custom Twitter feeds and curated tweets.

Our Twitter Aggregator Plugin is easy to use, easy to customize, and works with any theme. This WordPress Twitter plugin is the best WordPress social media feed plugin available, allowing you to display curated tweets and custom Twitter feeds.

Categories Including Tweets from two Twitter Accounts
Categories Including Tweets from two Twitter Accounts

Twitter Aggregator for WordPress: Great Tool for Content Marketing and Promotion

Aggregated twitter feeds – List view
Aggregated twitter feeds – List view
This social media aggregator plugin is a great content marketing tool allowing users to build lists of their favorite Twitter feeds and recommend curated feeds. Easily customize the experience by arranging custom Twitter feeds around specific topics, such as trends.

Curated Tweets Knowledge Base

This is also a great tool for building custom Twitter feeds of professional resources, like industry news.

You can easily build different kinds of feeds - like a news aggregator feed or tech aggregator feed.

Curated Tweets Content Filtered By Keywords
Curated Tweets Content Filtered By Keywords

Keywords Filters

Example of Match and Exclusion Keywords
Example of Match and Exclusion Keywords
Easily filter aggregated content in the category from the chosen twitter resource using match keywords and exclusion keywords.

This way you can aggregate only the tweets which suit your needs and avoid importing the content on unwanted topics.

Categorize Tweets With Tags

Mark specific tweets with tags to improve user’s experience of using your curated lists. Create tags and make their appearance unique with different colors.

Tag 'New' For Recent Tweets

You can also mark all recently added tweets with the tag 'New'.

This tag can be automatically assigned to the new tweet and then unassigned after passing a specific period of time.

'New' Tag Settings
'New' Tag Settings

Display Lists With Different Topics On Separate Pages

Shortcode Parameters
Shortcode Parameters
Tweets can be placed inside categories, and categories can be placed within lists. This way multiple lists can be created and placed on different pages each having several categories and each category having multiple links.

The shortcode for displaying lists has a few parameters.

It allows you to display lists on specific topics each arranged and filtered by categories and tags on separate pages.

Tweet Aggregator Plugin: How to Build a Curated Twitter List

  1. Start by defining the aggregated custom Twitter feed list name
  2. Define all related categories (feeds) you are going to use
  3. In each category define the Twitter profile or hashtag and the refresh interval for this feed
  4. You can add keywords (positive or negative) for each feed so only content matching the keywords will be aggregated
  5. You may add tags by defining keywords which show a tag near each Tweet / item based on content
  6. Place the list shortcode on any page or post
  7. You can also display a single category of curated Twitter feed content in a sidebar widget
  8. Once the curated Twitter feed list is displayed, users may filter list content by a tag, category or free text filtering
  9. A NEW tag is shown for tweets which are not older than the defined amount of days set in the plugin settings

Form for Creating a Category
Form for Creating a Category

Using the CM WordPress Twitter Plugin

  • Curated Aggregated Tweets – Build an aggregated list of news sources or custom Twitter feeds
  • Knowledge Base of Tweets – Build a knowledge base of the recent updates for a chosen industry or niche
  • Syndicate Twitter Content – Import Twitter feed content from one WordPress site to another
  • Filter Tweet Content by Keywords – Filter imported social feeds based on keywords (positive or negative). Only aggregate the tweets you want
  • Embed using Shortcodes and Widgets – Allows you to add a widget to any section of your WordPress site to display your imported social media feeds

WordPress Twitter Aggregator Plugin: Use Case Examples

  • Industry News – Build a centralized information website that pulls content from selected Twitter sources. Content population is done automatically and categorized by sources.
  • Trends Portal – Find key trend setters in a certain industry and pull content from their social media feeds. Keep visitors up to date with the latest news from notable sources.
  • Hashtags – Display user Twitter posts that match your mandatory hashtag.

WordPress Twitter Feed Plugin: Related Use Cases

WordPress Twitter Feed Plugin: Additional Resources

Curated WordPress Twitter Aggregator Core Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin

  • Create a list with any number of Twitter Aggregator feeds
  • Use a shortcode to display lists on any page or post

Curated WordPress Twitter Aggregator Advanced Features

Create multiple lists – User can create multiple lists of aggregated Twitter feeds and place them anywhere on pages or posts on the site
Filtering options – Add positive or negative keywords for each feed. Keywords will be matched against Twitter feed content. Only tweets which match positive keywords or do not contain negative keywords will be shown
Update Interval – For each Twitter feed define the update interval. The plugin will refresh the feed content based on the set interval
Added tags support – Tags are placed near Twitter feed items (tweets) with a background color. Users can filter list tweets by tags. Users can set the color for each tag. Tags are defined by keywords found in the tweets content
Add fast filtering support – Users can filter list items (tweets) by text, category or tags. All relevant tweets will be shown upon filtering
User personalization – Each user can personalize the display by unchecking the categories they don’t want to view in a specific list
Add category background color – Users can choose to set a background color for each category or list of tweets in feed
Styling options – Users can define several options for the look and feel of the list such as tooltip colors, background colors, font size and more
Last update date – For each list show last update date
Remove tweets from List – Manually remove tweets from the feed
Number of tweets included in list – For each list show the number of items/tweets included in the list
Ordering options – Order categories within each list using a drag and drop interface
Mark new tweets – You can define in the plugin settings which tweets in the Twitter feed will be automatically marked with a specific tag such as New
Category widget and shortcode – Support both a widget to display a category with all tweets and also a shortcode to be placed on any posts or pages showing all related tweets
Wide Images – Featured images found in tweets can appear in a wide format to attract more attention
Order Tweets in Category – Ability to define how tweets are ordered within a category

Curated WordPress Twitter Aggregator Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin

Is there a limit to the number of twitter feeds you can add?

There is no limit. You can aggregate multiple tweets from various Twitter account and hashtags feeds. You can add more than one account or hashtag to a category and add multiple category to each list

Can you choose the categories for the Twitter Aggregator Plugin?

Yes. You can add multiple categories for each list you create and name each category according to your needs.

To learn more about Categories in the Twitter aggregator read this Help article.

Can feeds be filtered by keywords?

Each feed – a user account or a hashtag – can be filtered according to positive or negative keywords. This can help you in showing under a specific category only the tweets topics you want to show

Is there a shortcode for adding lists to pages or posts?

Yes. The plugin provide a shortcode which you can add to any post or page. In this shortcode you can define which list to show. The plugin of course support multiple list each having multiple categories

Learn more about using shortcodes with this plugin by reading this Help article.

Do you have to be logged into Twitter to add feeds?

No. You can read twitter feeds without being logged -in using the Twitter API. This way you can read other user accounts and also hashtag feeds

Learn more about setting up the Twitter API by reading this Help article

How frequent does the list refresh itself?

You can define the refresh rate for each category for which it is reading new tweets. The process of reading the processing the tweets in each category is done in the background so once a user refreshes their page they receives the updated list

Can the same category appear in more than one list?

Yes. You can use the same category in more than one list.

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