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Post Content Slider Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds

Turns multi-page posts into an ajax-based slideshow.

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You can choose the display options for your slider, customize labels and add text above and below the slider.

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WordPress Post Slider Plugin Description

WordPress has an excellent, but little known, feature for splitting up long posts into multiple pages. However, a growing trend among major news and blog sites is instead to split up posts into dynamically loading sliders.

Turning Post Content into Slides

WordPress Post Content Slider Plugin takes normal multi-page posts from WordPress and replaces them with an all-ajax slider that requires almost no setup.

You can also create your own multi-page posts simply by adding a simple !--nextpage-- tag to your content.

Example of an article presented with the post slider
Example of an article presented with the post slider

This is a very easy to use and fast plugin. it can help you build up easy to read and usable post slider within seconds.

Using the WordPress Post Content Slider Plugin

  • Build Slides Based Article – Turn long articles into slides
  • Support Any Post Type – Work on any page/post or custom post
  • Support Multiple Content Types – Support images, movies and more

WordPress Post Slider Plugin Additional Resources

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WordPress Post Content Slider Plugin Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

  • Ajax Navigation – Replaces WordPress’ built-in post pagination functionality with an ajax-based navigation control.
  • Direct Navigation Support – Uses hash based URLs for easy direct linking to specific slides.
  • Automatically adds slide navigation and a slide counter.
  • Slider Styling and CSS Support – Provides an optional stylesheet for (very) basic styling of the slider navigation.
  • Loop Slides – Optionally allows infinite looping of slides.
  • Customize Labels – Provide option to change all labels used in plugin to your own terminoligy or language.
  • Slider header and footer – Provide option to add html code above and below slider.
  • Show all slides on one page – Optionally provides a link to view all slides on a single page.
  • Update slides using Ajax – Slides can be moved forward and backwards without reloading the whole page.
  • Slider Navigation Control – Control how many pages are shown before and after current page in the slider navigation.
  • Ads Support – Add Google ads or a shortcode to show ads while navigating between slides.

Post Slider Plugin Online Demo

Slider view in plugin

This demo shows a post with slides to move between section of the post.

Post Slider Plugin Live Demo

Post Content Slider Plugin Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

How many slides does this plugin support?

The plugin can support multiple slides. There is no set limit but from the user experience perspective it is better to have less than 100 slides so it will be easier to navigate

Does the plugin support documents, videos, audio, etc?

Yes. Each slide can include videos, documents, images, animated gif or any sort of content that you can usually upload to your WordPress site

How many pages can be created?

The plugin can support multiple pages each having it’s own slides. You can automatically apply the slides method on all your site pages and opt-out those which you don’t want to display in this way. Still slides will appear only once a –nextpage– appears inside the content

How do I build the slides?

Building the slides is very simple. All you need to do is add a –nextpage– tag inside your page / post content. Each –nextpage– tag will add a new slide

Do the slides have navigation?

Yes. Slides have navigation which allows users to move backwards or forwards and also display the current slide number. You can choose to show the navigation on the top or bottom or both parts of the page.

Can you control how many pages are shown after the current page slide navigation?

Yes. In the plugin settings you can control the number of pages that are listed in the navigation area after the current page. This will help users move quickly within the slides

Still have questions? Send us a message and we will reply within 24 hours.



Post Content Slider Plugin Image Gallery

Back-end Gallery

Version 1.0.3 19th Jan 2018

  • Added the support for JS Ads before and after the slider
  • Added the option to reload the content without reloading the site

Version 1.0.2 19th Dec 2017

  • Updated the Licensing Package
  • Added the option to load content by AJAX

Version 1.0.1 12th June 2017

  • Updated licensing package

Version 1.0.0 13th Nov 2016

  • First Release