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The plugin restricts access to pages and posts based on duration and cost. The Pay Per Post plugin turns your articles and membership site into a pay per view system without impacting your SEO.

Powerful Pay Per Post Plugin

The Pay Per Post WordPress plugin allows you to charge your visitors and users a specific amount in order to access restricted pages and posts on your website for a limited time by making a direct payment using WooCommerce cart system or Easy Digital Downloads.

This pay per view tool can also work with MicroPayment platform allowing users to pay by using your own defined virtual currency.

Post Pay Per View

After you activate the pay-per-post plugin, a metabox will be added to all of your pages and posts.

You can define the pricing plan or duration for that particular page or post.

Post Page with Subscription Options
Post Page with Subscription Options

Pricing Plans: Per Article or Group of Posts

The pay per post plugin supports unlimited pricing plans which can be divided into several tiers, i.e. granting access for differing length of time. The options are: minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years and lifetime.

For example, you can charge $1 for 1 day access, or $5 for 10 days access or even for unlimited time access.

Post Per Pay View Subscription Plans

You can also define a pricing plan or subscription service that will apply to a group of posts rather than just a single post.

This will enable you to sell access to a collection of documents instead of just a single one.

Settings Screen Showing Subscription Settings
Settings Screen Showing Subscription Settings

Pay Per Post: Detecting User Pricing Plan

Once a post is assigned to a pricing plan, the plugin will automatically detect whether users are logged-in and whether they have an active subscription to that particular page.The plugin also support users which are not logged-in by adding a cookie once they purchase the access plan.

  1. If they paid – They will see the complete post content.
  2. If they didn’t pay – They will only see selected parts of the post, followed by a buy now button showing the different pricing tiers available. You define how much of the content they can see.

Pay Per View Reporting System

Active Subscriptions List

The plugin's Admin reporting system shows all active subscriptions.

Filter subscriptions by pricing plan for an optimized view.

Showing Admin Dashboard with Active Subscription
Showing Admin Dashboard with Active Subscription

Pay Per Post User Dashboard

Users will be able to see their active subscription services from their dashboard and get notified of the time they have left to view each document.

Pay Per Post Use Case Examples

  • Sell Content – Sell varied content about diet plans, expats guides and much more. Create subscription plans and charge them for access to your posts and pages.
  • Sell Recipes – Create a recipe directory on your site and lock guests from deserts.

Step-by-step Guide

For a more hands-on view, we have complete tutorials!


Page With Locked Sections
Page With Locked Sections

Using the Pay Per Post Plugin

  • Pay Per View Posts – Sell access to specific posts and pages on your site
  • Membership and Subscriptions – Sell membership plans to access a group of documents on your site
  • Direct Payment Support – Integrate with Easy Digital Downloads or WooCommerce to support direct payments for each subscription
  • Optional MicroPayments Support – Use with your own defined virtual currency. Support paying for reading the post with virtual currency and also paying the author who wrote the post
  • Control Subscription Length – Supports tiered pricing based on lengths of time

Pay Per Post Plugin Related Use Cases

Localization and Supported Languages

Localizing Plugin Frontend

All frontend labels can be easily changed to any language so the user interface will speak your language.

This also includes adjusting the terms used to match your personal use case.

Settings Screen For Plugin Labels and Messages
Settings Screen For Plugin Labels and Messages

Setting up the Pay Per Post Plugin

  1. Define Pricing Plans – After installing CM Pay-Per-Post, define your pricing plans
  2. Define Pricing Tiers – Define pricing tiers for each pricing plan
  3. Select Post – Select the posts and pages you want to include in each pricing plan
  4. User Dashboard – Add a shortcode into your users’ dashboards to help them view their active subscription
  5. Manage Subscriptions – Monitor your plugin performance and active subscriptions from the admin panel

Pay Per Post Plugin Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

Setup post payment – This paywall solution lets you define payment option for a single post or groups of posts.
Pricing plans – Define several pricing plans. Plans can show different duration in hours. Once a user accesses posting they can choose between plans and posts will be available for a longer period depending on their plan. Check screen example
Manage Subscriptions – Admin can manually add subscriptions or cancel existing ones from a subscription dashboard available only for admin. Check screen example
Page View Restriction – Admin can create restricted web pages or posts by adding payment options and can also add recurring payments options by adding post expiration restriction payment plan to each or some of the pages or posts. Users will pay to view content on your WordPress site.

