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Attract visitors with wide, eye-catching images! The Powerful Slider WordPress Plugin has five beautiful and responsive slider types that can be edited with a drag and drop interface.

WordPress Powerful Responsive Slider

The Powerful Responsive Slider WordPress plugin is the definitive choice to display wide, eye-catching images to attract your visitors.

Five Slider Types

Choose between five responsive types:

  1. Simple Slider
  2. Number Slider
  3. Bullet Slider
  4. Slideshow Slider
  5. Thumbnail Slider

Configure each aspect of your sliders, from size to transition time.

The Slideshow Type slider (click to enlarge)
The Slideshow Type slider (click to enlarge)
Thumbnails Style slider image

Thumbnails Style (click to enlarge image)

Beautify your pages with rich and attractive images!

The admin can add as many sliders as needed and manage all of them using a simple dashboard.

Using the Powerful Responsive Slider WordPress Plugin

  • Build the Slider – Use a Drag and Drop interface to add multiple images to a slider, with title, description and links.
  • Configure – Do you want custom size? Vertical controls? Autostart? You can define this for each slider.
  • Handy Shortcode – Use shortcodes to add sliders to your site. You can easily find shortcodes in the slider’s page or in the general dashboard.
  • Attract Users – Make the most out of your visual content by highlighting it with a fancy slider.
Simple Style Slider image

Simple Style (click to enlarge image)

Use Cases Examples For Responsive Slider

  • Company Website – Showcase your projects with a slider gallery, linking to internal pages.
  • Blog – Highlight the most relevant or sticky posts with impressive images.
  • News Website – Use sliders to entice users to the click on your headlines.
Bullets style slider

Bullets Style (click to enlarge image)

Powerful Responsive Slider Plugin Additional Resources

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WordPress Powerful Responsive Slider Plugin Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

Five Visuals – Choose between five beautiful types: Simple Slider, Number Slider, Bullet Slider, Slideshow Slider and Thumbnail Slider
Slick Interface – Create and manage sliders with just a few clicks
Global and Individual Settings – Each slider can have its own width and height, transition time and vertical controls. It can also follow the default value
Replaces Default Gallery – A simple setting allows the plugin to take over all galleries generated by the default WordPress shortcode
Handy Shortcodes – Shortcodes for each slider can be found quickly in the dashboard

WordPress Powerful Responsive Demo

Powerful Slider Plugin DemoThis demo shows live versions of the five slider plugin types.

See them in action!

Test Responsive Sliders

For more in-depth descriptions, visit the plugin user guide.

WordPress Powerful Responsive Slider Plugin Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

What's the use of this plugin?

The Powerful Responsive Slider Plugin helps you creating beautiful images slideshows to attract users to your website.

How many slider types are there?

The Responsive Slider Plugin has five sliders types:

Simple style type

Simple Style

Number style slider

Numbers Style

Bullets style slider

Bullets Style

Slideshow style

Slideshow Style

Thumbnails style slider

Thumbnails Style

Can I create multiple sliders?

Yes. You can add as many sliders as needed, including images, titles and descriptions. You can easily manage all of them from the same dashboard. Learn more: CM Powerful Responsive Slider (CMPRS) – Getting Started – Managing All Sliders.

How do I add a slider to a page?

It’s easy: simply add the slider’s shortcode to the page’s content. You can find this shortcode either by checking that specific slider or in the All Sliders dashboard. Learn more: CM Powerful Responsive Slider (CMPRS) – Getting Started – Managing All Sliders.

Powerful Responsive Slider Front-End Image Gallery

Back-End Gallery

Customer Reviews for the Plugin

Powerful Responsive Slider Release Notes

Version 1.0.9 28th Feb 2022

  • Updated package 1.9.1

Version 1.0.8 13th May 2020

  • Bugfix with thumbnail library
  • Updated package 1.8.10

Version 1.0.7 28th Feb 2019

  • Improvement in slide scaling settings

Version 1.0.6 24th Feb 2019

  • Improvement in preview section

Version 1.0.5 21st Feb 2019

  • Added proportional scaling settings

Version 1.0.4 13th Feb 2019

  • Improvement in replace the gallery shortcode feature

Version 1.0.3 31th Jan 2019

  • Added new slider type called “Numbers”

Version 1.0.2 30th Jan 2019

  • Improvement in add multiple slides feature

Version 1.0.1 20th Jan 2019

  • Added preview option
  • Updated package 1.8.6

Version 1.0.0 13th Jan 2019

  • First Release

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