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Supports integrating Strava with PeepSo or BuddyPress social platforms. This will allow users to share their STRAVA routes & statistics

Strava BuddyPress/PeepSo Integration Plugin Description

The add-on lets you attach your Strava activities right to your your posts on Peepso/BuddyPress Streams.

What is PeepSo and BuddyPress

Both are open source social network platforms. By installing either of them on your WordPress website, you are able to create your own network and tailor it to your and your users’ needs.

The add-on requires that each user connects his/her Strava account to the social network’s profile.

What is Strava

Strava is a social network focused on sports. It allows athletes and enthusiasts to exchange information about running, climbing, cycling, and so on.

Embedding Strava Route in User Stream

Once the user connects to Strava, all his activities are shareable to PeepSo/BuddyPress streams.

For each activity there will also be a map showing the route itself and the route's parameters.

Strava Route Integrated in User Stream
Strava Route Integrated in User Stream

Supported Widgets

The admin can also add a widget to show a user summary of all activities for a given period of time like a week and this year. The widget also shows links to a more detailed view about the latest activity.

There is another widget which shows activities of a user whose profile you’re looking at.

Widgets Shown in Sidebar
Widgets Shown in Sidebar

Prerequisite requirements for installing the Strava BuddyPress/PeepSo Integration Plugin

This integration requires you to have a Strava account and to create a Strava App.

Using the Strava BuddyPress / PeepSo Integration Plugin

  • Share activities from Strava on the Peepso/BuddyPress stream.
  • Show the user’s accumulated distance for this week and this month.
  • Show the route from Strava on a Google Map.

Strava PeepSo Integration Plugin Features

  • Direct Sharing – The add-on enables users to post their Strava activities directly on their PeepSo/BuddyPress social network streams.
  • Every Detail – Posts accompany a map with the altitude graph and the route’s parameters, providing rich information about the activity.
  • Handy Data – The admin can place widgets on the sidebar to show all user information in one place, even filtering the data by set periods. Also, another widget can be enabled to show information of other users’ activities.
  • Safe Connection – Each user in your WordPress site can connect to his/her own specific Strava account using the oAuth access standard. There is no need to share passwords and other sensitive information with the admin.
  • Safe Interface – The users can easily disconnect their Strava account when they choose.

Strava PeepSo Integration Plugin Image Gallery

Strava BuddyPress Integration Plugin Image Gallery

Strava BuddyPress/PeepSo Integration Plugin Frequently Asked Questions

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Strava BuddyPress Integration Plugin Image Gallery

Version 1.0.2 30th oct 2017

  • Updated front-end icons.
  • Validating the API credentials.

Version 1.0.1 24th oct 2017

  • Fixed issue with map not showing up on the activity wall.

Strava PeepSo Integration Plugin Image Gallery

Version 1.0.2 23rd Nov 2017

  • Updated the licensing package
  • Increased PeepSo max version

Version 1.0.1 30th Oct 2017

  • Updated front-end icons.
  • Validating the API credentials.
  • Added icon in PeepSo Configuration page.