You can turn your whole site into pay-per-view site.

Reports – Admin dashboard includes reports on all active subscriptions. Check screen example.
User Dashboard – Use a shortcode to display user active subscriptions.

This will let user control their subscription and access post they paid for. Shortcode can be embedded in existing user dashboard. Check screen example.

Paid or Free Content – You can choose which page or post to restrict access on. You can add paid content or free content to your WordPress site. Free content will not show any payment option before accessing it.

On the restricted content, users will see the subscription plan option, choose accordingly and pay for a post or page view. It will let subscribers pay with different payment methods. You can also create multiple subscription level groups.

Support Search Engines – Allow search engines’ crawlers to have access to the post content without payments on your pay per view website.
Charge for SubmissionWordPress Pay Per Post Plugin allows admin to restrict content as well as submissions forms. Users will need to pay to submit posts.
Email Notification – Users will receive a payment confirmation email when they pay for access to restricted posts or pages.
Labels – Plugin supports changing labels and messages that are displayed to users.
Custom PostsWordPress Pay-Per-Post Solution supports custom posts and can apply to any custom post you choose.
Metabox in each page or Post – After plugin installation a metabox will appear in the page/post editor, allowing you to select a pricing plan for that particular post or page. Check screen example.
Pay Author Virtual Currency – With MicroPayment Platform admin can allow author to be paid using virtual currency. Author can set from the backend dashboard amount of points per each post and receive these points once it is read.

Pay Per Post Plugin Image Gallery

Back-end Gallery

Pay Per Post Additional Addons and Modules

The following is a list of additional modules and addons which when installed together with the Pay Per Post plugin provide additional functionality

CM MicroPayment
Micropayments Virtual Wallet
Add your own “virtual currency“ and allow in-site transactions without having to process each payment externally. Can integrate with many other WordPress plugins, including WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, CM Answers, CM Download Manager and more.
[ Video]  [ Userguide]

Pay Per Post Related Related Plugins

CM Registration Pro
Registration and Invitation Codes
This plugin adds a registration and login popup to your WordPress site. This plugin supports invitation codes, email verification, reCaptcha and more. Wordpress login and email registration uses Ajax for on page support.
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CM WordPress HTTPS Pro
WordPress HTTPS SSL Plugin
Automatically redirect from HTTP to HTTPS. Generate a free SSL certificate from the trusted Let's Encrypt service and force your entire website to support SSL.
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CM MicroPayment
Micropayments Virtual Wallet
Add your own “virtual currency“ and allow in-site transactions without having to process each payment externally. Can integrate with many other WordPress plugins, including WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, CM Answers, CM Download Manager and more.
[ Video]  [ Userguide]

Pay Per Post Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

Can I use both EDD/WooCommerce and Micropayments?

Sure. You can install both MicroPayments and Pay Per Post, and use on per-post or group of posts decide if the payment should be made with direct payments or micropayments. This is ideal for small amount transactions.

Is there a way for users to view and track their subscriptions on WordPress?

Yes. Using the shortcode [cmppp-subscriptions] you can let each of your subscribers view exactly which pages and posts they are subscribed to and how much time they have left until their subscription expires. Once you insert this shortcode into the protected page or post, users will be able to see their subscriptions on WordPress frontend, and renew them if needed.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

Can I restrict content from other plugins?

It’s possible, but it depends on the other plugin.

Example: you can combine PPP with CM Answers and charge visitors to access each question.

