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Connect Easy Digital Downloads with Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce Tracking to show detailed sales report in GA.

Analytics Ecommerce Tracking for Easy Digital Downloads

Analytics Ecommerce Tracking for Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) plugin allows users to use Enhanced Ecommerce – Web Tracking. This library is part of Google Universal Analytics (analytics.js).

EDD Ecommerce Tracking supports sites using Easy Digital Downloads to gather and use Google Analytics eCommerce information produced by the EDD store sales.

Setting up the Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking

Visualize your EDD Sales Report

Easy Digital Downloads Ecommerce Tracking needs very little configuration (see: User Guide section for details), following which it will begin tracking each of your sales from start to finish, including displaying the product page, adding a product to the cart, the checkout process, and finally the sale confirmation.
Google Analytics report showing product performance sales
Google Analytics report showing product performance sales

Using the Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking for Easy Digital Downloads

The Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) Plugin enables you to sell your downloads, while the analytics eCommerce tracking plugin enhances it by tracking all purchases processed by your sold downloads.

Getting the Bigger Picture

After activating the plugin and a simple setup, (see: User Guide section for details) the plugin will begin to track a series of events from displaying the product to the purchase..
Google Analytics report showing overall sales performance
Google Analytics report showing overall sales performance

What Information is Provided by the Ecommerce Tracking for Easy Digital Downloads

Detailed Transaction Report

Enhanced Downloads Tracking gives a huge boost to the amount of information being gathered by Google Analytics.

Instead of just tracking the page-views, it uses the advanced features of the eCommerce library to also track the user activities regarding the purchase and conversions.

Google Analytics per EDD transaction number report
Google Analytics per EDD transaction number report

Easy Installation

After installing and setting up the plugin, it will gather the information of every user which comes to your site, to the product page, adds it to the cart, and goes to the checkout and finally purchase.
Setup screen for the plugin
Setup screen for the plugin

Track your Cart Conversion

By gathering this information you'll be able to determine what percentage of the users who view your products actually add them to the cart. Then you'll see how many of those who added the product to the cart actually went further. Finally you'll see how many of them had really purchased your product..
Cart conversion funnel
Cart conversion funnel

Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking Prerequisite Plugin

Easy Digital Downloads

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Analytics Ecommerce Tracking Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

Tracking code – Easily insert the Google Analytics eCommerce tracking code in the right place after providing the Web Property ID
Statistics – Show the statistics of your sales to your Marketing Manager inside Google Analytics
Conversions – Learn which step of the purchase process you should improve to get more conversions using Google Analytics

Analytics Ecommerce Tracking Release Notes

Version 1.2.1 from the 24th May 2021

  • Updated license package to version 1.9.1

Version 1.2.0 4th Dec 2019

  • Updated the licensing package
  • Fixed small bugs

Version 1.1.10 24th May 2017

  • Added the option to exclude the 0.00 purchases
  • Added the tracking of the Transaction Start

Version 1.1.9 18th May 2017

  • Fixed the tracking for the Enhanced Ecommerce
  • Updated the Licensing Package

Version 1.1.8 26th April 2017

  • Added the support for the error when there’s no connection to Google Analytics server

Version 1.1.7 04th Oct 2016

  • Fixed the notice about missing argument for the foreach

Version 1.1.6 24th Oct 2016

  • Added the support for Discounts Pro when calculating item value
  • Added the supports for tracking Refunds
  • Fixed the problem with the single purchase being tracked multiple times

Version 1.1.5 13th Oct 2016

  • Fixed the problems with the Server Side tracking
  • Fixed small bugs

Version 1.1.4 25th Feb 2016

  • Added automatic updates from plugin dashboard
  • Replaced plugin admin interface including license activation and userguide

Plugin Version 1.1.3 18th Jan 2016

  • Version fix issue

Plugin Version 1.1.2 30th Dec 2015

  • Improved the WordPress 4.4.0 compatibility
  • Updated the Licensing API

Plugin Version 1.1.1 14th Oct 2015

  • Fix bug related to Yoast plugin integration

Plugin Version 1.1.0 13th Aug 2015

  • Change the method of documenting and reporting purchases to GA

Plugin Version 1.0.6 7th May 2015

  • Fix license issues

Plugin Version 1.0.5 10th April 2015

  • Fix potential XSS issues

Plugin Version 1.0.4 17th March 2015

  • Fixed issue with Chrome asynchronous js call

Plugin Version 1.0.3 18th December 2014

  • Fixed issue with customized tracking code and added setting to support it

Plugin First Release 20th October 2014

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