Note that is a general rule. We cannot guarantee compatibility with other plugins, as that involves code we don’t control.

Learn more about the requirements: CM Pay Per Post (CMPPP) – How To – Restrict Content From Other Plugins (Custom Post Types).

Can I create a subscription plan for specified post groups?

Absolutely. You can create post groups that will be hidden or shown to users depending on their subscription status. Once a user subscribes to a post groups, all posts within the group will become available for viewing.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

Can I integrate the Pay Per Post plugin with a WooCommerce shopping cart?

Sure. We support both WooCommerce cart system with all available payment gateways.

Does this Plugin handle refunds or does this have to be done manually?

Our plugin assists you in managing refunds. Refunds can be processed automatically if the payment method was Micropayments, if they payment was made using EDD or WooCommerce then it will need to be processed manually

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

Do you have a free version of this plugin?

No, this is not a free plugin and we do not have a free version of this plugin.

Do I miss out on SEO opportunities by hiding content behind a Pay Wall?

No. Our Pay per Post plugin has Configuration settings for displaying the content of paid posts to google’s spiders rather than the payment screen. This way, the paid content can be indexed to boost your site’s SEO.

To learn how this option is enabled see this Documentation Article.

Customer Reviews for Pay Per Post

Per Per Post Plugin Release Notes

Version 2.5.8 4th February 2022

  • Improved subscriptions page

Version 2.5.7 24th January 2022

  • Fixed PHP Notices and Warnings
  • Fixed: Bug with single subscription
  • Fixed: Bug with notification while doing payment with [cmppp-group-paybox] shortcode
  • Fixed: Bug with subscription creation and backlink while doing payment with [cmppp-group-paybox] shortcode in EDD and Woo
  • Added: Bulk edit for payment group and single price changing

Version 2.5.5 22nd September 2021

  • Added: “Include theme styles on the fully hidden page” option
  • Added: Field for the custom CSS
  • Added: Ability to set seconds for refund
  • Fixed: The Refund button didn’t appear
  • Fixed: Bug with 0 points as post price

Version 2.5.4 12th September 2021

  • Fixed: [reportlink] removed from customers notification
  • Fixed small bugs

Version 2.5.3 3rd July 2021

  • Feature: Subscription is about to expire notification
  • Fixed: bug with Subscription time

Version 2.5.2 28th June 2021

  • Feature: ability to transfer points to author’s wallet (for payments by CM Micropayments)
  • Feature: option “Register and login a new user for guest client”
  • Feature: Confirmation of purchase notification
  • Added: Label eddpay_wait_until_admin_approve
  • Fixed: bug with auto approve for offline payment methods for WooCommerce
  • Fixed small bugs

Version 2.5.1 8th June 2021

  • Feature: CSV export
  • Feature: Bulk actions for Subscriptions
  • Fixed small bugs
  • License package update

Version 2.5.0 18th March 2021

  • Implemented shortcode – ‘cmppp-available-subscription-groups’
  • Fix for including styles and scripts

Version 2.4.3 24nd Jan 2021

  • Fixed Warnings
  • Added options for styling paybox and checkout button

Version 2.4.2 23rd Jan 2021

  • Fix for redirect message to checkout page
  • Fix for localizing the date of the period
  • Fix for paybox width

Version 2.4.1 13th Dec 2020

  • Fix for paying for group via Micropayments
  • Style fixes
  • Improve settings
  • Fix getting backlink url for paid post after creating order with creation new user account for WooCommerce
  • Fixed show subscription message for lifetime period for shortcode “cmppp-group-paybox”
  • Refactored paybox for categories
  • Added labels for Checkout button for categories
  • Added option to enable/disable the notifications about new subscription for customers

Version 2.4.0 13th Dec 2020

  • Show correct date and time to customer in the email
  • Fix Storage
  • Improve settings, Labels
  • Fix subscription
  • Cancel adding already added items to cart for EDD and WooCommerce
  • Show correct date and time for users (use user timezone)
  • Fix labels for paid post
  • Implemented countdown for autoredirect backlink
  • Implemented backlink for shortcode group paybox
  • Implemented [cmppp-group-paybox] shortcode to show group paybox anywhere
  • Fix backlink functionality
  • Implemented settings for autoredirect
  • Implemented restricted shortcode for guests
  • Fix autoreloading page if expired

Version 2.3.8 19th Oct 2020

  • Implement tag for email to use back link to paid post
  • Implemented single pricing for guests
  • Rewrote checking single price and groups

Version 2.3.7 12th Oct 2020

  • Implemented guest payment via EDD
  • Implemented backlink for EDD payment (show on success page and in email body)
  • Fixed showing categories payboxes for guest users
  • Fixed empty form in payboxes for guests
  • Added required option, changed option description
  • Added checking on payment plugin status

Version 2.3.6 24th Sep 2020

  • Fixed showing payboxes for WooCommerce products
  • Re-implemented pay post for guests (WooCommerce only)
  • Fixed reload page for expired posts

Version 2.3.5 19th Sep 2020

  • Fixed conflict with Yoast SEO plugin (getting null post)
  • Improved settings
  • Fixed loader gif path

Version 2.3.4 15th Sep 2020

  • Fixed showing category prices

Version 2.3.2 11th Sep 2020

  • Added feature to protect posts by their categories
  • Added option to enable/disable category functionality
  • Added option to Hide whole content for protected posts and show paybox instead
  • Added CM Registration plugin scripts for whole hiding content functionality
  • Rewrote functionality to include scripts and styles
  • Added Integration with CM Registration Pro plugin
  • Added option to Hide the specified content and show paybox instead
  • Added option to Hide the additional block using hiding the specified content
  • Rewrote options in settings to hide the content
  • Added message option if user bought the post
  • Fixed showing payment payboxes together, if used more then one payment Plugin
  • Implemented multiple group functionality

Version 2.3.0 11th June 2020

  • Bugfix with pricing group
  • Compatible with PHP 7
  • Updated package 1.9.0

Version 2.2.9 27th Apr 2020

  • Bugfix related to date time format in emails

Version 2.2.8 12th Apr 2020

  • Added new setting for hide full content before purchase

Version 2.2.7 31st Mar 2020

  • Added new shortcode cmppp-author-subscriptions

Version 2.2.6 17th Mar 2020

  • Bugfix related to label in availability feature

Version 2.2.5 28th Feb 2020

  • Updated package 1.8.10

Version 2.2.4 25th Feb 2020

  • Improvement in post availability feature
  • Bugfix related to label translate

Version 2.2.3 9th Feb 2020

  • Added feature to limit the post availability to a max user number

Version 2.2.2 27th Nov 2019

  • Bugfix related to duration in subscriptions shortcode

Version 2.2.1 26th Oct 2019

  • Removed deprecated functions

Version 2.2.0 12th Oct 2019

  • Improvement in woocommerce payment method

Version 2.1.9 26th July 2019

  • Bugfix related to cmppp_restricted shortcode
  • CSS improvement in admin setting section
  • Updated package 1.8.9

Version 2.1.8 7th Apr 2019

  • Bugfix related to WooCommerce payments
  • Fixed some typo mistakes

Version 2.1.7 1st Apr 2019

  • Added points transfer to author’s wallet feature
  • Added donate points feature when there is no cost
  • Updated package 1.8.8

Version 2.1.6 19th Mar 2019

  • Added support MicroPayments and Direct Payment work together

Version 2.1.5 27th Feb 2019

  • Bugfix related to paybox for guest user

Version 2.1.4 18th Feb 2019

  • Remove warning in cmppp_restricted shortcode

Version 2.1.3 14th Feb 2019

  • Added option to endless/lifetime subscription period
  • Added cmppp_restricted shortcode

Version 2.1.2 30th Jan 2019

  • Added default wordpress date time format in plugin
  • Fixed issue related to pricing groups
  • Updated package 1.8.6

Version 2.1.1 3rd Dec 2018

  • Compatible with Elementor Page Builder
  • Resolved issue related to trash using woocommerce

Version 2.1.0 6th Nov 2018

  • Added tooltip parse filter with content
  • Fixed issue in automatic subscriber added feature using woocommerce

Version 2.0.9 28th Oct 2018

  • Added customer email notification settings

Version 2.0.8 21st Oct 2018

  • Improvement to pay per group or single post feature

Version 2.0.7 17th Oct 2018

  • Added pay per group or single post
  • Added prevent users from copying content feature
  • Fixed cart name as per group

Version 2.0.6 25th Aug 2018

  • Added show subscription form option for guest user
  • Updated package

Version 2.0.5 27th June 2018

  • SQL query optimization

Version 2.0.4 24th June 2018

  • Fixed shortcode execute issue

Version 2.0.3 22nd May 2018

  • Fixed showing invalid pricing groups when using WooCommerce.
  • Fixed PHP error.

Version 2.0.2 22nd Apr 2018

  • Fixed saving post pricing group in the metabox when selected to not assign.
  • Fixed localization of the time units on the paybox.
  • Added labels for dates units.
  • Updated licensing library.

Version 2.0.1 24th Jan 2018

  • Some changes related to the labels.

Version 2.0.0 19th Jan 2018

  • Added support for WooCommerce.
  • Improved payment process for non logged in users.
  • Bug fixes

Version 1.7.0 18th Aug 2017

  • Added option to select supported post types.

Version 1.6.1 16th June 2017

  • Updated licensing package

Version 1.6.0 7th Dec 2016

  • Added option to allow search engines’ crawlers to have access to the post content without payments.
  • Added option to show full post content in the editor’s preview mode.

Version 1.5.0 20th Nov 2016

  • Fixed issues with Multi-Site support.

Version 1.4.0 25th October 2016

  • Added a column to the wp-admin’s Posts/Pages table to show which pricing group and price list has been assigned to a post.
  • Added settings options to enable or disable that extra columns.

Version 1.3.6 4th August 2016

  • Fixed issue with EDD payment form.
  • Fixed issue with invalid price.

Version 1.3.5 2nd August 2016

  • Fixed the bugs with the payment group selection

Version 1.3.4 27th July 2016

  • Updated licensing dashboard

Version 1.3.3 24th May 2016

  • Updated licensing dashboard

Version 1.3.2 13th April 2016

  • Fixed issues related to new WordPress version 4.5

Version 1.3.1 11th April 2016

  • Added feature to reload browser when subscription has expired.

Version 1.3.0 03rd April 2016

  • Added support to direct payment

Version 1.2.7 20th March 2016

  • Updated licensing api support.

Version 1.2.6 29th Feb 2016

  • Fixed licensing API issue

Version 1.2.5 25th Feb 2016

  • Added automatic updates from plugin dashboard
  • Replaced plugin admin interface including license activation and userguide

Version 1.2.4 22nd Feb 2016

  • Added a new custom header for non logged in user.

Version 1.2.3 6th Feb 2016

  • Added a new custom message for non logged in user.

Version 1.2.2 25th Jan 2016

  • Updated licensing api support.

Version 1.2.1 16th Nov 2015

  • Fixed issue with activating subscription.
  • Added new labels.
  • CSS improvements.

Version 1.2.0 13th Nov 2015

  • Added refund feature.
  • Added new labels.
  • Added subscription filter by refund.
  • Added option to hide comments before post purchase.
  • Improved CSS.

Version 1.1.0 10th Nov 2015

  • Added support to restrictions by minutes.

Version 1.0.3 30th Oct 2015

  • Fixed PHP warning.

Version 1.0.2 04th Sep 2015

  • Updated the licensing API client.

Version 1.0.1 22nd April 2015

  • Fix potential XSS issue

Plugin First Release 20th April 2015

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